2017 NYWEA Annual Meeting and Exhibition

New York NY

Feb 5 - 8, 2017

During the opening session (Monday), NYWEA President Joseph L. Fiegl and Water Environment Federation President Rick Warner will welcome participants. The keynote speaker will be science/nature writer Elizabeth Royte, who is best known for her booksGarbage Land” and “Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It.” NYWEA’s Public Outreach Committee Chair Khristopher Dodson, associate director of Syracuse University’s Center for Sustainable Community Solutions, will present a new outreach video and companion message about clearly communicating the important work carried out by NYWEA members.  

The technical education program provides valuable continuing education credits that can be applied to engineering professional development, and wastewater and water certification renewal in accordance with New York State requirements. The annual meeting also includes a large exhibition of over 180 vendors demonstrating the latest technologies and equipment available to provide sustainability and efficiencies in protecting public health and the environment.


Attendee List

https://www.linkedin.com/in/nywea   - NYWEA Linked-In


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Andrew Chastain-Howley

Business Development - Smart Integrated Infrastructure, Water Solutions, Black & Veatch

Bio: Business Development for Smart Integrated Infrastructure Group. Smart Integrated Infrastructure is the Smart Cities group at Black & Veatch that emcompasses a multi-discipline approach at providing smart city solutions. This role focuses on developing the water and wastewater sector both in terms of strategy and project development.

Arie Kremen

Client Manager, Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC

Bio: Develop and maintain all aspects of client relations, provide oversight and support to junior staff, assist development and implement company policies and initiatives

Brian Goldman, P. E. , Env Sp

Electrical Group Head, Associate, Greeley and Hansen

Bio: Associate and member of the Firm's Global Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Instrumentation & Controls (MEP/IC) Organization. My role is Electrical Group Head responsible for the business management, technical development, and growth of the Firm's Electrical Group within the MEP/IC Organization. On a project basis, serve as Project Manager and Lead Electrical Engineer on large scale designs for municipal water and wastewater projects. Active in business development and strengthening client relationships.

Brigid Keating

Senior Project Manager, New York City Economic Development Corporation

Bio: Brigid Keating is a Senior Project Manager in the Capital Program at the New York City Economic Development Corporation. With a background in Urban Design and Architecture, she manages the design and construction of a variety of New York City capital projects, including waterfront infrastructure and esplanades, roadway infrastructure, public open spaces, and green infrastructure.

Bryan Atieh

Senior Principal Engineer, Hazen and Sawyer

Bio: I'm a wastewater engineer experienced in the management and implementation of wastewater conveyance and treatment projects within the municipal sector. My experience includes the design, construction, startup, and optimization of wastewater treatment facilities. I work closely with all project stakeholders to understand present and future challenges in order to identify and implement effective solutions. My experience includes, but is not limited to: - Assessment of Existing Infrastructure - Treatment Capacity Evaluations - Facility Master Plans - Pilot Studies - Life Cycle Analysis - Detailed Design - Construction Administration - System/Facility Startup - Wastewater Sampling & Analysis - Treatment Process Optimization & Troubleshooting - Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery

Caitlin Fedio

Assistant Engineer, Hazen and Sawyer

Bio: Provide environmental engineering support to stormwater, drinking water, and resiliency planning projects. Support hydraulic evaluations, conceptual/feasibility studies, preparation of design reports, development of construction drawings and specifications, bidding assistance, and support of office and field-related construction and management services.

