ElixirConf EU 2017

Barcelona CT

May 3 - 5, 2017

ElixirConf™ is a community conference created to promote education, networking and collaboration within the Elixir ecosystem communities.

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Claudia Doppioslash

Functional Programmer, Peer Stritzinger GmbH

Bio: Claudia Doppioslash is a Functional Programmer and a gamedev. Having learned many languages, she ended up preferring strongly typed functional languages, though she's still a moderately smug LISP weenie. These days she's exploring what FP can do for industrial control systems front-ends, using Erlang and Elm. Github: doppioslash Twitter: @doppioslash

Andrea Amantini

Distilling Elixir Like an Absolute Beginner, Nextjournal.Com

Bio: Andrea left academia 6 years ago after a PhD in Algebra and embraced software craftsmanship, inheriting a sense for coherent systems and amalgamation of structures. Elixorian of the first hour, he is very grateful to this community for letting him discover the elegance of the Erlang virtual machine. Andrea contributed with some more or less useful Elixir open source projects including exotic plug adapters, a phoenix OSC controller and some perceptron simulation with OTP. He uses Elixir at work, full-time. Github: zampino Twitter: @lo_zampino

Andrea Leopardi

Backend developer, Football Addicts

Bio: Andrea is a programming enthusiast with a soft spot for functional programming and beautiful code. He loves learning new stuff. He strongly believes in accessible culture and education and in open-source software. He's active in the Elixir community and uses almost exclusively Elixir for work purposes. Github: whatyouhide Twitter: @whatyouhide

Artur Dębski

Co-Host, Functional Miners Meetup

Bio: Artur Debski is a Ruby programmer who truly believes in a functional approach to programming. Having stumble at Elixir a long time ago Artur helps to spread the word about it and is a co-host of Functional Miners meetup (formerly SilesianBeamers). Can't live without HJKL and enjoys a good craft beer. Github: functional-miners Twitter: @fun_miners

Ben Marx

Lead Engineer / Co-Organizer, Erlang & Elixir SF

Bio: After years of object oriented development in PHP and Ruby, finally enjoying the benefits of programming in Elixir. Lead Developer at Bleacher Report leading the transition from Ruby and Rails to Elixir and Phoenix. Github: bgmarx Twitter: @bgmarx

Benjamin Wilson

Elixir Team Lead, Co-Creator, Absinthe

Bio: A full time Elixir developer at CargoSense, Ben is a co-author of the Absinthe GraphQL implementation for Elixir, and the author of ExAws. When not telling you about that time he biked across the USA, Ben also sings professionally and cooks sporadically. Github: benwilson512 Twitter: @benwilson512

Bruce Williams

Co-Creator, Absinthe

Bio: Bruce Williams is a polyglot technologist, speaker, and Pragmatic Bookshelf author. He's the CTO of CargoSense, a logistics intelligence company built on Elixir and committed to its open source community. Away from the computer, he enjoys languages, traveling to new places, cooking, and the singular hobby of artisan gemstone cutting. Github: bruce Twitter: @wbruce

Claudio Ortolina

Head of Elixir, Erlang Solutions

Bio: Claudio works as Head of Elixir at Erlang Solutions Ltd. He's a software engineer with more than 5 years of commercial experience in complex web applications and apis, with expertise in Elixir, Ruby, Elm and JavaScript. He previously worked at New Bamboo Web Development Ltd. (now part of Thoughtbot Inc.) in London, UK. Github: cloud8421 Twitter: @cloud8421

Eric Weinstein

Senior Software Development Lead, Hulu

Bio: Eric is currently a senior software engineering lead at Hulu, where he builds internal tools, and a masters student at Georgia Tech, where he studies machine learning. He enjoys writing Elixir, Clojure, Idris, Ruby, and Swift. Github: ericqweinstein Twitter: @ericqweinstein

Georgina McFadyen

Software Consultant, 8th light

Bio: Georgina is a software consultant with a passion for high quality software and helping people build better products. She has delivered training in Elixir and helped build the Elixir Koans. Outside of programming Georgina likes running and playing the violin. Github: gemcfadyen Twitter: @gemcfadyen

Ian Luites

Backend Developer, Square Enix

Bio: Ian is a Backend Developer at Square Enix, where he focusses on perfecting processes, creative coding, and tailor-made tools. He enjoys ethical hacking, video games, blacksmithing, and whiskey. Github: IanLuites

José Valim

Founder and Director of R&D, Plataformatec

Bio: José Valim is the creator of the Elixir programming language and member of the Rails Core Team. He graduated in Engineering in São Paulo University, Brazil and has a Master of Science by Politecnico di Torino, Italy. He is also the lead-developer of Plataformatec, a consultancy firm based in Brazil, and an active member of the Open Source community.

