D10e ­ A Celebration of Decentralization 2016


Jul 19 - 20, 2016


D10e is an international event experience focused on celebrating decentralization in FinTech, disruptive tech and culture, the sharing economy, and the future of work. Formerly known as Coin Congress, we are U.S. based and have hosted four previous successful conferences in Singapore, San Francisco, and Amsterdam between 2014-2016. d10e Amsterdam (February 2016) was our European debut and we return to San Francisco 19-20 July 2016. We will host d10e Bucharest in Fall of 2016.
D10e is an opportunity for those excited about decentralization to build real friendships with like-minded people capable of creating the world of tomorrow together. We believe that events should be fun and fruitful, intimate and focused. This isn't a dull networking event to pass out business cards, but an exclusive conversation focused on engagement, knowledge-sharing, community, and inspiration.
Network. Meet inspiring people creating the world of tomorrow. Network with savvy, hopeful next generation individuals and companies pushing the envelope of human creativity and collaboration. Our Tuesday networking party and Wednesday cocktail hour are fantastic opportunities to converse and share.
Learn. Stay privy to the hottest innovations and future trends in business, investment, communication, marketing, and technology. Our Wednesday presentations, panels, and exhibit hall showcase the spectacular decentralizing innovations changing finance, business, technology and culture, the sharing economy, and the future of work.
Have fun. Have fun. Our launch parties help all participants meet, drink, and be merry with one another before our full day of sessions, presentations, and panels. We conclude with a second casual networking event. This special structure drastically improves everyone's experience. Our mobile event app doesn't just populate schedules and meeting locations. See the LinkedIn profiles and social channels for every new person you meet, explore speaker and sponsor details, and share your experience on the social feed, and more.
Engage. We're an intimate open forum of passionate collaborators. We encourage participation and friendship. From interactive Q/As to legendary and intimate socials, this isn't your average 'conference'.
d10e is a numeronym for decentralization, which is more than a buzzword. Innovative technologies are changing the way we think and live, and quickly. Nearly every aspect of our lives will be uprooted by visionaries and disruptive companies eager to revolutionize industries. Everything that can be decentralized will be decentralized. It’s up to us, the early adopters, to drive the cultural shift toward the next leap in human civilization. This is only the beginning.
Join us July 19th, 2016 for a private networking evening of conversation and introductions followed by a full Wednesday of focused discussions, panels, presentations, live demos, and a startup competition.
750 top professionals have attended our previous four events. We took cutting-edge conversations on the hottest trends in FinTech to Singapore and San Francisco in 2014. In 2015, we returned to San Francisco expanding our event topic to include innovations in disruptive tech. Our February 2016 d10e European debut explored Fintech, disruptive tech, sharing economy, and future of work. Amsterdam sold out, reaching venue capacity at 154 participants. We turn to Europe for our Bucharest event in Fall 2016.
220+ experts, executives, makers, and investors have presented at our events.
C-Level executives from bitcoin and blockchain companies, disruptive technology companies, investment firms, and startup incubators are our most loyal supporters.
55+ media outlets covered our events, including Vice News, CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, RT News, and more.
300 of the most passionate leaders spearheading decentralizing technologies and ideas are expected to attend. We anticipate our largest audience to date.
Join us to explore the fearless concepts, ideas, and technologies changing finance, business, technology and culture, the sharing economy, and the future of work -- forever. 

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Brock Pierce

Founder, d10e

Bio: Brock Pierce is a venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur best known for pioneering the market for digital currency. He is a founder and Managing Partner of Blockchain Capital and Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation. Blockchain Capital has invested in more than 30 blockchain enabling technology companies. Brock has also founder of several companies including d10e.

Cecile Baird

Chief Community Officer, Credits Blockchain

Bio: Cécile Baird is a Franco-British Designer, Marketer and Community-Builder, specialising in Technology, Finance & Startups. She is Chief Marketing Officer at Credits, a built-from-scratch platform for creating custom, interoperable blockchains. Cecile has been an active a member of the bitcoin and blockchain communities since 2013, and she has worked extensively with, Bitstamp, Pantera, Mike Hearn, Coinscrum, (the world’s largest Bitcoin meet-up), organised the Bitcoin Fight Club at the 02 and presented the Best Virtual Currency Startup award at The Europas. In 2015, she was Head of Global Communications for The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, as well as co-organising the New York Blockchain Conference. She has helped launch several start-ups in London and San Francisco, including the fintech company Yoyo. In 2013 she joined Firestartr, the angel investor platform based in London. Most recently, she freelanced as marketing manager, at the global enterprise automation software company Automic.

