MDT Conference 2017

Firenze Toscana

Mar 24 - 25, 2017

Content and multimedia communication as a challenge: opportunities – and risks – of the application of new communication tools to Culture. 

How interactive content accompanies and enriches the user’s experience, from the interaction with the heritage of a museum to a whole “digital user experience”.

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Alexander Neuwahl

Founder, CEO, ArtesMechanicae

Bio: Alexander Neuwahl is a professional in the field of design and communication. Since 1996 he works with the Museo Leonardiano in Vinci for science and history popularization, designing the Museum’s layout and implementing multimedia contents, by directing and coordinating of creative teams. He designed and contributed to the realization of exhibitions and sections of national and international exhibitions. He is author of publications and contributions in history of science and technology of the renaissance. He is a founder of ArtesMechanicae, a research group engaged in the study of history of science and technology. The group is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach, integrating traditional historiographical methods with tools of analysis, classification, display and design borrowed from engineering and information technology.

Claudia Molinari

Founder, We Are Muesli

Bio: We Are Müesli is an Italian game design duo made up of visual designer Claudia Molinari and creative writer Matteo Pozzi. Starting with “CAVE! CAVE! DEUS VIDET.” (Jheronimus Bosch Art Game 2013), Claudia and Matteo have been focusing on award-winning “unconventional storytelling” video games rooted in cultural, historical and artistic topics. Their latest works include docu-game about Italian Resistance “Venti Mesi”, interactive ballad on Sicilian folklore “The Great Palermo” and multiplayer installation “SIHEYU4N” (Beijing Design Week 2015).

Fabio Fornasari

architect and museologist, MuseoMix


Hannah Boulton

Head of Press and Marketing, The British Museum

Bio: Hannah Boulton is the Head of Press and Marketing for the British Museum. An experienced arts professional, she has worked on the promotion of all major Museum projects from the Great Court (2000) to the World Conservation and Exhibition Centre (2014) and major blockbuster exhibitions on China’s Terracotta Army, Pompeii and Herculaneum and the recent Sunken cities: Egypt’s lost worlds. She has overseen the roll out of the Museum’s visual language and acts as the Museum’s brand guardian. Hannah also oversees the social media strategy and team which sits in Marketing, developing shareable content and providing digital customer service for the Museum.

James Bradburne

Director, Pinacoteca di Brera

Bio: James M. Bradburne is an Anglo-Canadian architect, designer and museologist, and has designed world expo pavilions, science parks and international art exhibitions. He was educated in Canada and in England, graduating in architecture at the Architectural Association and receiving his doctorate in museology from the University of Amsterdam. Over the past thirty years he has produced exhibitions and organised research projects and conferences for UNESCO, national governments, private foundations and museums in many parts of the world. From 2006 until March 2015 was the director general of the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi. Since October 2015 is Director General of the Pinacoteca di Brera and the Biblioteca Braidense in Milan.

Kate Carter

Senior Marketing Manager, British Museum

Bio: Kate Carter is a Senior Marketing Manager at the British Museum, with responsibility for digital marketing activity. Leading the social media, email and visitor insights team, she coordinates proactive digital campaigns as well as the delivery of customer service and actionable data and insights. Kate has delivered several major exhibition marketing campaigns for the Museum, as well as partnership activity such as collaboration with Twentieth Century Fox on the feature film Night at the Museum 3 (2014). Previously, she has worked for DreamWorks Theatricals, Audiences London, Disney Theatricals, and the Corner Shop PR.

Linda Volkers

Marketing Manager, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Bio: Linda Volkers is Marketing Manager at Rijksmuseum. She is responsible for the International and Digital Marketing of the in 2013 reopened Rijksmuseum that in its first year welcomed over 2,2 million visitors. Rijksmuseum received multiple rewards for its innovative digital and social activities, like Rijksstudio: SpinAwards 2013, 2 Dutch Interactive Awards 2013, 3 Museum and the Web Awards and the European Design Awards. Linda has a track record in online and offline marketing and communications. Before joining the Rijksmuseum, Linda held several management positions at digital agency Jungle Minds, worked in the financial sector and as a lecturer at the University of Amsterdam.

