Liberty Forum 2017

Manchester New Hampshire

Feb 2 - 4, 2017

New Hampshire Liberty Forum 2017 - the annual Winter event for the Free State Project.

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Hostess, the Quill

Bio: BuMps and her husband left San Jose, CA on 9/11/2001 and traveled by land to beautiful Epping, NH. They only knew two people here and had never even heard of the Free State Project. They didn’t find the FSP community until 2009 and officially became Free State Early Movers in December 2015 after spending some time in Maine. BuMps is an advocate for Cannabis and believes that there should be NO regulations on it. She’d been diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 2005, and credits Cannabis with relieving her pain and anxiety while helping her appetite. After much chemo, radiation, and surgeries—including a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction—the cancer has not been detected again.

Kimberly Morin

Vice President, Women's Defense League of NH

Bio: Kimberly is a co-Founder and the Vice President of the Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire. With extensive knowledge about the firearms laws in NH, Kimberly is a vocal advocate and is frequently seen at the State House testifying and educating legislators.

Rick Falkvinge

Founder, The Pirate Party

Bio: Rick Falkvinge, author of Swarmwise: The Tactical Manual to Changing the World, is the founder of the first Pirate Party and a political evangelist for its ideas of freedoms of speech and expression. In particular, he stresses how industrial interests of the 1900’s are fighting the net’s core values, the ability for everybody to publish their ideas and creations, and how these industries drive us towards a Big Brother society. On this platform of civil liberties, his party became the largest in the below-30 demographic in the 2009 European Elections, beating the political competition on less than one percent of their campaign budget. This can be largely attributed to new ways of organizing large numbers of people that he created and applied while leading the party. An entrepreneur at heart, he founded his first company at 16, and has remained a trailblazer since. Because of his successes in cost-effective management and changing policy, he has been named a Top Global Thinker by Foreign Policy magazine, as well as shortlisted as one of the world’s most influential people by TIME Magazine. When not making policy, keynoting about cost-effective management, or exploring technical subjects in detail, Mr. Falkvinge can usually be seen cooking, sampling a scotch whiskey, or riding a fast motorcycle.

Tom Hudson

Co-founder / Secretary, Human Action Foundation

Bio: Tom Hudson moved from Texas to New Hampshire in 2000 and has lived in several places across the Live Free or Die state, but prefers to call the Seacoast region home. During his time in New Hampshire, Tom started and organized the New Hampshire Seacoast Liberty group which has now been rebranded as The Freecoast, and was the Welcome Wagon Coordinator for the Free State Project, is a co-founder of The Praxeum, as well as the Human Action Foundation.  In 2008, he was presented the Political Activist of the Year award by the NHLA, and was elected as a delegate to the New Hampshire Republican State Caucus. Tom has been a speaker, volunteer, and organizer at various forums and events such as Libertopia, PorcFest, New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, Freecoast Festival, etc.

Andrew Manuse

Licensed Agent, New York Life Insurance Company

Bio: Andrew Manuse is an agent with New York Life Insurance Company and also a free stater who moved to New Hampshire in 2007 with his wife as members of the First 1000 group. Since then, he has worked as an activist fighting for individual liberty and limited government through public relations campaigns and by passing pro-liberty legislation as a member of the N.H. House of Representatives. Now, as an agent with New York Life, Andrew works directly with individuals and families and empowers them to become masters of their own destiny by protecting their assets and managing their liabilities; planning for emergencies, college education and retirement; prioritizing their goals with tax diversification strategies; and leaving a legacy that they control. Besides being a husband, Andrew is a father of three.