Charles Martorana

Attorney, Barclay Damon, LLP

Bio: Partner with Barclay Damon, LLP, Attorneys at Law

Claire Baldwin

Senior Management Consultant, CDM Smith

Bio: Dr. Baldwin is a specialist in organizational change management, succession planning facilitation, and team effectiveness. Her research has focused on industrial psychology, team dynamics, and risk analysis methodology to improve business performance. Her experience is grounded in urban and regional planning in its environmental, technical, and regulatory of municipal authorities and communities with over 25 years in the building and construction industry. She is a certified mediator

David Chapman

Principal Engineer, Schnabel Engineering

Bio: Mr. Chapman presents 37 years of engineering experience on projects throughout Europe and North and South America. He has directed major geotechnical investigations in soil and rock settings for a wide variety of projects and has applied the results of these investigations in performing and managing design of tunnels and shafts and preparation of contract bid packages. Other geotechnical applications in his experience include shallow and deep terrestrial and marine foundations, transportation projects, slope stability, and quarries for construction materials. His experience reflects all phases of project development and consulting, from site and route selection, conceptual design, and early cost estimates; to detailed design specifications and contract documents, design audits, site development and project construction; to trouble-shooting and consulting assignments for existing facilities, litigation support, and Dispute Review Board member.

David Moore

National Levee Practice Lead, Tetra Tech

Bio: Mr. Moore serves a Program Manager and is the Levee Practice Lead for ENR's 7th largest firm, Tera Tech. He has over 20 years of experience in managing and performing engineering computations required in the planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance and inspection of flood risk management projects. Project experience includes; multipurpose dams, levees, local flood protection projects, flood insurance studies, natural channel design, storm water systems, navigation locks and dams, non-structural flood damage reduction projects, and environmental restoration projects. He has managed and completed studies and designs on more than 300 dams and levees.

Dimitri Katehis

Water Resource Recovery National Technical Leader, Arcadis

Bio: Dr. Katehis specializes in water resource recovery processes with a focus on biological and physicochemical nutrient management and has been responsible for BNR process designs for plant with total capacities exceeding 3 BGD. Utilizing process analysis and simulation tools, Dr. Katehis designs testing programs and unique process configurations to meet site specific treatment goals. A licensed wastewater treatment plant operator, he has analyzed, modeled, and operated BNR processes in facilities ranging from 20 gpm to 370 MGD. Key contributions have been in the areas of sidestream treatment, high rate nutrient removal processes, secondary clarifier optimization. Dr. Katehis specializes in providing operations support and development of operations optimization programs to reduce operating costs and increase treatment capacity and/or stability. He has published and presented extensively in the area of biological nutrient removal, particularly with regards to implementation at larger treatment plants, and is currenlty lead author for the ASCE/WERF WRRF Design Manual's chapter on sidestream treatment.

Doug Yarosz

Environmental Engineer, Brown and Caldwell

Bio: Doug Yarosz is a principal engineer responsible for planning, developing, coordinating, and directing large projects or a project of major scope, with full technical responsibility. Maintaining liaison with individuals outside the organization. He has full authority to act independently on technical matters pertaining to specialized areas and is responsible for directing and supervising the work of a staff of engineers.

Edgar J. Westerhof

Flood Risk & Resilience Lead, Arcadis

Bio: Edgar Westerhof is Arcadis’ Flood Risk and Resiliency Lead for North America. Edgar is a water consultant with 18 years of experience in integrated urban water management. He has a deep understanding of urban and industrial flood proofing concepts, infrastructure planning and design, sustainable urban water management and waterfront development and international water management concepts. Edgar was leading the ARCADIS participation in the international HUD Rebuild by Design competition, including the winning BIG U – Waterfront Resiliency Plan of Manhattan. Edgar functions as the climate change adaptation specialist regarding integrated and multi-layered coastal waterfront and urban water management strategies. He bridges the understanding on water management between the Netherlands and the US and plays a key role in the identification and implementation of our local and international flood proofing expertise. As the Flood Risk & Resiliency Lead, Edgar is the Rockefeller Foundation 100RC participation lead for North America and involved in strategic initiatives regarding climate change adaptation and water resiliency concepts. Edgar functions as a press spokesperson in the US and the NL and is a frequent speaker at professional events regarding city resilience and sustainability.

Elaine Labate

Principal Engineer, Hazen and Sawyer

Bio: Ms. Labate is a principal engineer at Hazen and Sawyer and has over 7 years of experience in the civil/environmental engineering industry, with an emphasis on water resources, stormwater management, and greenhouse gas assessments.

