Central Michigan University - New Venture Competition 2017

Mt. Pleasant MI

Mar 24, 2017

2017 Central Michigan University New Venture Competition

The CMU New Venture Competition provides a forum and serves as a catalyst for students to turn their ideas into sustainable business ventures. All participating teams gain insight, advice, mentorship and expertise from seasoned entrepreneurs, alumni, venture capital experts, angel investors and community leaders.
The experience offers workshops, coaching, and networking over an eight month period, starting in September and culminating on the New Venture Competition Day on March 24th, 2017.
Entrepreneurs are encouraged to learn about tools such as the Business Model Canvas, Lean Startup Methodology, and Customer Validation in order to gather customer and marketplace input, build a rough prototype of their "product or service" and use the information to improve and evolve their start-up business. 
Best Overall Venture - $30,000
Best Social Venture - $10,000
Best Technology Venture - $10,000
Most Impact on Michigan Venture - $10,000
Highest Growth Potential Venture - $10,000
Best Lifestyle Venture - $5,000
Spirit of Entrepreneurship Venture - In-Kind Services
Best Overall Pitch - $1,000
1st Runner Up - $500
2nd Runner Up - $250

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Anthony Lazzaro

Product Development Specialist, Spectrum Health Innovations, CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Anthony Lazzaro, a proud CMU alumni (’15) and previous New Venture Competition winner (‘14, ‘15 ) has learned his fair share of lessons throughout his journey. Currently, Anthony is a Product Development Specialist on the Spectrum Health Innovations team in Grand Rapids, MI. Additionally, Anthony will graduate with a Master’s degree in Healthcare Innovation from Arizona State University’s Master’s program this May. Anthony’s team at Spectrum Health Innovations develops new medical devices and software by working with over 26,000 Spectrum Health employees throughout the system to generate ideas, seek customer discovery, obtain stakeholder feedback and gain validation. Anthony is currently leading efforts on a number of projects at Spectrum Health Innovations including forming and launching startup companies, commercial licensing deals, and industry co-developments. Anthony made the switch into the Healthcare field just under two years ago to lead more fulfilling efforts by making a direct impact on people and their well-being on both communities Spectrum Health serves and beyond.

Ken Kousky

CEO - IP3, Blue Water Angels, MMIC, CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Ken Kousky is CEO of the MidMichigan Innovation Center, a privately funded, non-profit business incubator assisting entrepreneurs in the creation and expansion of their businesses throughout mid-Michigan. In addition, Ken is also President/CEO of IP³, Inc., an information security consulting firm. An experienced chief executive and financial economist, Ken is a veteran of the information technology industry. Ken has successfully started three companies and played instrumental roles in two turnarounds and two IPO’s. In 1988, Ken founded an IT services company, Wave Technologies, and within six years, he guided his vision from home through an IPO to a successful public company. An active investor in startups, Ken is a founding member and Executive Director of the Blue Water Angels Investment Network, a Michigan-based funding network that reviews more than 100 potential businesses annually. He is also Executive Director of Michigan EB-5, LLC, (a Global Investment Program), and serves on numerous other committees involved in regional and statewide commercial development.

Kyle Bazzy

Director, Startup Next Detroit

Bio: Kyle Bazzy has been an entrepreneur since he started his first company at 18 years old. Since then he has failed in almost every way possible an entrepreneur can, ultimately leading to many successes. He is currently the Director of Growth @ Billhighway and has brought Startup Next and Startup Week (Techstars' programs) to the city of Detroit in 2016. Kyle won the pitch competition while at CMU ultimately leading him down a path that landed him his first ever angel investment. Fire Up Chips!

Michael Drew

Marketer, Writer, & Entrepreneur, CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Michael Drew is an entrepreneur and marketer who has worked his way through 3 tech startups, one of which was sold in 2015. His current projects include leading marketing for Quizzle.com, running the EntreHustle podcast, publishing Student Dream Job, and advising student entrepreneurs in the New Venture Competition and across the state of Michigan. Michael believes the most important attribute in business is the ability to build and cultivate relationships.

Michael Finney

President & CEO, Community Ventures Resources

Bio: Michael Finney recently founded Community Ventures Resources, Inc. (CVR), where he serves as President and CEO. CVR provides “social impact” consulting to assist state and local governments with development and execution of strategic plans designed to create a pathway out of poverty for populations who are disconnected from employment resources. Prior to his current role, Mike served Governor Rick Snyder as Senior Advisor for Economic Growth and President & CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). During his tenure, Michigan became the “comeback” state adding nearly 400,000 new jobs and more than $15 billion of new investment. Prior to taking the helm at MEDC, Mike served as President and CEO of Ann Arbor SPARK, President and CEO of Greater Rochester Enterprise, Rochester, New York; Vice President, Emerging Business Sectors, MEDC; Senior Vice President and General Manager, Thomson Saginaw; and Assistant City Manager, Saginaw, Michigan. Mike currently serves on several board of directors, including the Saginaw Valley State University Foundation, the State Science and Technology Institute and the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy. He has received numerous awards and recognition including the 2014 Michigan Venture Capital Association Lifetime Achievement Award. Finney holds a bachelor of business administration from Saginaw Valley State University and a master of arts in human resources from Central Michigan University.

Chelsey Kimbrough

Owner, Bella Reel, CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Chelsey Kimbrough turned her passion for filmmaking into a career. She has produced videos for the athletic department at Central Michigan University, as well as The Detroit Red Wings. Bella Reel began in 2010 out of Chelsey’s college apartment and it has been a labor of love ever since. Chelsey absolutely LOVES shooting weddings... so much that even when she was the maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding, she still found herself reaching for her camera.

