IKEA Saudi Arabia | Winning the Heart of Our Customers Future Search Workshop 2017

Jeddah Makkah Province

Apr 19 - 21, 2017

For many years, IKEA Saudi Arabia has been number 1 retailer brand in KSA. This is something
we have proudly achieved together with our customers, whom are the focus in our
daily life in IKEA.

Creating a better everyday life for the many people is our promise. Delivering to this promise
can only be through the many people, our valuable customers, competitors, suppliers and
co-workers, where all of them play a vital role in this process.

We’re glad to invite you for an unprecedented workshop: Wining the Hearts of Our Customers,
where your thoughts and ideas will shape how IKEA Saudi Arabia will look like in the
future, and how can we create a better experience for our customers.

To get an outside-in perspective, we’re inviting a group of customers, leaders, communication
professionals, HR gurus, and people who love, challenge and add value to IKEA. People
like you! Along with IKEA Saudi Arabia Board Members and Management team. Thus, you are
cordially invited to join us for a Future Search workshop from 19-21 April 2017 in Jeddah,
Saudi Arabia.

The world is changing, and the IKEA world is changing with it.
All over the world, we are evolving to improve people’s shopping experience, simplify the
supply chain, create better working environments and – ultimately – transform life at home.
The Future Search workshop is entirely interactive. No speakers, no papers. You will have a
chance for purposeful dialogue, exploring every facet of the existing system and proposing
how we can improve.

The purpose of the Future Search is to identify how IKEA Saudi Arabia can strengthen and
amplify these initiatives. We’re inviting a cross-section of the entire community to help.
With the results of the workshop, we can create a better total experience to fulfill people’s
needs and dreams into the future.

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Sandra Janoff

Director, Future Search Network

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