Bill Alleman

Founder, FreeWeare

Bio: Bill Alleman was born in Massachusetts, at an undisclosed date and time. In 1983, he moved to California, and in 1988 to New Hampshire. Bill is the guiding force behind the liberty meet-up group FreeWeare, and for many years was the videographer for Capitol Access, a Concord-based current events show about New Hampshire politics. On February 22nd, 2011, on his way home from a protest supporting a local restaurant owner against the Weare Police Department, Bill was pulled over. He informed the officer that he was recording the interaction. The officer responded with a “that’s fine”, but later Bill was arrested at his home and charged with felony wiretapping in State of NH vs Bill Alleman. The case resulted in a ringing victory for freedom in New Hampshire. Bill won the case and proceeded to sue the town for violating his rights under the Constitution. His case became a precedent and rallying point for freedom of the press. For many years, Bill has recorded hearings in the New Hampshire House and Senate, and posted them online, at his own expense. His State House recordings are available on his blog Adventures in the Free State.

Brian Manning

co-host, Merrimack Valley Luncheon, Merrimack Valley Porcupines

Bio: Brian Manning has lived in Manchester for many years and has extensive knowledge of the area.

Caleb Dyer

NH State Representative, NH House of Representatives

Bio: Caleb Q. Dyer is a graphic designer and writer/contributor to He and his father also operate a small scale Christmas tree farm in Pelham, NH. In 2016 he was elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives and appointed to the Environment and Agriculture Committee. Caleb is a New Hampshire native; he grew up in the town of Hudson.

Carla Gericke

President, Foundation for New Hampshire Independence

Bio: Carla Gericke (JD, MFA) is an advocate of liberty specializing in localized voluntarism, internet freedom, self-determination, and how responsible human action can lead to peace and prosperity. She is President Emeritus of the Free State Project (2011-2016), and lives in New Hampshire with thousands of fellow activists. In 2009 and 2010, Carla organized PorcFest, one of the world’s largest libertarian gatherings. On February 3rd, 2016–now known as “Porcupine Day”–Carla announced the move had been triggered and encouraged the 20,000-strong group to start moving to New Hampshire. She now serves as president of the Foundation for NH Independence, a 501c3 educational nonprofit. In 2014, Carla won a landmark case affirming the 1st Amendment right to film police encounters. In response to the West Side Lockdown of 2016, Carla ran for state Senate on a platform of legalising marijuana, ending the war on drugs, stopping police militarization, holding government accountable, and embracing free markets. She received 8,695 votes, losing by only 20% to a 78-year-old 10-term incumbent (D). Carla is writing her first book, Chill Don’t Kill, about why you should pursue a principled, purpose-driven life in the Free State of New Hampshire.

Dale Brown


Bio: Commander Dale Brown, founder, and director of operations of the Detroit Threat Management Center used his knowledge of martial arts, firearms training from military as an airborne paratrooper, and experience as a private investigator to create a modern survival tactical training system. The system he created is an urban survival tactics program that emphasizes the importance of human psychology, self defense-related law, and the skills requires to escape, control, or immobilize human threat, both armed, and unarmed utilizing the least amount of force to achieve the most non-violent outcome possible. In 1994, Commander Brown began teaching families how to protect themselves on the Eastside of Detroit after a woman was chased off a bridge and killed. Commander Brown then realized that people needed more help than just education. They needed physical protection. Commander Brown found volunteers to protect families from violence. This approach enabled families to have a good quality of life by focusing on prevention of violent predation. Thus, the wealthy building and business owners profited for the first time in 20 years. In the late 90's, the Detroit area transportation corporations were experiencing hijackings that began in the 1950's. Commander Brown's highly trained Threat Management Team was hired, and continues to present day, successfully preventing all hijackings without the use of violence or force utilizing non-adversarial, non-violent strategies, and tactics based on psychology, understanding law, and emphasizing constant skill development and training. Commander Brown has received local, national, and international recognition by many media outlets. The media coverage has primarily focused on the altruistic foundation of his for-profit corporation, free protection for domestic violence crime victims and residents of high crime communities. Commander Brown's Preventive Threat Management Systems and Centers are in high demand. Currently, collaborative efforts are in the planning stages to expand the capabilities for organizations, communities, and corporations that desire safety without violence. He is currently seeking other interested parties that wish to collaborate and support the expansion of facilities or facilitation. Commander Brown's Preventive Threat Management non-violent approach to managing human threat is both unique and timely. The global need for safety and prosperity is the foundation of the development of international Threat Management Centers. Commander Brown's global vision is to demonstrate the direct correlation between protecting common, everyday families and communities, and increasing the wealth of corporations, simultaneously stabilizing cities, states, and countries in which they operate. The overall objective is to make the world a safer place through non-violent strategies and tactics.