Nicholas Cozzi

MS Candidate - Class of 2018, CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Nicholas Cozzi, MBA, is a third-year MD Candidate at Central Michigan University's College of Medicine and co-founder of ShareCase, a digital and collaborative case-based-learning startup that won the Best Overall Venture prize at the 2016 CMU New Venture Competition (NVC). ShareCase also received an Innovation Award at the 2016 American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Annual Convention in Washington, D.C. Nicholas brings diverse experience to the panel from working for internationally respected and admired organizations such as the United States Secret Service and the Mayo Clinic.

Steven Wakeling

Founder and CEO, Phobio, CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Stephen Wakeling is a wireless industry entrepreneur with a track record of developing disruptive, technology-powered services. He’s worked for the better part of the last ten years in the niche space of wireless buyback; first as an early manager at Flipswap (acquired by Hyla Mobile) and more recently as the Founder and CEO of Phobio. Stephen is a journalist by education and a technologist at heart. He has moved frequently in his career living throughout the US, Australia, and Asia and enjoys exploring new places. He thrives on start-up culture and the mission to always be better. Stephen is an avid pilot and lives with his wife and two sons in Atlanta, Georgia.


CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: TEAM MEMBERS Sachin Fernandes Reggie Dillingham TEAM MENTOR Andre Laplume EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Accountability is an application in the start-up phase that is developed to provide an easy to use platform that holds collegiate athletes accountable for reaching desired fitness goals. Accountability is a platform allowing for coaches of all sporting teams at any level to hold their players accountable for completing their team or individual workouts. It can be used in season for unsupervised workouts, and has huge applicability for off-season workouts for team sports. It uses all of the above listed verification features, and more. One example, is the optional use of video upload verification, which allows coaching staffs to observe the intensity of workouts and the physical targets met. We intend to sell (on a subscription base) to a number of different institutions including high schools, but focusing on the collegiate levels; spanning over a variety of different team and individual sports. Based on market analysis, we project this unique and affordable version of Accountability to bring in a significant percentage of revenues. Accountability is an application developed by DreamHackers, LLC. The two founders include Co-founder; CFO, Reggie Dillingham, a 2016 Michigan Technological University (MTU) graduate with a Master’s in Applied Natural Resource Economics. Reggie also received his undergraduate degrees with a double major in Business Admin and Accounting and was a collegiate athlete at both universities. In addition to his business credentials, Reggie has a strong understanding of team environments as well as fitness routines, fitness applications and the desires of athletes as well as former athletes. Sachin Fernandes, the other Co-founder and CTO, is a Dec. 2016 MTU graduate with a Master’s in Computer Engineering. Sachin is from Bombay, India where he completed his Bachelor’s degree 2nd in his class, at the Xavier Institute of Engineering. He is a current software engineer at Cloudflare in San Francisco, CA. Accountability is now seeking financial support through a business loan or capital investment in the amount of $100,000 to support the final platform design, interface support, and hiring sales reps for the official launch. As funds permit, application development and maintenance, and online support will be supported by such an investment. With respects to the continual pursuit of funding through financial institutions and new business venture funding sources, the company seeks an investor (or investors) to secure these funds which will be repaid, with interest at a time specified, based on the agreed upon terms with said investor(s).

Bonefide Tailwaggers

CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Team Bonefide Tailwaggers Team Members Team Mentor Jocelyn Stronach Sheri Stronach Bonefide Tailwaggers is a wholesome novelty dog treat business that has diversified into many different product lines. The company is well established at farmers’ markets and major festivals and has the goal of expanding in the state of Michigan. The company’s primary product is a variety of oven baked dog treats that do not contain additives, by products, fillers, or high salt content. Our four signature treats are made from real wholesome ingredients like peanut butter, pumpkin, and oatmeal. The average price varies from $2.00 to $5.00. The white box of treats is our main product and it sells for $2.00 a box for an average of $1.90 profit per box. The American Pet Products Association survey estimates 54.4 million people own dogs and spend $23 billion on dog food. Bonefide Tailwaggers’ major target customers are dog owners of all ages, all income levels, and all genders who attend Farmers’ markets, major outdoor festivals, and vendor events. With a huge attendance at these events, our goal is to continue to reach our target customers in a reliable, efficient, cost effective manner. Bonefide Tailwaggers’ main competitors are places like the Dollar Tree Store and other dog treat selling companies; however, what separates us from our competitors is that we offer a quality pricing. We have a speedy, prompt, simplified service that has a high turnover rate of a handmade, not a mass produced, product. We provide fresh treats that are made in the United States of America. Our company will generate additional income by branching out and getting licensed to sell in Michigan and expanding to a larger mass market like specialty shops, dog boutiques, pet stores, vet offices, doggy daycares, and grooming facilities. Through social media, we will post locations of future events that will continue to grow our customer base. Team member Jocelyn Stronach is a second year student at Central Michigan University. She has hands- on experience in entrepreneurship with expertise in the areas of sales, production, and customer satisfaction. She has a superb work ethic, passion for the dog treat business, and a strong working knowledge of the reliability and consistency that customers expect from our products, which helps build customer loyalty. Upon the grant investment the business plans to invest in a convection oven, detailed packaging, custom labels, a professional dehydrator, tables, pitch up tent, banners, additional baking supplies, attend more vender events and create a more advanced website. Wholesome healthy ingredients the customer can trust! Happy snacking for your dog!