Eric Auerbach

Engineer and Resource Recovery Specialist, ARCADIS

Bio: Mr. Auerbach has led the biosolids management and digester gas utilization components of facility planning and energy utilization projects throughout the US. His recent projects include a long term biosolids management plan that examined both economic and environmental impacts for the City of Columbus, and biosolids to energy options for Salt Lake City's main treatment plant. He has been working with the city of Chicago to develop a digester gas to energy system at Stickney Water Reclamation Plant which is one of the largest waste water plant in the world. In NY, he has developed a plant scale energy flow model of the Wards Island WWTP to ascertain the imapcts of proposed process modification on the plant's energy neutrality potential. With an academic background and specialization in energy engineering and digester gas utilization, Eric is a co-author on the update of the WEF/ASCE WRRF Design Manual of Practice (MOP-8).

Erin Morey

Deputy Director, Office of Integrated Water Management, New York City Department of Environmental Protection

Bio: The Office of Integrated Water Management assesses the City’s drinking water, stormwater, and wastewater systems to identify cost-effective approaches to balance regulatory and long-term sustainability objectives, and seeks out and implements opportunities with strategic partners. Specific focus areas include demand management projections, climate science and resiliency, land use assessment for stormwater management, and development of associated policy, partnerships, peer-to-peer learning and public communication strategies. As Deputy Director, Erin manages a portfolio of innovative projects and programs related to stormwater management, water conservation, demand management, and water quality improvement.

Fiona Dunn

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Manhattan College

Bio: Undergraduate Research Assistant at Manhattan College Civil and Environmental Engineering Department.

Gary ReVoir

Vice President, Tetra Tech

Bio: Gary has over 28 years of engineering consulting experience in the water, wastewater, and reclaimed water fields covering the full range of planning, design, and construction services for municipal utility related infrastructure nationwide. His experience also includes funding, permitting, final design, construction administration, start-up, and project management with emphasis on advanced wastewater treatment processes. Mr. Revoir has a BSE in Environmental Engineering from the University of Florida, a MSE from the University of Central Florida and is currently a Vice President with Tetra Tech.

Geoffrey Grant

Vice President, Brown and Caldwell

Bio: Geoff is a Vice President and Wet Weather Engineer with Brown & Caldwell's Solutions & Delivery Group (SDG) and is based in Cincinnati, OH. Geoff has experience managing wet weather programs, collection system and pump stations design projects, and infrastructure asset management projects both nationally and internationally. He has helped utiliites across North America solve wet weather and aging infrastructure challenges through the development of well-planned watershed based wet weather programs that integrate CSO, SSO and stormwater projects using solutions that range from local green infrastructure projects to large diameter tunnels - typically in response to a consent order obligation. Geoff has also supported settlement negotiations by providing key technical and strategic guidance to wet weather communities as they engage in discussions with state and federal regulatory agencies. His asset management experience includes project work in New Zealand on a variety of condition assessment and vulnerability programs for road infrastructure and buried infrastructure assets. His background in marine and freshwater systems is beneficial in evaluating the impacts of point and non-point source pollutants on receiving waters. Geoff is a registered Professional Engineer in New Hampshire, Ohio, New York, Virginia, and Tennessee. Geoff is also a NASSCO certified PACP, MACP, and LACP User-Trainer.

George Teetes

President - Schnabel Tunnel Engineering, Schnabel Engineering, LLC

Bio: Dr. Teetes presents 28 years of experience in the tunnel engineering industry. His service includes feasibility studies and planning, project management and procurement, risk management, alternative contract delivery methods, detailed analysis and design, and geotechnical site investigation planning and oversight. His technical areas of expertise include assessment and characterization of soil and rock behavior during tunnel excavation, 2D and 3D numerical analysis of underground structures, the design of ground support systems for tunnels and underground facilities, and layout and installation of geotechnical instrumentation systems. Dr. Teetes' experience encompasses a broad scope of projects for both the civil construction and mining industries. The projects range from water and wastewater infrastructure tunnels, hydroelectric power, and urban transportation facilities (vehicular, rail and transit tunnels), to shafts and haulage drifts for large underground mining operations.