Loic Tallon

Chief Digital Officer, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Bio: Loic Tallon is Chief Digital Officer at The Met where he oversees all aspects of the Museum’s digital products and profile, ranging from the Collection database and Collection Online to selling Admission tickets online, and from producing new audio tours, exhibition promo videos and 360-degree videos, to delivering e-mail and social media campaigns. Each year, the Digital Department at The Met serves an audience ranging from 33 million people on the websites, to 400 million users on our social media channels, and channels revenues in excess of 10 million dollars.

Matteo Papadopoulos

Chief Operating Officer, Cantiere Creativo / LeanPanda

Bio: Co-founder and manager of strategy, communication and organization of production processes at LeanPanda – an agency that deals with web and mobile. He has twenty years of experience in web development, UX/UI and is passionate about Lean and Agile methodologies. In the museum sector, he has extensive experience with multimedia installations, websites and applications for the management and use of content.

Matteo Pozzi

Founder / Game Design, We Are Muesli

Bio: We Are Müesli is an Italian game design duo made up of visual designer Claudia Molinari and creative writer Matteo Pozzi. Starting with “CAVE! CAVE! DEUS VIDET.” (Jheronimus Bosch Art Game 2013), Claudia and Matteo have been focusing on award-winning “unconventional storytelling” video games rooted in cultural, historical and artistic topics. Their latest works include docu-game about Italian Resistance “Venti Mesi”, interactive ballad on Sicilian folklore “The Great Palermo” and multiplayer installation “SIHEYU4N” (Beijing Design Week 2015).

Mirko Lalli

Founder and CEO, Travel Appeal

Bio: Mirko Lalli is Travel Appeal’s founder and CEO and he has 15 years of experience in the marketing and digital communication sectors as a consultant and trainer. Mirko Lalli is a digital communication consultant and trainer and currently is a professor at the University of Siena for the Master’s Degree in Business Communication and at the IULM University of Milan for the Master’s Degree in Social Media Marketing; he is also a member of the Scientific Committee of the IULM University. Mr. Lalli was the Director of the Fondazione Sistema Toscana Marketing & Communications, where he conceived and coordinated the “ToscanaLab” and “Internet Bene Comune” projects. He also contributed to “Voglio Vivere Così”, Tuscany’s first social media marketing campaign for the travel sector, by developing and maintaining the digital strategy and web-marketing activities and by managing the social media team. He has been a member of the Tourism Innovation Committee of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism since its first edition and has collaborated with the creation and development of the BTO (Buy Tourism Online) event for the travel industry. He is also a member of the BTO Educational Scientific Technical Committee. Mirko Lalli is the founder and CEO of Travel Appeal, a startup that has created an artificial intelligence technology to analyze the digital reputation of hotels, museums, restaurant and touristic destinations.

Mona Walsh

Head of Communications, The National Gallery

Bio: Mona Walsh is a communications professional with a passion for connecting people with art. She heads up a lively and innovative Communications team at the National Gallery, covering creative, marketing, press, social media, CRM, membership and audience research. Since her arrival in 2013 she has headed up a number of transitional projects which include CRM transition, launching the Gallery’s first Membership scheme and developing the digital transformation strategy. Prior to her role at the National Gallery, Mona worked at top tier communications agencies, where she evolved and delivered communications for global blue chip and household brands such as Microsoft, American Express, Western Union, Marks and Spencer and Marie Curie. Before coming to London, Mona was Head of Communications at youth advisory service Connexions Sussex and a Communications Consultant for local councils in southern England.

Pietro Polsinelli

Game Designer, Open Lab

Bio: Pietro Polsinelli is a developer with 25 years of experience in modeling and application development for corporations and institutions. As a game designer and developer he works mainly in applied games in the fields of health, social impact, education for the European Union, museums, universities and research centers. He is writing a book on applied games “Explaining With Games” .

Riccardo Napolitano

CEO , Arm 23

Bio: After completing his university career in the field of engineering, Riccardo Napolitano filled various management roles in both national and international telecommunication companies. His professional story subsequently took a commercial twist with important activities in the field of strategic marketing. Being also well-versed in information systems technologies, his overall set of skills led him to work extensively as Director of Institutional Affairs for both corporations and institutions across a wide spectrum of industries including, though not limited to, defence systems, aerospace, data management, infrastructures, land security and protection, and sustainable ’smart’ solutions. Among his most recent roles is his appointment as CEO and General Manager at Finmeccanica Global Services S.p.A. Since 2015, he has been devoting himself entirely to the setting-up and development of ARM23 Srl, an innovative start-up business dealing with augmented reality and image recognition research and development, which was created under his guidance. He also contributed to the foundation of BrightLink Srl, a company providing internationalization and consulting services.