Braggin Rights

CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Team Braggin Rights Team Members Team Mentor Michael Mitchell James Foulds Anthony Drewyor Shane Kajtazi Executive Summary To have Braggin Rights is not just a concept, but also a way of living. The food truck industry is a great venture to be a part of. Aiming for the right target market and having the right game plan can lead to major revenue in the industry. According to Industry News, the Mobile Food Truck Industry is estimated to jump three to four percent in the restaurant industry and is estimated to make $2.7 billion by 2017. Three aspiring Entrepreneurs came together and formed the Braggin Rights team. Braggin Rights is a mobile food truck that will be based out of the Metro Detroit area. Braggin Rights will bring convenience and flavorful food to manufacturer and plant workers. It will also serve small businesses and the general public. Many times on lunch breaks, workers leave their station to go grab a bite to eat. Braggin Rights will allow workers to remain on site and have more time to enjoy their lunch breaks. There are over 1,000 factory jobs in the Metro Detroit area. After doing an intensive amount of research, we discovered there are no food trucks serving many manufacturing plants in specific areas of the City of Detroit. We will first set up in Warren, Michigan where there are two plants in a five-mile radius from each other. Each plant has three different shifts, which means they both have three different lunch breaks. Braggin Rights will serve food on each of the two plants’ lunch breaks. This will include hot dogs, chicken, French fries, cheeseburgers, and bratwurst. We will also have a daily special. As stated before, the Mobile Food industry is trending and becoming more popular every year. By the end of 2017, the mobile food market will make $2.7 billion, which is a big jump from 2012, when the Mobile Food industry made around $645 million. Sales will be generated through business to consumers. Prices of different items will range from one dollar to five dollars. With each plant having a hundred workers we believe our profit could range from $500 to $1,000 daily. As a company, we plan to grow in the future. We believe by year three, we can potentially have three mobile food trucks serving the Metro Detroit area.

Charles Crespy

Dean, College Of Business Administration, Central Michigan University

Detroit Roses

CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Team Detroit Roses Team Members Team Mentor Tor Vinson Dom Holmes April Johnson Estefan Barnes Detroit Roses was created with two pillars in mind: Quality clothing and the desire to give back. We’ve identified a demand within our target market of college students and early professionals. These young people are looking for high quality clothing, distinctive merchandise, a sense of community, and an opportunity to give back. Detroit Roses is a for profit unisex clothing company that provides quality products such as t-shirts, hats, sweatsuits, scarves, ties, dress shirts, blazers and more. These products will represent a brand that is beautiful and trendy, yet durable and resilient like many citizens of Detroit. Our company aims to create a loyal customer base and brand recognition through community outreach and high quality products. Detroit Roses will set up, host and participate in community service projects in and around the Detroit area. These projects may span from city and street cleanup projects, to youth developmental projects, to projects that support social, moral, and ethical issues faced by the city of Detroit and its surrounding communities. Within these projects, we will raise awareness to the issues that plague the city of Detroit and we will create solutions to these problems, ultimately making our city a better place to live for everyone. Also we aim to highlight the positive things Detroit has to offer and begin to reverse the negative connotations associated with the City of Detroit. Detroit Roses will generate revenue by raising money at our events from admissions, apparel and merchandise, participation, and donations. A percentage of our proceeds will be given back to the community of Detroit as well as be recycled back into our company to fund these ongoing community service projects. Detroit Roses is a company that wants to provoke a sense of community in a city that is divided, and be a positive influence on the inhabitants and environment. For our first year, we will host two community service projects per month, having 18 customers at each event, selling 432 shirts through our community projects. We will sell an additional 1,000 shirts via e-commerce, fashion shows, and pop-ups totaling 1,432 shirts making us $33,640. By our fourth year, we will have built a solid foundation and customer base in Detroit, allowing our company to start producing higher-end clothing, such as blazers, ties, dress-shirts, pants and more, which will bring in a projected revenue of $350,400.

Eden One

CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Team Eden One Team Members Team Mentors Dominic Robinson Curt White / Robert Zelle Joe Amado Ashley McClain Experts predict that the World will face an unprecedented hunger crisis by 2027 as demand for food will outweigh supply due to population growth and negative environmental impacts on traditional growing practices. This could be a catastrophic problem; but, a solution to this problem is already in early stages of development at bio-tech upstart Eden One. The mission of Eden One is to provide sustainable agricultural tools that can be operated in all climates during all seasons with a long-term focus on helping to reduce world hunger. Eden One will provide a variety of modular, enclosed hydroponic garden facilities made from recycled shipping containers that can yield a higher percentage of crops per square foot. Eden One has identified several target markets for the start-up phase of the company, all of which focus on high-revenue crops including: medicinal cannabis, specialty herbs, and high-end produce (e.g. Morel Mushrooms, green onions, radishes). Eden One is seeking $30,000 in seed capital to build a prototype that will prove product viability and a platform from which we can launch a marketing campaign. Eden One believes this is a lucrative investment as our projections show a robust Return on Investment during the first four years. The short-term future of Eden One will be marked by several important milestones. Our first short-term goal is the production and leasing of 12 hydroponic pods in year one. Most revenue generated at this stage will be used to scale operations, allowing for the manufacturing and leasing of an additional 51 pods by year four. After the first five years, Eden One would like to begin work towards our dream of a world in which no one goes hungry. At this stage, a foundation or charity will be established in tandem with regular operations. A portion of the company revenue will be donated towards underwriting the cost of units that can be provided to charitable causes. Initially the focus will be on providing pods for free to soup kitchens and food-banks within the U.S., allowing Eden One to feed America’s homeless. Within a few short years, our hope is to see this operation expand globally to provide the impoverished people of the world with the food they need through sustainable hydroponic pods.


CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Team Embrace Team Members Team Mentor Emily Austin Maureen Macgillivray Susanne Wroblewski Augusta Overy Haley Rusicka Many women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer undergo a mastectomy and choose to get prosthetic reconstruction. However, women report that there is an uncomfortable cold feeling in their chest when temperatures become cooler because of the lack of breast tissue surrounding the implants. Embrace creates quality thermal bras that retain heat and keep the cold out while presenting a fashionable design that makes women feel beautiful. Many women who have undergone this traumatic surgery feel like they have lost a part of themselves and become self-conscious. Embrace wants women to be able to wear a beautiful bra that is not another medical device they need, but rather, a normal, fashionable, every-day bra, they want. The first bra design consists of three layers that include a next-to-skin layer for comfort, a core layer for insulation and an outer layer for aesthetics and wind resistance. The company has one primary competitor, AnaOno Intimates, a company that creates bras designed specifically for women who are breast cancer survivors and patients. The bras are designed to be comfortable and beautiful, made out of gentle materials for women who are in pain. However, none of these bras provide thermal qualities to help keep women warm. Embrace’s initial customer segment is women between the ages of 40 and 65, who have undergone mastectomy with reconstruction after being diagnosed with breast cancer. A secondary market includes younger women who have the breast cancer gene and choose to have preventative mastectomy with reconstruction to protect themselves. With plans for product line expansion, the company foresees an even greater market can be reached to include active, outdoor enthusiasts and women who are being treated for breast cancer, who also report being colder than normal. The Embrace team’s experience in design, materials, entrepreneurship, and marketing give the company the skills and knowledge needed for success. Furthermore, Embrace’s partnership with Spectrum Health Innovations will provide additional resources to the company. Embrace strives to provide women with a functional solution to the cold while making them feel beautiful and unstoppable so they are able to do the things they want and love unrestricted by the cold. Creating confidence through function and fashion, women can embrace their scars and past battles that made them who they are today, allowing them to be the best version of themselves.

Empty House Studios

CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Team Empty House Studios Team Members Team Mentor Joseph Ryan Emanuel Oliverira Jillian Dawson Empty House Studios is a software development company focused on delivering high quality products to our end users. With that considered, we have a line of products planned for development ranging from social media applications to problem solving modeling software, comprising also project management software and full market online menu applications. To launch our business, we will be selling our first product Tasklist. This software is an online project management tool that aims to solve the customer problems related to over complexity, over restrictiveness, and cost minimization. With accumulated project management experience at companies that used benchmark softwares, we can attest how employees actually use this kind of IT products. Most use it as a checklist that their boss forces them to update. But the problem is that developers don’t even do that on time, effectively rendering the purpose of the software useless. Tasklist seeks to correct this problem by being incredibly easy-to-use, unobtrusive to the employee’s work day, and much less expensive than the competition. In addition to the PC-based version, we will be providing a mobile version along with expanded features that will allow us to integrate our software with other platforms so as to exponentiate the benefits of Tasklist to our customers. Often startups rely solely in one product or service as their core business without further thoughts about its long run economic sustainability. Empty House Studios differs from other typical startups because it has a comprehensive business plan to introduce several products over the coming years, an employee growth forecast in terms of numbers and required skills, and plans to grow into several markets. We are building a diversified enterprise. Our core business is software development and commercialization. Focusing only on the growth of single product, especially in the software industry, is incredibly risky. Empty House Studios will remove this risk by always focusing on the future of our diversified software portfolio and the satisfaction of our customers. We will stand by our mission statement: To deliver technology that not only improves upon everyday life, but is built with the end user in mind.

Ganian Trade

CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Team Ganian Trade LLC Team Members Team Mentor Maximillian Bogacz Jim Foulds Business Mission: To provide homeowners with instant access to any skilled tradesman in their area. Service: After multiple jobs in the industrial industry, whether it be dry walling, electrician, carpentry or even landscaping, I noticed something very strange. I had no idea how anyone could contact any of the current tradesmen with a specific specialization they had. As of right now, tradesmen advertise two ways: Newspaper article slot or poster boards at local stores so customers can walk by and look. This form of advertising/marketing is out dated and I wanted to start a company that could change that. Ganian Trade will make it easier for customers to find local skilled tradesmen and help skilled workers with company growth. A lack of capital is the usual cause for independent workers to not have major growth. Ganian Trade LLC will provide customers and tradesman the opportunity to connect faster and more efficiently. The goal is to create a service center in Michigan that everyone in the state can call and ask for a local worker or for independent companies to contact and ask for help to promote their business. Funding Request: Our company is to seeking funding from an angel investor that isn’t just willing to provide capital, but also business knowledge for future growth. Capital goes a long way, but intelligence goes even further! Business Goals and Objectives: Short-Term Goals to have every county in Michigan with registered tradesmen. Each county will have their own set of electricians, carpenters, etc. for local workers, that way they promote their business near their homes and customers won’t have to wait to get work done. Long-Term Goals: To have every county in the United States registered with local tradesmen, and create a headquarters for future employees that can reach out to every county quickly and efficiently if needed.

