2016 MBA Convention & Awards Banquet

--Branson, MO

Jun 10 - 11, 2016

Radio and television broadcasters from all over Missouri will come together for the 68th annual MBA Convention at the Branson Hilton Convention Center.  Friday, June 10th will kick off with award winning author and Hall of Fame speaker Connie Podesta.  Saturday morning’s keynote will be Lisa Myers, former Senior Investigative Correspondent for NBC Night News.

Sales and marketing trainers Chuck Mefford and Kelly Winges will have sessions on Friday.  News trainer Deborah Potter and award winning copywriter, Lisa Orkin, from the Radio Ranch will be featured presenters on Saturday.   Experts in digital marketing and content will have a panel discussion during Friday’s lunch for all attendees.  Sales managers will compete for prizes during a new Idea Xchange on Friday.

The conference concludes with an awards banquet that celebrates the winners of the 2016 MBA Awards.  Ken and Jane Meyer, founders of Meyer Communications in Springfield, St. Louis Cardinals broadcaster Mike Shannon and Jerome Zimmer, founder of Zimmer Radio will be inducted in the Hall of Fame. 

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Chuck Mefford

Business Strategist - Founding Partner - Author, BrandsFormation

Bio: Chuck Mefford Is the Founding Partner of BrandsFormation®, a strategic marketing system that takes any business from "hole in the wall" status and turns them into a "household name" in less than 2 years. Although Chuck has worked with big names such as; IBM, BMW, Pizza Hut, etc. his niche is small business America. It's true; he's a bit obsessed with the David vs. Goliath story. Chuck’s keen advertising mind has been cultivated through years of experience in a variety of disciplines. This accumulation of exposure to different fields has lead Chuck to be the successful marketer he is today. His drive, passion and high energy resonates in all aspects of his life. His motivation is contagious!

Deborah Potter

Founder/Owner, NewsLab

Kelly Wirges

Speaker, ProMax

Kent Oglesby

Digital Sales Manager, KY3

Lisa Orkin

Owner, Radio Ranch

Connie Podesta

Lisa Myers

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