Liam Krut

CTO, Papirys

Bio: Studied Austrian Economics at Grove City College. 3D printing and drug testing automation at Harvard & MIT. Launched “Craigslist” for bitcoin company and a protein therapeutics company.

Michael Terpin

CEO, Transform Group

Bio: Managing Partner, bCommerce Labs

Perry Woodin

Founder, Node40

Bio: Perry Woodin’s interests are in the financial incentives that blockchain technologies use to encourage network participation. From early bitcoin mining to Dash incentivized full nodes. Perry founded Node40 to service serious blockchain investors who want to participate in incentivized networks and track the financial health of their assets.

Thomas Thomison

Founding Member & Purpose Promoter, encode.org

Bio: A seasoned entrepreneur and business builder with more than 30 years of experience, Tom Thomison is a recognized leader in self-organization practices and methods. In 2007, he co-founded HolacracyOne, LLC to further develop and mature Holacracy®, now a gold-standard practice for self-organization in mainstream business. Over the twenty years’ prior, Tom was active as an entrepreneur having founded four companies and served as advisor to several startups. Currently Tom is a Founding Member and Partner at encode.org, an organization focused on the creation of necessary legal, financial and social structures to further support Self- Organizing Enterprises and the new world of work. Tom remains a Partner and Investor at HolacracyOne, LLC.

Toni Casserly

Co-founder, Oceanus

Bio: Toni Lane Casserly is an American tech entrepreneur, artist and thought leader based on planet Earth. She is a Young Star of Bitcoin and the co-founder of CoinTelegraph, the largest media network in the bitcoin and blockchain industries. As a philanthropist, Toni Lane co-founded Kids Compassion Charity when she funded a village to survive Ebola using bitcoin. As part of this endeavor, she puts 14 children through school and has provided 14 orphans with a home. Toni Lane currently works toward establishing digital currency economies, mesh internets and peaceful land trusts to help free citizens from the hands of war-torn, oppressive and corrupt leadership while preserving the planet. The aforementioned work is conducted through her organization OCEANUS. In addition to her life as a technology entrepreneur, she is the founder of the ‘post art’ movement, also known as ‘immaterialism’, a new form of art which uses consciousness as a medium.

Craig Sellars

Co-Founder and Technologist, Tether

Bio: Craig Sellars is a thought leader in the blockchain innovation space. He is the Co-founder of Tether, putting national currencies on the blockchain. He also leads the development of global innovations on top of the Bitcoin blockchain in a variety of roles as Co-Founder, Technologist, Facilitator, Director, and Advisor for several Bitcoin 2.0 projects including Omni and vAtomic Systems, creating the next generation of digital objects.

Amy James


Bio: Independent publishing, distribution & sales of digital content.

Adam Levine

Founder, Let's Talk Bitcoin

Bill Barhydt

Founder & CEO, Abra

Christopher David

Founder & CEO, Arcade City

Christian Saucier


Christopher Allen

Principal Architect, Blockstream

Daniel Diaz

Head of Business Development, Dash

David Yerger

Sales, BitGo

Devon Read

Founder, Decentralized Library of Alexandria

Doug Kirkpatrick

US Partner, NuFocus Strategic Group

Dr. Phil Wolfson

Doctor, MAPS

Elizabeth McCauley

Head of Global Business Development, Coinsecure

Evan Duffield

Software Developer / Owner, Hawk Financial Group

Federico Ast

CrowdJury, Founder

Gary Lachance

Gary, Tom and Gary's Decentralized Dance Party

Guido Turricchia

CEO, Helperbit

Jacob Dienelt

Founder, Immutable Data

Joey Krug

Core Developer, Augur.net

L. Chris Bates

Chief Security Officer, Bitland Global

Lawrence J. McQuillan

Senior Fellow & Director, Independent Institute

Lisa Cheng

Founder, Vanbex Group

Lucius Meredith

CTO, Synereo

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