Simone Mazzarelli

CEO, TCommunication Spa

Bio: Simone Mazzarelli (Roma, 1976) is the CEO and Founder of Ninetynine, an Italian agency specialized in communication and marketing consultancy aimed at selling. He started to work in different sectors of communication when he was 19 yo. He studied Business Economics at Rome Tre University. He participated in the startup of Auditorium Parco della Musica and organized around one hundred events in Rome. He decided to found Ninetynine in 2007 and since that moment he always followed new market trends in order to guarantee to his clients the best solutions. The most flexibility of his agency, divided into 4 different areas – advertising / trade / digital / events, permitted him to face challenges more and more important and exciting, managing projects from many different sectors (tech, food, automotive, publishing industry and gaming) and guaranteeing a verifiable ROI. He is even a consultant of many companies and governmental organizations, he collaborates with many universities and MBAs. He recently increased the agency’s vision opening it to new projects: recovery and revitalization of disuse urban areas and temporary enhancement of abandoned buildings in order to offer to citizens, clients and event agencies new venues, in partnership with Cassa depositi e prestiti. Two examples of this activity are: Palazzo degli Esami (where now there is “Van Gogh Alive – The Experience”, a multi-sensory exhibition, the most visited experience in the world) and Guido Reni District (a district where 23 different spaces are available for every kind of events), both in Rome.

Timothy Verdon

Director, Grande Museo del Duomo

Bio: Born in the United States (New Jersey, 1946), Verdon is an art historian formed at Yale University (Ph.D. 1975). He has lived in Italy for more than fifty years and since 1994 is a Roman Catholic priest in Florence, where he directs the Diocesan Office of Sacred Art and Church Cultural Heritage and the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo. He is in addition academic director of the Ecumenical Center for Art and Spirituality ‘Mount Tabor’, at Barga (LU). Author of books and articles on sacred art in Italian and English, he has been a Consultant to the Vatican Commission for Church Cultural Heritage and a Fellow of the Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies (Villa I Tatti), and currently teaches in the Florence Program of Stanford University. He writes regularly for the cultural page of the Osservatore Romano and between 2010 – 2015 has curated art exhibitions in Turin, Florence, Seoul, Washington, D.C. and New York. Timothy Verdon lives in Florence, Italy, where he is a Canon of the Cathedral.

Tiziana Lombardo

Project Manager, 3logic MK s.r.l.

Bio: Tiziana is project manager at 3logic MK, a software house based in Pisa. Her business interests extend to cultural heritage and new technologies, social innovation, tourism and communication. She has over 10 years of experience as project manager in national and EU funded projects with a specialisation on ICT applied in different fields such as Cultural Heritage, Digital Libraries, Research Infrastructures, Tourism, International Cooperation and Communication. She took part as participant and co-organiser, in several events to design new communication strategies for museums, such as MuseumCamp2016, MuseoMix2016, Future Museum Challenge 2016. Among the projects she is in charge of in 3logic, she is currently involved in Yourmuseum, focusing on digital innovation and visitor/contents interaction.

Elena Bertelli

BAM! Strategie Culturali


Paolo Fabrizio

Social Customer Service Consultant

Bio: Paolo Fabrizio è un pioniere del servizio clienti digitale. Negli anni ‘90 partecipa alla start-up della prima compagnia assicurativa online, ricoprendo svariati ruoli a diretto contatto con i clienti. Successivamente si specializza nell’utilizzo dei social network nel customer service, grazie anche ad esperienze professionali esperienze in UK e USA. Oggi aiuta le aziende ad integrare con successo i canali digitali nel servizio clienti. Fondatore del blog / podcast, è autore de ‘La Rivoluzione del Social Customer Service’, il 1° libro in Italia focalizzato servizio clienti digitale. E’ consulente, formatore e speaker per eventi in Italia e all’estero.

Matteo Gazzarri

Technical Manager, Riprese Firenze

Niccolò Di Vito

Director, Producer, Riprese Firenze

Pierpaolo Barresi

Visual Storyteller / Graphic Recorder / Design Thinker / Graphic Facilitator,

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