Dan Johnson

Executive Director, Tax Revolution Institute

Bio: Dan Johnson is the Executive Director of the Tax Revolution Institute. Prior to joining the Tax Revolution Institute, he was the Founder of People Against the NDAA (PANDA), which he grew into one of the largest civil liberties movements in America, and served as President of the Solutions Institute, an activist training center. He has written for over a dozen news outlets, including the Huffington Post, frequently speaks at major events around the country, and has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows. As TRI’s Executive Director, he has presided over the Tax Revolution Institute’s First Amendment Alliance to protect nonprofit free speech, spearheaded the launch of the Audit the IRS initiative, and is currently lighting the brushfires of a tax revolution.

Daniel McGuire

Political Director, NH Liberty Alliance

Bio: Dan McGuire is a retired computer engineer from Epsom. He and his wife, Carol, became porcupines and then moved from Washington state in 2005. Dan served six years in the House on the Finance Committee (Carol is starting her ninth year). He’s an officer of the NH Liberty Alliance, Granite State Taxpayers and Merrimack County Republicans, as well as a movie buff, angel investor and two-time NH state bridge champion.

Darryl W. Perry

Chair, Libertarian Party of New Hampshire

Bio: Darryl W. Perry has spent most of his adult life as an advocate & activist for peace and liberty. Darryl is an award-winning author, publisher & radio/TV host, and is a regular contributor to several weekly and monthly newspapers. He hosts several podcasts, and is a regular co-host on Free Talk Live. He was a 2016 Presidential candidate, who sought the Libertarian Party nomination, having run with the goal of running the most libertarian presidential campaign in history, to promote the ideas of liberty as boldly and as often as possible, and to give as many people as possible the chance to vote for an actual libertarian in November 2016. Darryl is the Owner/Managing Editor of Free Press Publications; CEO of Liberty Lobby LLC, a crowd-funded NH-based lobbying firm, and Darryl was elected Chair of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire in September 2016.

Derek Magill

Director of Marketing, Discover Praxis

Bio: Derek Magill is a college dropout, marketer, business strategist and career expert. After dropping out of college during his sophomore year, Derek started a marketing company that went on to generate million of dollars in business for clients. He is currently the Director of Marketing at Praxis and has consulted with companies such as Voice & Exit, the Foundation for Economic Education, Glockstore, Colliers International, Daily Caller, and Undertech. Derek is the author of How to Get Any Job You Want.

Eric Schleien

NH State Representative, NH House of Representatives

Bio: Eric is currently serving his second term in the New Hampshire House of Representatives where he was elected at age 26. During his first campaign he raised money from over 100 donors and organized a volunteer base of 15 knocking on 100% of the undeclared voters in the town of Hudson, population ~25,000. Eric was drawn to politics out of his commitment to expand freedom on the planet for all people both intrinsically and extrinsically and politics was a form of forwarding that commitment extrinsically. Outside of political life, Eric is an avid value investor since the age of 14 when he first read a book about Warren Buffett. By age 18 he was one of the youngest hedge fund managers in the United States and left his partner to run EISCO which is the company he founded in 2014 and invests money through a rational value-centric approach. Eric also brings 8 years of experience in the personal and professional development industry to the liberty movement and has been empowering activists within the liberty movement since 2007 to give activists more freedom, power, self-expression, and peace of mind in the areas of life that matter most to them. Through this kind of transformational experience, activists report having breakthrough results in their political activism through the kind of transformational technology that Eric shares with activists as opposed to incremental results which are a function of informative learning. Eric currently resides in the Hudson, NH area and frequently travels to New York to visit family.

