LAHC Conference 2017

São Paulo SP

Apr 4 - 8, 2017

What is creativity? Is it the gift of just a few? Or can we all develop our creative side? Why is creativity important in our schools? And how can we give it the time and space that it deserves? At the LAHC Conference 2017, keynote speakers Ollie Tunmer (cast member of the hit London West End show STOMP), Carl Honoré (world-renowned author and journalist) and actor Ben Walden will be providing plenty of food for thought, while challenging many standard educational paradigms.

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Alex Espinosa

Co-founder, Head of Strategy, DIIP

Bio: Alejandro brings more than 18 years in innovation consulting and brand management. He is co-founder and Head of Innovation and Strategy at diip and his experience involves the development of business solutions for different powerful brands in several industries and categories. Before, Alejandro leaded Red Box Innovation in Mexico and prior this experience, he worked eight years managing innovation and marketing in FMCG companies such as PepsiCo International and Danone. Alejandro holds an MSc in Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise Management from Newcastle University and a BS in Business Administration from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México.

Andy Cino

Head, Newton College

Bio: Worked at Newton since 1980, Head since 2002. Married with 3 children - 34, 32, 27 Favourite sport - soccer (still enjoy playing) Favourite book - Guns, Germs and Steel - Jared Diamond Favourite films - Cinema Paradiso, Scent of a Woman Favourite singer - Van Morrison

Ben Walden

Actor and Artistic Director, Contender Charlie

Bio: Ben is the founder and Artistic Director of Contender Charlie. His work with staff and students has received major acclaim at education conferences around the world. He has given main keynote addresses for groups such as the ICP Convention in Australia, the ESF Principals in Hong Kong, ESSARP schools in Buenos Aires, the Latin America Headteachers Conference and the 3 International Baccalareate conferences for Europe, Asia and the Americas, as well as the IB World student Conference. He has also been a regular speaker at the New Heads Conference for the National College of School Leadership in the UK. He is an actor and presenter who has played a number of leading roles on television and for the Donmar and Almeida theatre companies as well as at Shakespeare`s Globe. Having run many masterclasses for the Shakespeare’s Globe Education Centre he has worked in close collaboration with Mark Rylance and Richard Olivier in the development of an experiential theatre learning technique called Mythodrama. As a Senior Associate at Olivier Mythodrama, Ben is now running sessions bringing this work at Leadership level into a broad range of organisations across the world. He has also run projects at a number of leading business schools including Columbia, OSBS, the London Business School and Insead. As well as his leadership and creativity courses for teaching staff, Ben runs sessions for students of many different abilities and backgrounds looking at themes of leadership and calling in their own lives.

Bruno Hacad

Co-Founder, Pegcar

Bio: Bruno Hacad graduated in Business Administration from Fundação Getulio Vargas. Then worked as a Mergers & Acquisitions Analyst for Olimpia Partners and Investment Banks Goldman Sachs and BTG Pactual. He left BTG to co-found Pegcar, where I am currently responsible for Operations and Finance.

Bruno Macedo

Future Explorers, FeX

Bio: I am an insanely curious, futurist, author, game designer, entrepreneur.

Camila Ghattas

Futurologist & co-founder, diip: igniting evolutions

Bio: Camila Ghattas is a futurologist, passionate about market strategies, technology and innovation. She believes that Technology makes us transcend our current limitations. As the co-founder of diip and Futurology leader at CBA B+G, Camila is also an Educator, a lecturer and is currently developing a Virtual Reality Platform. Her goal as a Futurologist is to co-build better futures by developing diverse solutions that have helped game-changers to create evolutions for people and brands. Camila has an MBA in Applied Consumption Science and a degree is Social Communication, besides collecting hundreds of free courses across the world to feed her entrepreneurial spirit.

Carl Honore

Writer, journalist and speaker, Award-winning writer and speaker

Bio: After working with street children in Brazil, Carl Honoré covered Europe and South America for the Economist, Observer, Miami Herald, Houston Chronicle, Time, National Post and other publications. His first book, In Praise of Slow, examines our compulsion to hurry and chronicles a global trend toward putting on the brakes. The Financial Times said it is “to the Slow Movement what Das Kapital is to communism.” His second book, Under Pressure, explores the good, the bad and the ugly of modern childrearing - and offers a blueprint for change. Carl’s latest book, The Slow Fix, explores how to tackle complex problems in every walk of life, from health and relationships to business and politics, without falling for superficial, short-term quick fixes. Carl presented a series for BBC Radio 4 called The Slow Coach in which he helped rushed, overscheduled Britons slow down. In 2015, he presented a TV show called Frantic Family Rescue on Australia’s ABC. His TED talk on slowness has been viewed nearly 2 million times. On top of writing, broadcasting and researching the benefits of deceleration, Carl rushes (slowly, of course) around the world to deliver speeches and workshops. He recently became a member of the Board of Trustees of Hewitt School in New York, with whom he has worked on slowing down Sponsors

Gilberto Rodolffi

Head of Geography in the secondary school., St Nicholas School

Bio: Geographer, with a teaching and bachelor degree in Geography from University of São Paulo (USP). He has post-graduation degrees in environmental Management and environmental technologies from FATEC-Faculdade de Tecnologia de São Paulo. Currently, Mr. Rodolffi works as a Geography teacher and head of Global Perspectives at St. Nicholas School, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Ingrid Soto

Singer and Peace Activist, Student

Bio: Ingrid Soto is a 15 year old singer and peace activist, nominated as a "specialist" on the rights of girls by the UN Women in 2014. She brings together young people to help refugee children in Brazil by using music as a tool for change.