Glacier Terrain Parks

CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Team Glacier Terrain Parks Team Members Team Mentor Brad Parsons Mike Vuillemot Carter Ballinger Terrain parks are a unique feature of modern ski resorts that provide courses comprised of jumps, “half pipes,” boxes, rails, and other obstacles for adventurous beginners, intermediates, and competition-level skiers and snowboarders. Although 94% of the nation’s 477 ski resorts has one, and one of every five visitors uses a terrain park on any given day, no single service exists to serve that market. Glacier Terrain Park’s (GTP) mission is to use social media to help those millions of customers discover and experience such parks. GTP operates an innovative Internet platform that connects four segments: 1) major U.S. ski resorts that feature terrain parks; 2) amateur skiers and snowboarders, or “members,” who seek out that sort of experience; 3) professional skiers and snowboard “riders” who wish to form a connection with such enthusiasts for promotional purposes; and 4) advertisers seeking to reach those market segments. Website users have the option of registering for “free,” “basic,” and “pro-level” memberships, which allow them to access terrain park information and resort discounts by interacting with the website. A key aspect of the model is that incentives are provided to members to shoot video with cell phones or GoPro-style cameras and then upload their experiences to the website. Individual members’ videos featured in the site’s monthly highlight films are voted on by site users, with cash prizes and discounts awarded to the winning entries—a method which serves to build community and awareness among all segments. The editing of that content, at no charge, will be a key service provided by GTP. Ski resorts essentially act as platform partners, providing discounts and supplying real-time information on terrain park conditions in exchange for having their own promotional material featured on the site. Olympic and professional skiers and snowboarders who seek to better connect with their most passionate fans will also find that GTP acts as a powerful publicity tool. On top of the fact that total industry revenue is already expected to increase by 1.9% per year to $3.4 billion in 2020, Glacier Terrain Parks has the potential to significantly increase visits and revenue for ski resorts through the creative use of social multimedia to drive additional traffic to their terrain park facilities.


CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Team Glitterati Team Members Team Mentor Amauri Thomas Jim Muri Volanda Frazier Glitterati is a luxury beauty bar that provides nail, makeup, facial, waxing and massage services. More specifically manicure, pedicure, specialty pedicures, Brazilian and bikini waxing, full body waxing, eyebrow arching, eyebrow tinting, eyebrow extensions, eyelash extensions, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, lymphatic drainage facial, brightening facial, fruit facial, gold facial and an anti-aging facial. These services will be provided in an atmosphere for women and men to come, unwind, and comfortably pamper themselves with the idea that, though the location is upscale no one is “out of place”. Friendship, confidence, unity, and relaxation are what glitterati is built on, with a purpose of welcoming women that have gone through physical changes due to domestic violence, substance abuse or illnesses; that no longer feel confident. Our goal is to have an inviting space that these women can come and comfortably enjoy without feeling judged. This beauty bar remedies the common frustration of having to go to several different salons in several different locations just to get different services and potentially missing set appointments due to traffic from one location to the next, or due to one salon running off schedule. By having majority of the services that most women want when being pampered Glitterati allows customers to have a luxury “one stop shop” Glitterati plans to target the consumer market of women within the age range of 18-40, that fall under the middle class hierarchal status. These women will be both single and married and avid salon goers that are heavily indulged in trendy beauty regimens. Revenue will be generated by subcontractors and café sales. Subcontractors will lease chair space and pay monthly rent meaning, that customers will pay the subcontractors directly for their products and services. A small café will be located within the salon that will be run directly by staff and therefore all revenue will go directly to the company. The future goals for Glitterati are to spread throughout the major states those being New York, Georgia, Illinois, California, Florida and Texas; eventually becoming a popular household name for pampering services. Founders Amauri Thomas (Entrepreneurship major) and Volanda Frazier (Political Science and Public Relations major) saw the need for an upscale beauty bar in the metro Detroit area when the pampering salons they were frequenting only had specific services. Instead of having to continue to go to several different salons for several different services Glitterati is their remedy.


CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Team Go Spot Team Members Team Mentor Parker Allen Concha Allen Austin Piwinski Jason Lees Customers are camera users. Desired target audience ranges from 15-40 years old. They will be dominantly male, and will be within a 30 mile radius of some form of water. The question of why do they buy can be answered by the definition of the product: GoSpot repels wate spot blurs from camera lens in wet conditions. Thus, our customers are buying GoSpot, to keep these water spots from ruining the captured footage. We are solving the need of capturing acceptable and usable footage at all times and in all conditions. Safe using water repellant for cameras. Because current solutions, use hydrophobic properties, which are designed to repel water off of car windshields, which causing water to clump, making the spots bigger on the lens. Currrently, our only real competitor is GoClear. It is a hydrophobic screen protector made for GoPro. Our product is a better solution for a few reasons. 1. Our product is not limited to just GoPro cameras 2. The gopro already has a housing over the camera that reduces image quality ever so slightly, adding another layer over the top of the lens will reduce quality even more. 3. They claim that water drops will still stick to the lens. Our initial marketing strategy will be professional created photography and video adds marked through Facebook Ads, Instagram ads, and googles ads targeting specific keywords uses by target age demographics in specific locations. This will also work alongside ambassador programs which entail shipping out product to respectable sources in the videography and photography world. These ambassadors will promote our product to their viewers. Pricing is $15, selling wholesale to surf shops around the world, and directly online from our website. $2500 has gone into packaging, website, product design. While another $2500 has been invested into the first 1000 products. Potential partners include GoWorx, Spartan Innovations, CrossLink Nano Technologies, and CINDARN