Keith Salisbury

Creative Director & Co-founder, Clever Bunny

Bio: Keith is a programmer, sailor and kitesurfer in any order. He is passionate software development and particularly enjoying building fun social games. He is currently writing a book on "Building Multiplayer Games with Phoenix and Phaser". Github: ktec Twitter: @ktec

Kevin Rockwood

Software Engineer, SkelterLabs

Bio: Kevin is a software engineer at Skelter Labs in Seoul, Korea. He's been writing Elixir professionally since 2015 both in Korea and in the US. He's an organizer of the Seoul Elixir Meetup, and is working hard to promote Elixir in Asia. Github: rockwood Twitter: @kevinrockwood

Loïc Vigneron

Co-founder, Ibanity

Bio: Since Loic was 10, he has always been obsessed with building and fixing things. From this young age, he began designing and constructing stuff with LEGO Technic and then working on pimping his moped to gain some horsepower. He discovered computer science a bit later and graduated from UCLouvain in 2012. During the university years, Loic messed around with PICs and built an electronic engine igniter for his moped. The serious business started when he got into systems administration and software development. Loic has never let it go since then. After graduation, he founded Djump, a former Uber competitor, and then Spin42 with his two associates, to keep building great things and work on meaningful projects. Armed with a 3D printer and his electronics and software skills, nothing can stop him. Twitter: @loicvigneron

Makis Otman

Software Gardener, 8th Light

Bio: Makis is a software consultants with a passion for high quality software and helping people build better products. He has delivered training in Elixir, helped build the Elixir Koans and contributed to the Elixir language. Outside of programming Makis likes to read books and watch football. Github: Maikon Twitter: @MakisOtman

Michał Muskała

Software Engineer, Hammer Corp

Bio: Student during mornings, developer at afternoons and open source contributor by evenings. Michal is programming languages enthusiast, focusing mostly on the functional side. He is a member of the Ecto core team and maintainer of the MongoDB adapter. He's Google Summer of Code 2015 alumni, where he worked on Ecto and its MongoDB integration supervised by José Valim himself. When not programming he enjoys reading books, travelling, and sailing - no matter if sunny, rainy or stormy - it's even better if all of those are combined! Github: michalmuskala Twitter: @michalmuskala

Petri Kero

Co-founder, CTO, Ministry of Games

Bio: Petri is the CTO and co-founder of Ministry of Games, a mobile games startup located in central Helsinki, Finland. Petri started his career in 2000, working on computer graphics technology and shader compilers, from which where he has evolved into an entrepreneur and distributed Elixir enthusiast. Github: petrikero Twitter: @PetriKero

Tatsuya Ono

Freelance Software Engineer, Shinshu University

Bio: After moving from Tokyo to London ten years ago, Tatsuya has been working with some well known London startups and contributing to their growth with engineering and process improvements. He is obsessed with measurements and metrics. Github: ono Twitter: @ono

Tetiana Dushenkivska

developer, inflowmatix and clever bunny

Bio: I am working as a Software Engineer in Southampton. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering from Ukraine, and I am passionate about challenges and making learning fun. In my free time I contribute to open source and working on my own software/hardware projects. I like the idea of mixing hardware and software together. That's why my personal projects include integration of Arduino, bunch sensors with visual output to the browser. This allows me to write fun games and enjoy "testing" them. As a social person, I like to build social games, which include "testing" with friends. After sipping a little bit of Elixir (programming language, not actual booze) I started to fell in love with it. That's the explanation to why all my latest projects include Elixir. Github: tetiana12345678 Twitter: @tetiana12345678