George Lambert

former State Representative, Entrepreneur

Bio: George Lambert is a local technologist and entrepreneur who has been active in what he calls “Recreational” Politics for almost 2 decades in New Hampshire. As a Selectman, he cut the spending and red tape in Litchfield. In the New Hampshire House, he sponsored legislation to limit government power, repeal unnecessary laws, and protect citizens. After failing to change the laws on Automobile Inspection Regulations, he decided to challenge them with the local police and the courts, with the hope of having the laws ruled unconstitutional.

Goshe King

NH Director, Muslims for Liberty

Bio: NH Director, Muslims for Liberty. Goshe is an FSP early mover, (moved in 2011) and currently lives in the Lakes region of NH. He is a mechanical engineer by profession.

Ian Underwood

Co-Founder/Co-Owner; Boardmember, Bardo Project / Shaolin Rifleworks / Foundation for NH Independence

Bio: Ian Underwood has at various times been a planetary scientist and an artificial intelligence researcher at NASA, a certified hypnotherapist, a fourth generation wing chun sifu, the director of Ask Dr. Math, a founding owner of the Bardo Project and Shaolin Rifleworks, and a speaker at liberty-related events. When he grows up, he wants to create a line of educational comic books. He currently serves on the Board of the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence.

Jason Sorens

Founder, Free State Project

Bio: Jason Sorens is founder and vice president of the Free State Project, co-founder and president of Ethics and Economics Education of New England, and Lecturer of Government at Dartmouth College. He lives in Lyme, N.H. with his wife and daughter.

Jeffrey Creem

Research Director, NH Liberty Alliance

Bio: Jeff moved to NH in 1992 in search of a job and greater freedom than he was able to find in his original home state of NY. The bar was pretty low but NH greatly exceeded expectations. He and his wife Melissa are peacefully raising two children (one of whom is in college now). Jeff and Melissa are FSP Trigger the Move patron sponsors. He is Research Director, and a life member, of the NH Liberty Alliance. Jeff has exerted “at least a little effort “ toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of government is the protection of individuals' rights to life, liberty, and property but regularly falls short of the achieving the “fullest practical effort”. He is the current organizer of the Nashua Liberty social events.

Jeffrey Tucker

Editorial Director, American Institute for Economic Research

Bio: Jeffrey Tucker editorial director of the American institute for economic research. He is founder of, Distinguished Honorary Member of Mises Brazil, economics adviser to, research fellow at the Acton Institute, policy adviser of the Heartland Institute, founder of the CryptoCurrency Conference, member of the editorial board of the Molinari Review, an advisor to the blockchain application builder Factom, and author of five books. His most recent book titled Right-Wing Collectivism: The Other Threat to Liberty, is prefaced by Deirdre McCloskey (FEE 2017). He has also written 150 introductions to books and many thousands of articles appearing in the scholarly and popular press and spoke previously in Australia at the 2013 Mises Conference. He can be followed on Twitter at @jeffreyatucker

Jeremy Kauffman


Bio: Jeremy Kauffman is a serial entrepreneur, scientist, programmer, and amateur blowhard. He is the founder of LBRY, a sort-of decentralized YouTube, and TopScore, an international software platform used by nearly a million athletes. He moved to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project in 2015.

Jessica Paxton

Main Pavilion , Lead Coordinator

Bio: Jessica and her husband Rodger made the move to New Hampshire's Freecoast in the fall of 2015. Before making the move, Jessica served in various roles within the Libertarian Party of Arkansas, including Chairman, Media Director, and head of candidate recruitment and support. In 2012, Jessica ran for Congress as a Libertarian in Arkansas' First Congressional district, educating Arkansans about anarcho-capitalism through participating in multiple televised debates and forums. Jessica is an unschooling mom of two boys who keep her busy, exploring all that New Hampshire has to offer. While incredibly thankful for amazing Porcs who welcomed her family with open arms, her only regret is not making the move years ago.