Great Lakes Pet Food

CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Team Great Lakes Pet Foods, LLC. Team Members Team Mentor Matthew Skornicka Chianne Jolly Andrew Connor Great Lakes Pet Foods is an eight-month-old idea that is quickly moving towards maturity of a company. The goal: To remove the invasive carp threatening the Great Lakes ecosystem and economy by using it to create a unique, premium, low-cost pet food. In just one month, this idea made its way into Accelerate Michigan. In just four months, the idea took third place in the CMU Make-A-Pitch competition. In the last eight months, we’ve accumulated over 500 potential customers. In January, we made our first prototype; appealing to the taste and nutritional needs of dogs. Not only are we combating the invasive carp, we’re providing 100% organic, grain-free, fresh pet food with variety and all the nutrition your dog needs. By omitting harmful grains and chemicals, we are relieving allergies and reactions that one out of every ten dogs suffer from. Our pet food targets that of the younger population due to its environmental concerns and its innovative, yet natural way of feeding pets. We reach our audience using social media ads for just $.49-$5 a day. In the first two years, sales will be generated through our website and local markets. In year three, we hope to break into retail, starting with five Michigan Pet Supplies, and/or high-traffic veterinarian offices. In year four, we hope to add at least five additional retailers. Starting in year one, we will rent the space and equipment of a commercial kitchen for just $25/hour. In year four, we look to move in-house, reducing our rent costs drastically. We keep costs of goods sold low by having raw materials shipped at a wholesale price, except for the carp; the company must hire on an employee to travel down in a company bought refrigerated truck to collect the invasive carp. In the next four years, we will look to find a more cost effective way of collecting the invasive carp. In just eight short months, we’ve created a new, unique market for an invasive fish that was thought to be unusable. By fighting this invasive fish, we also hope to invade the premium pet food market and prove there is a healthier way to feed your pet at a low price.


CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Team Looma Team Members Team Mentor Kyle Ludwig Jim Baker Chetan Chaurasiya Adam Weber Drew Applegath There's a lot to be gained by planning your meals. You eat better, healthier food, do more cooking for yourself and put more thought into what you eat, try new recipes, and save at the grocery store. However, it can be a little daunting; sifting through recipes, and making lists. That's why there are apps that help. The calorie counter MyFitnessPal has over 100 million downloads on Android and iOS, AllRecipes.com has up to 120 million visits per month, and even Weight Watchers has a mobile app to manage the 1.5 million participants per week. In American, this market is the result of people spending 30 minutes or less on meal preparation and clean up per day, compared to over 2 hours on average by the rest of the world (OECD.) The balance of health and convenience is reflected in a simultaneous increase of vegetable and sugar consumption, rising 120.2 and 28.7 pounds per capita, respectively, since the 1970’s according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA.) The result is that two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.) Optimizing food waste and spending with meal plans for the week is a small benefit when weighed with the end-user’s importance for convenient, tasty and healthful food. No solution yet exists to meet this demand which is why Looma is being developed. Looma is an online platform for rapid, healthy meal planning. With a right or left swipe, food and recipe suggestions are personalized to meet user defined time, preferences and goals to make automatic grocery lists and discover new foods in an instant. By merging nutrition research, data science, and modernist cuisine theory, Looma recommends healthy, personalized recipes adapted to taste and saves time in decision making, preparation, and planning in a mobile application. Every recipe is scaled automatically, each days nutrition can be analyzed on a dashboard, recipes will be shareable with friends off the platform. After launch, Looma will include sharing features to include the household, distribution on multiple platforms and integrations with wearable devices for better fitness tracking features and usability. In order to launch Looma the award of $30,000 will pay for the majority of expenses necessary to develop, test and promote the application to launch by January 1, 2018 while the market is at a peak trend.

MBS Performing Arts

CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Team MBS Performing Arts Team Members Team Mentor Carlos M. Shorter Jim McColgan/Felecia Harrell Leslie Campbell Thomas McElgunn/James Foulds Carlos M. Shorter is CEO and Founder of MBS Performing Arts located in Saginaw, Michigan. Shorter attends Central Michigan University getting a BAA. He is a music composer and has played trumpet for the past 13 years, while touring with multiple professional musical groups. Leslie Campbell is MBS Founder and CO-CEO. She has been promoting music and the fine arts for young people since the 1970s. Campbell currently holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Michigan State University. Shorter founded MBS wanting to rebuild music programs within the area. The mission of MBS Performing Arts is to enrich and better the Mid-Michigan quality of student life by offering first class performing arts. The Michigan Education Association (MEA) shows that 95% of students who have a performing arts background succeed and graduate from college. This MEA study also shows that schools have cut funding for programs to meet their budgets. As such, a problem exists with the availability of performing arts education and MBS is a solution to that problem. MBS (Midland, Bay City, Saginaw) was founded in 2016 and is located in Saginaw, Michigan. With over 45 registered students and 30 paying students within first quarter, MBS is striving to be a leading business in the Performing Music industry. To date, 30 students have used MBS services, generating over $700 in revenue. As of February 20, 2017, MBS has an interest of 45 students for the second quarter, who paid a down payment towards tuition. MBS foresees a $27,400 sales revenue within year one and an EBIT (Earning Before Interest and Taxes) of $3,700 after all cost in year one (total 31,100). MBS targets students looking for higher accelerated music programs in grades K-12. MBS Performing Arts mission statement is “Performing Arts, A Universal Language with Dedication, Friendship, and Excellence.” MBS in its first year will develop a partnership with College Bound My Future Tutoring Service, which is focused on scholastics. Major Chords for Minors will provide summer outdoor facilities for marching ensembles. YMCA will provide the indoor facility for ensemble use at no cost. With these partnerships, MBS will develop three performing ensembles within the area for secondary students. Startup costs will cover all operations and outside expenses to fund the operation of the business. Overall, MBS foresees a bright future and a positive impact on the community and all the students in the program.


CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Team Medi-Zen Team Members Team Mentor Saurabh Ghosh Anant Patwa Neha Srivastava Neetesh Sahu Medi-Zen is focused on developing a website and app for patients in the United States. It will provide adequate information to patients about their disease, doctors, clinic, appointments and moreover the insurance coverage required. Medi-Zen will be co-ordination between patients, medical houses and insurance companies facilitating an easy response system for everyone, especially patients. They can get overall information on what is needed when they fall sick or have a medical emergency. Medi-Zen was created when one of our team members faced a medical emergency, and the clinic situated at her university was unable to understand her situation. She became bed-ridden, resulting in academic losses. Our target market is for every patient who wants to get a medical help at times. They can use our app and website to get the overall information about their scenario. Medi-Zen will provide its customers with a unique database, which was never done before, creating a unique edge for medical houses and insurance organizations to attract customers and provide them with distinct services. Most importantly, it will be available at all times, providing an overall solution for patients. The revenues will be generated by advertisement of insurance companies and medical houses, who will seek potential customer through our platform. It will be free for any customer who registers with us. In the future, we hope to add advanced services with a cost.

Multi Dimensional Manufacturing

CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Team Multi-Dimensional Manufacturing Team Members Team Mentor Nick Dubiel Jim Baker Multi-Dimensional Manufacturing is dedicated to creating functional products one layer at a time. 3D printing is a growing industry with many obstacles standing in the way from reaching the technology’s full potential. Every 3D printer out there uses a single nozzle size which defines both resolution and material deposition rate. Multi-Dimensional Manufacturing uses a trio of nozzles allowing for both speed and precision. When this is coupled with enhanced temperature sensing, the width and breadth of the material selection and size of part obtainable is greatly increased. The Metaloid can currently print eight times faster than every conventional printer on the market. My customers are makerspaces, inventors, engineers, and 3D printing job shops. I compete with Stratasys, Makerbot, 3DS, Ultimachine, Lulzbot, and XYZ Printing. The Metaloid Is currently priced at $3,300 with an estimated BOM cost of $1,200 and an assembly and shipping cost of $900. Competitor prices range from $2,400 to $40,000 and up.

Obdurate Productions

CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Executive Summary Opportunity Just as the entertainment industry over the past decade has evolved with the proliferation of the internet, so have the viewing habits of media consumers. Today a majority of millennial audiences stream more video content from the internet, through streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, and others, than they watch on traditional television. With the immediacy that comes from using these services, audiences are conditioned to enjoy fast-paced, high-energy, and niche media content. While each service relies on previously established television shows and feature films to attract new customers, they are in need of innovative and unique content which appeals to the new generation of media consumers. Unfortunately, there is a lack of high-quality content which fits the needs of these services. Solution Obdurate Productions will produce Broke Adventures, a television show aimed at the new generation of media consumers. The show will follow a millennial age host who is traveling the world on a shoestring. The goal of the show is to not only entertain its audience, but to inform them on how they can travel the world with a rock bottom budget. It will include television quality visuals and audio, fast-paced editing, and an exciting host. This type of show has been proven to be a consumer favorite with shows like Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unkown and others. The show has the potential to expand the tourism industry by demonstrating a traveler does not have to be rich to enjoy the adventure and education brought about by worldwide travel. Market Obdurate Productions has identified three different revenue streams for Broke Adventures which coincide with three different target markets. Those markets include streaming services, companies or brands, and individual consumers. Broke Adventures main source of revenue will come from making licensing agreements with streaming services. A second market for the show is companies looking to advertise through product placement. These companies run the gamut from airlines, travel websites, all the way to apparel brands. Individual consumers are by far the largest of the markets with around 75 million millennials in the United States. We predict there are 10 MILLION PROSPECTIVE VIEWERS for Broke Adventures. These prospective viewers have an annual income of $20,000 - $100,00 and we will generate revenue with this market through Video On Demand (VOD) sales. Competition There are several other production companies already in existence who will be competing with Obdurate Productions for contracts. What sets Broke Adventures apart is its tailored approach toward the niche of shoestring budget travel and its implementation of tools and techniques desired by today's media consumers.

Plant Life

CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Team Plant Life Team Members Team Mentors Cody Jelinek Stephen Wakeling Zach Chludil James Foulds Picture your home’s landscape... Now, picture your home surrounded by dying trees, a yellow lawn, wilting flowers, and out-of-control shrubbery. We all value beautiful living features. Americans support a $77.8 billion landscape industry, and a $17.1 billion arboriculture industry. Companies that contend within these two markets have grown in tandem with the plants they maintain. The “budding” question is, "how can an entrepreneur provide increased value, while utilizing less effort, money, and time?" We believe the answer is differentiation, through unique product offerings, that create recurring revenues for our strategic partners. It is the mission of Plant Life to provide an unparalleled, uniquely tailored, and proprietary process for maintaining the life of plants. We enable landscapers and arborists to take advantage of a revolutionary organic adjuvant fertilizer - currently manufactured in mid-Michigan - that has been proven to increase a plant's ability to uptake existing minerals from the soil profile; thus, effectively reducing stress on the plant, and allowing maximum growth potential/ beautification. We ensure the growth of plants, capital, and entrepreneurship. Our unique product/ service offering is designed to help ensure plant survival, especially in enhanced stress situations, like after transplant, pruning, or attack from invasive insect or fungal species. Plant Life is seeking $30,000 for start-up working capital. This will provide a 90 day window for operations, before cash flow from operations allow the company to sustain itself as illustrated in our accompanying financial table. The short-term future of Plant Life is characterized by several key milestones. In year one we will establish our first dealership in Michigan. In year two we will add five additional dealerships creating six separate and distinct territories in the state. In years three and four, dealerships will establish deep roots in their assigned territories. By the end of year four, Plant Life solidifies as a $2 million a year Michigan based venture. The long-term vision for Plant Life begins in year five. Through tactical pivoting and positioning, we will implement a dealership replication model that will extend the successful Michigan operating model to all 50 states over a five to ten-year timeline. This creates the base for our ultimate long term goal of being a $100 million a year operation. Fifty states, each with successful dealership business models of $2 million or more annually. Success breeding success! The ultimate answer to the “budding” question above, become a Plant Life dealer.