Harold Walker

Professor and Chair, Stony Brook University

Bio: Professor Walker serves as the Founding Chair of the Department of Civil Engineering at Stony Brook University. In this role, he oversees the continued development of the research, teaching and service of the department.

Ifetayo Venner

Global Leader - Water Supply and Treatment, Arcadis

Bio: Ms. Venner is a professional engineer and Arcadis’s Global Leader for Water Supply and Treatment. As a wastewater treatment technical expert she has been responsible for the planning, modeling, design and startup of municipal wastewater treatment and reuse facilities throughout the United States. As a project manager she has been responsible for project delivery for various projects related to water and wastewater treatment and distribution. Ms. Venner has been an active proponent of incorporating sustainability principles into design projects. She is a member of the Arcadis Envision Leadership team, providing training to ARCADIS staff in pursuit of ENV SP credentials, as well as support for project teams in incorporating sustainability principles into projects and evaluating the applicability of Envision and the various credits. She is also involved in several Water Environment Federation (WEF) and International Water Association committees and task forces on wastewater process design, modeling, and sustainability. She is Director of the WEF Sustainability Community of Practice which comprises 6 committees and task forces including the Utility Management Committee and the Envision Task Force, and sits on the Committee Leadership Council Steering Committee. She is leader of the Wastewater Treatment group under the Envision Task Force and also sits on the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure’s Envision Review Board.

Jamal Awad

Principal Manager - Project Delivery & Client Services, GHD

Bio: Over 25 years of experience with extensive experience in water quality, water treatment planning and engineering. Sought after nationally to support creative implementation of engineering solutions and innovative technologies assessments and alternative disinfection evaluations. An example of Jamal’s leadership and technical skills is the work for the Blue Ribbon Panel that assisted the California Department of Public Health (now Division of Drinking Water) in the development of Guidelines for Title 22 UV Disinfection. Currently, International UV Association-Americas Regional Vice President.

James Brescol

Project Manager, Tetra Tech

Bio: Mr. Brescol has extensive experience with the analysis and evaluation of wastewater and storm sewer collection systems. He specializes in applications of hydrology and hydraulics as it relates to open channel flow, urban stormwater runoff, and separate sanitary and combined sewer systems. He leads and manages projects involving green infrastructure, consent decree requirements, CSO long-term control planning, SSO elimination, collection system master planning, hydraulic modeling, flow monitoring, pipeline hydraulic transients, wastewater treatment plant hydraulics, and floodplain analyses.

Jane Atkinson

Project Manager, AECOM

Bio: Project manager of projects focused in wastewater treatment process design, air emissions, GHG emissions, and energy reduction.

Jane Madden

Senior Vice President, CDM Smith

Bio: Ms. Madden is the national Techncial Strategy Leader for Water Reclamation for CDM Smith.

Jay Hill

Product Manager, Bioscience, Inc.

Bio: I am a Product Manager for Bioscience, Inc., an ISO certified manufacturer of Microcat microbial products and analytical products, for application in environmetal projects, wastewater treatment applications and other waste degradation processes. I have more than 25 years experience in wastewater treatment and waste degradation consulting, sales and sales support fuctions. I provide technical service, operations recommendations and troubleshooting for a wide range of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants and collections systems across the United States and abroad.

Jay Lovelass

Senior Associate, Greeley and Hansen LLC

Bio: Project Manager with 37 years of experience in designing and managing wide range of wastewater treatment plant upgrade and expansion projects as well as marine transfer station design projects for NYCDEP, PVSC, CCMUA, DSNY and PWD.

Jean Malafronte

Managing Director, Greeley and Hansen

Bio: Managing Director

Jeong Eun Ahn

Research Assistant, New York University

Bio: PhD student in Civil & Urban Engineering Department Teaching Assistant for Environmental Engineering Course(undergraduate)

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