Thomas Arts

Founder, Quviq

Bio: Thomas Arts, co-founder and CTO of Quviq, has worked at Ericsson's computer Science Lab in the nineties. Together with Joe Armstrong, Simon Marlow and Phil Wadler, he tried to build a type system for Erlang. That being of little practical use, he later worked on verification tools for Erlang. After a short return to academia as professor at Chalmers, he is now fully devoted to amzing testing tools. Quviq is the company that produced QuickCheck, a tool that automatically generates tests. The tool is written in Erlang, but can be used to test systems written in a variety of languages. Among other successes, it is heavily used within the telecom and automotive industry, for example for testing 5G base stations and AUTOSAR standard software. Twitter: @quviq

Timmo Verlaan

Voice Application Developer, Voiceworks

Bio: Timmo lives in Amsterdam with his wife and two kids. He works as a Voice Developer at Voiceworks where he is working on different voice platforms and applications. About two years ago he started working with Elixir on a greenfield project. On his own time he is using Nerves for a hobby project to control the temperature of his fermenting closet (old fridge, really). According to fellow Alchemists that visited the Amsterdam Elixir meetup, where he gave a talk about Nerves & Brewing, the beers were very tasteful! He might bring some to Barcelona as well! Github: tverlaan Twitter: @diptimmo

Tomasz Kowal

Elixir Track Maintainer, Clubcollect

Bio: Tomasz is a graduate of AGH University of Science and Technology.He's functional programming enthusiast working with Erlang since 2011. Currently working on financial systems in Elixir at ClubCollect. In his free time, Tomasz play with electronics, flying robots and Elm programming language. He loves talking about programming in general, so feel free to catch him and have a discussion about coding even during breaks. Github: tomekowal Twitter: @snajper47

Tonći Galić

Developer, Kabisa

Bio: Tonći is a polyglot webdeveloper with broad range of interests & also a broad range of experience. Started out with Perl/CGI around 1999, throughout the years worked with Java, PHP & C#/.NET. Last few years focused on Ruby/Rails but now in love with Elixir/Phoenix and functional aspects of programming languages. Organizer for the Amsterdam Elixir meetup. Github: Tuxified Twitter: @Tuxified

Wojciech Gawroński

BEAM and DevOps Enthusiast, Appliscale

Bio: After tackling major scaling and performance challenges in the education, eCommerce, public transport and analytics field, he choose Appliscale and the hyper-performant world of real time bidding to sharpen his Erlang skills. He is a frequent speaker throughout Silesia and co-organizer of several meet-ups (Functional Miners, Silesian BEAMers, Nodeschool Silesia). His code helps power a multi-billion transaction platform, distributed across the globe. Also, Wojciech strongly believes in DevOps culture and not being afraid to change hats when there is a need for it. In the spare time he is giving talks on various IT-related meetings, blogging at afronski.pl and reading a lot of books. Github: afronski Twitter: @afronski

Xavier Noria

Independent Consultant, Universitat de Barcelona

Bio: Everlasting student, Rails Core Team, Ruby Hero, Freelance, Life lover Github: fxn Twitter: @fxn

Chris McCord

Creator of Phoenix

Bio: Chris McCord is a programmer with a passion for science and building things. He spends his time crafting the Phoenix Framework, working with the fine folks at DockYard, writing books like Metaprogramming Elixir, and teaching others the tools of the trade. Github: chrismccord Twitter: @chris_mccord

Devon Estes


Bio: Devon is a freelance software engineer focusing on Ruby and Elixir. He is also passionate about open source, and is a maintainer of Benchee and the Elixir track on exercism.io. Away from the computer he's a husband, father and chess player.

James Fish


Bio: James is a member of the Elixir and Ecto core teams. He enjoys all BEAM languages and contributes to many open source projects. When not answering questions in the Elixir IRC channel he enjoys playing soccer and baking cakes. Github: fishcakez

Nathan Herald

Wunderlist → Microsoft

Bio: Nathan has been building internet enabled applications and distributed systems for a bit. He most recently worked on Wunderlist‘s real-time data sync and backend deployment. He has a dog. Github: myobie Twitter: @myobie

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