Jody Underwood,

Vice Chair, Croydon School Board

Bio: Jody Underwood is one of the faces of Bardo Farm. She has served on the Croydon School Board since 2010. She shepherded a bill that clarifies the law to allow private schools to be included in town tuitioning agreements. Jody is also an Education Fellow at Granite Institute (, where she has written research papers about how New Hampshire uses tax dollars for private schools and on how town tuitioning works in New Hampshire and New England. She has delivered presentations about town tuitioning and school choice around the state. Her current effort is to expand town tuitioning in New Hampshire. In her newest endeavor, she is president of the School District Governance Association, whose mission is to help school board and bidget committee members discover their powers. She and her husband moved to New Hampshire for the FSP in 2007, where they live on a large off-the-grid property with their two dogs. Two of her favorite things are dancing and teaching people to dance.

John Chisholm

CEO, Author, John Chishom Ventures

Bio: John Chisholm, CEO of San Francisco-based John Chisholm Ventures, is a serial entrepreneur, CEO, and angel investor. He founded Decisive Technology, the first software publisher to automate surveys via the Internet (now part of Google); CustomerSat, a leader in enterprise feedback management (now part of ConfirmIt); and co-founded Pyze, a mobile intelligence platform. He is immediate past president of the worldwide MIT Alumni Association and a trustee of MIT and of the Santa Fe Institute. He received bachelors and masters degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT and an MBA from Harvard Business School. His passions include entrepreneurship, innovation, and regulation.

Jordan Campbell

Policy and Research Assistant, Charles Koch Institute

Bio: Jordan Campbell works as a policy and research assistant at the Charles Koch Institute, where he has written on the need to stop cronyism and corporate welfare. Previously, he worked on health policy at the Cato Institute and as a writer and researcher at a Washington, DC public relations firm. Jordan has a Bachelor of Science in Communication from Portland State University.

JR Hoell

NH State Representative, NH House of Representatives

Bio: Rep. Hoell is a 4th term State Rep from the towns of Bow and Dunbarton. When he is not at the state house protecting our freedoms and advancing liberty, JR runs an engineering firm that specializes in product development for medical and safety critical systems. He and his wife Charlene have 4 home schooled children.

Ken Danford

Co-Founder, North Star

Bio: Co-founder of North Star, Ken has been working intensively with teenagers and their families since 1991. Previously a middle school social studies teacher, first in Prince George’s County, MD, then in Amherst, MA, Ken left the Amherst school system to found North Star. He brought with him extensive education and training, including a B.A. from Amherst College in Psychology and an M.A.T. in Social Studies from Brown University.

Larry B

School Board Director, Franklin Regional School District, Murrysville, PA

Bio: Born in southeastern PA, Larry has been a resident of Pennsylvania most of his life ALTHOUGH he yearns for NH. He is an original voting member to select NH for the Free State Project. He received a B.S. chemistry (minor Biology) from St. Joseph’s U & an M.D. from U of Pennsylvania. He is both board certified in pediatrics & anesthesia & completed a fellowship in pediatric anesthesia/critical care medicine at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He served 2 years in active duty as a Captain in the US Air Force. (Pease USAFB, Portsmouth, NH). Larry is in the mid of a 2nd 4yr term as school board director (Franklin Regional SD, Murrysville, PA) and has served as elected President for 4 yrs. He is actively involved in issues related to Common Core, data privacy, and education.

Lawson Bader

President and CEO, DonorsTrust and Donors Capital Fund

Bio: Lawson Bader is president and CEO of DonorsTrust and Donors Capital Fund. Previously, he served as president of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a research and outreach organization dedicated to reducing government barriers to entrepreneurship, innovation and economic liberty. While there, Mr. Bader expanded CEI’s litigation and communication efforts aimed at reducing executive branch overreach. Before joining CEI, Mr. Bader spent sixteen years as vice president of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. His portfolio included creating Capitol Hill Campus, the largest bi-partisan economic education professional development program for Congressional staff, managing the government accountability and regulatory studies programs, and general fundraising. He was also formerly the manager of government relations at SRI International, a legislative analyst with the D.C. law firm Pierson, Semmes and Finley, and a special assistant at the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs. He is a former columnist with Human Events, and serves on the boards of the Atlas Network and State Policy Network. Mr. Bader earned a BA in political science from Wheaton College and an MA in public policy from The Johns Hopkins University.

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