Presence Media

CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Team Presence Media Team Members Team Mentor Andrew Wright Ryan O’Callaghan Presence Media provides small businesses with personalized media consulting to further their presence in their local communities. Our goal is to tailor individual strategies and advice for each of our clients to launch and grow their websites, social media involvement, and search engine optimization. Our target audience is small, local business owners who are looking to benefit from the latest advancements in online technology, but lack the training and experience to do so. Presence Media wants to assist small business owners who personally handle all the aspects of maintaining and growing a successful business. While many small business owners understand the need and have the desire to possess a strong social media and web presence, there’s simply not enough time to acquire the training and skills required to grow that facet of the business. Time is one of the most valuable resources for business owners and we can provide the services they need at an affordable price. Social Media and website services will be offered in the form of three packages. The first package will be a starter package including initial strategies and set-up assistance. The second package will include management and monitoring of social media sites and company websites. The third package will be a training package that provides clients with the ability to launch their own online platforms through our training and coaching. Presence Media strives for a competitive advantage with our connection to small business and ability to customize media platforms to the likes of our clients. The services we offer will provide not only media consultation, but also hands-on training and coaching with our clients to develop their media marketing skills. Technology is rapidly advanced and small business owners are falling behind in utilizing the most optimal strategies to maintain and grow their business. The media consulting industry is growing at a steady rate as business owners have begun to realize the importance of capitalizing on the free and effective marketing created by websites and social media. Andrew Wright and Ryan O’Callaghan have experience in the fields of social media marketing and website design and are devoted to assisting small local business owners in the growth of their companies.

Random Necessities

CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Team Random Necessities Team Members Team Mentor D’Shawn Stewart Stephanie VonBehren Random Necessities is a product based technology company that creates innovative products in order to provide organization and convenience on an everyday basis. Through the use of our staple products along with an open business model we have come up with a solution to many of the problems people face daily The problem many people face today is they purchases countless items to carry with them, but when they need them most they’re at home. However with the “Poket Pak” this problem is no more. The Poket Pak is a pocket-sized case that holds up to six interchangeable life modules. The Poket Pak includes three standard Life Modules as well as a rechargeable lithium ion battery inside the case itself. Customers will be inclined to purchase at least three additional life modules to fill the three remaining spaces in the case. The Poket Pak will sell at a relatively low margin in the interest of appealing to consumers and to overcome low Poket Pak margin, Life Modules will sell at high margins. Over the course of the first four years the total sales revenue is projected to be $4.6 million with a net profit margin of 54%. The Poket Pak is original with little to no similar products on the market. Currently in the market the direct competition is pocket pouches/organizers. These products are made of cheap canvas and not appealing. In contrast to the competition, the Poket Pak is elegantly designed in order to appeal to greater audiences at close to or less than the price of the competition as well as more versatile. Our target market is predominantly women 18-25 living in urban areas. We plan to target those who are college students/graduates or recently employed full-time as well as those that are routinely busy, on the go, or in a rush. Generally these people are unorganized and forgetful; therefore the Poket Pak will organize the items that are needed daily but unfortunately forgotten. To substantiate need in the marketplace for such a product, we aim for $120,000 in pre-production sales through the use of crowd funding. Once the need is confirmed, we will sell online through our website and to generate traffic to our website we will use our personal connections to advertise directly to over 4 million social media users. Upon receiving funding from future sales we will use the profits to further our exploration and innovation of new Life Modules, as well as evolving the Poket Pak to meet the needs of our ever-changing market.

Rate Gigs

CMU New Venture Competition

Bio: Team Rate Giggs Team Members Team Mentor Spencer Lebel David Wong Analisa Guido Troy Hicks Ryan Marasco Daria Carey Kristen Burmeister Jesse Culp Hayden Theis Live music culture in the U.S. is rapidly expanding. According to a Nielsen report, more than 30 million people attend music festivals in the U.S. annually. Rate Gigs is a web and smartphone application that allows concert-goers to rate live performances and read reviews of artists, venues and festivals. It also allows users to quickly purchase concert tickets to their favorite shows. The Yelp for venues and Rotten Tomatoes for live performances, Rate Gigs will become a regular stop in the ticket-purchasing process, ensuring concert-goers are getting the best value for their ticket payout. Rate Gigs, LLC is owned by founder Spencer Lebel. Rate Gigs is ready for development, and upon receiving funding, the service will turn into a fully-functional website and smartphone application available on all platforms. Rate Gigs will provide an optimal platform for concert-goers to view user-written ratings on artists, venues and festivals. We aim to engage music lovers in an immersive community where they can connect with others and make intelligent decisions about their concert ticket purchases. The app creates a community that will have the information about artists, venues, and festivals that concertgoers will rely upon. Users can join and contribute to this community, which gives the rating service authentic value to visitors. The rating service will help users determine what tickets to purchase. It then offers the efficient and effective convenience of purchasing a ticket directly from the app. The Rate Gigs target market is 14 to 30 year olds who attend concerts or music festivals. Rate Gigs’ marketing strategies will largely focus on universities and colleges. Word of mouth advertising and strong support from opinion leaders on campus will further establish the brand amongst the market. Initial revenue streams come from advertising through Google AdMob and ticket sales based on a 5% of users purchasing tickets at a $5 surcharge. Potential revenue streams may include: Sponsorships from festivals, Venues, and production companies, private advertising for partners, live festival feeds and Merchandise

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