Lina Lopes

Director, Lilo.Zone

Bio: Lina Lopes is an artist and designer in Digital Media, works with Video Mapping projects, interactivity and technical lighting. Degree in Film from the University of São Paulo and specialized in Lighting and Design. Currently, she is a researcher at the Pos Graduate Program at University Anhembi-Morumbi about Math and Design. Her research covers the parametric design fields, projection mapping, prototyping, interactivity, wearables and internet of things. Her production in the field of new media permeates the concept of interactive installation, programming with Arduino, Processing, Raspberry Pi, prioritizing image manipulation projects in real time. Site: #puropose #fashion #wearables #makers #DIY

Mauricio Jabur

Maker, Pandora Lab

Bio: Mauricio Jabur is a Maker by hobby and by trade. Physical computing specialist, develops interaction between the real world and computers using sensors and actuators shuch as motors, lights and electromechanical equipment. Interactivity, projection mapping and automation consultant, some of his clients are MIS-RJ, Museu do Frevo, Museu Cais do Sertão e Museu do Futebol. Develops products and tutorials for Kits and instructiona available at

Ollie Tunmer

Director, Beat Goes On

Bio: Ollie Tunmer is a drummer, percussionist, music educator and the director of Beat Goes On. He has performed with the international hit show STOMP and its sister show ‘Lost & Found Orchestra’, in the UK, Europe, America and at a box-office record-breaking run at the Sydney Opera House. He studied with Sam Alexander (an internationally recognised authority on Brazilian percussion), and performed with London School of Samba. This passion took him to Brazil where he played in the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. He then performed with, and co-directed samba/hip-hop/drum’n’bass outfit Carnival Collective. Ollie is a qualified music teacher and regular delivers workshops for teacher training programs including Teach First, School Direct, United Learning and Canterbury Christ Church University’s PGCE program. He is also the percussion tutor for the National Orchestra For All. Ollie is the director of ‘Beat Goes On’, who deliver percussion workshops to schools, colleges, universities, teacher’s conferences, CPD courses, corporate events and keynote presentations throughout the UK and internationally.

Pete Sorensen

PGCEi Regional Coordinator for South America, University of Nottingham

Bio: I have been working in education for about 37 years now. The first twenty years I was a secondary teacher, taking on a range of leadership and management roles in school and across local authorities, before moving to higher education to focus on teacher education full time. At Nottingham University I have taught and taken a lead on many different Initial Teacher Education routes, as well as researching and running national projects associated with teacher education. In the last few years my work has taken on more and more of an international dimension due to the huge success of our innovative PGCEi. I have been involved in teaching and leading PGCEi cohorts across four continents, moving recently to the role of Regional Coordinator for South America. So far we have had small cohorts, with the face-to-face meetings in Ecuador and Peru. We are keen to expand these. I look forward to meeting you and discussing what our PGCEi and related masters courses have to offer your teachers and schools.

Dr Andressa Borsari

Biology, Global Perspectives and Theory of Knowledge teacher, St. Nicholas School

Bio: Has a bachelor degree in Biological Sciences, a masters degree and a PhD in Experimental Psychology, having specialised in Cognitive Ethology from the University of Sao Paulo (USP). She has been involved in research and projects for the conservation of endangered parrot species. Currently, Dr Borsari works as a Biology, Global Perspectives and Theory of Knowledge teacher at St Nicholas School, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Maria Galiassi

Choreographer and Brazilian ballroom dance teacher, Dance

Bio: Choreographer and Brazilian ballroom dance teacher. For her, is through dancing that her body translates all she feels without using a single word. ""Our arms start from the back because they were once wings" (Martha Graham). Let yourself fly! Dance!"

Marysabel Duran

Empreendedora, Do Brasil Para Você

Bio: Colombian, entrepreneur by choice, dancer for love. Deeply grateful to salsa for the positive changes that brought to her life. "Never miss a chance to dance. It will open your mind."

Anna Lorenze


Bio: Anna Lorenze defines herself as a conscient babyssiter who brings a non binary perspective to the children based on her on history of life.

Sachiko Yamazaki

St Nicholas School

Bio: My name is ​Sachiko. When I play with cats or make a Bonsai of cactus or do figure skating or sailing or cook or analyze literature books etc.. I always use my ''Ikebana philosophy'' as a fundamental base of myself. #ikebana #purpose #philosophy

Alan Downie

Executive Officer, LAHC

Alistair Kennedy

Head of History, St. Paul's School

Amy Clifford

Head of Pre-Prep, St Paul's School

Ana Letícia Moraes

PSHE coordinator, St. Paul's School

Bethan Hindley

Second in Charge of Mathematics Department, St. Paul's School, Sao Paulo

Bill Cotter

Director of Educational Programming (Latin America), Students Shoulder to Shoulder

Carmen Robinson

Grade 2 Coordinator - Teacher Grades 2 & 3 (Spanish & English) and Grade 2 Drama, San Silvestre School

Carolina Casañas-Giraldez

Co-founder , IntheKnow

Chris Wicks CFP

Director, Bridgewater Financial Services Limited

Christopher Newton

Head of Year and Assistant Director of Music, St. Paul's School, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Claudia Kiatake

Co-founder, IntheKnow

Derek Devine

International Sales Consultant, GL Education

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