Music City Agile 2016

Nashville TN

Aug 17 - 18, 2016

Music City Agile is Nashville's first local, full day conference dedicated to Agile, Lean, Kanban, Scrum, and more. We want to bring a rich mixture of national and regional thought leaders to our city to share their experiences and further the adoption of these principles and practices in local organizations. We also want to use open spaces to allow for attendees to drive their own content and sharing as well.

This conference is being coordinated under the umbrella of the successful Music City Code conference which is a minority-led non-profit organization of local volunteers. Music City Code runs directly after the Music City Agile conference August 18th through 20th.

Follow us on Twitter at @MusicCityAgile to stay up to date.

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Adam Mattis

Managing Partner, Mattis & Company, L.C.

Bio: Solving problems as expeditiously as possible. Period. #ScaledAgile .. #Lean .. #Communication

Anthony Montgomery

CEO, CUProdigy

Bio: Software CEO, People-Centric Agile Coach, Leadership Enthusiast, Social Scientist, Speaker, and Trainer. ✞

Arlan Nugara

President, Alvarnet

Bio: Arlan Nugara has been a web developer and software architect for over 15 years at Alvarnet Corporation. He has spent most of his time working with the Microsoft technology stack and applying it to the technology needs of large corporations such as financial institutions, telecommunication and wireless equipment companies. He has a real passion for ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), Agile Methodologies and DevOps and is always looking for ways to work smarter and not just harder.

Byron Sommardahl

CTO/Chief Architect, Acklen Avenue

Bio: Agile practitioner, architect, restaurant owner, software developer, father, mentor, geek, coffee lover.

Cat Swetel

Principal Consultant, Cat Swetel & Friends

Bio: Cat is an experienced lean and agile practitioner and coach. When not working, she enjoys hiking, reading feminist literature, and making jokes about Bitcoin.

Charles Cain

Agile Coach, Viacom Media Networks

Bio: Agile coach in Nashville, TN. Enjoy backpacking and scuba.

Chris Gardner

Developer, DevSpace Technical Conference

Bio: Speaker, Blogger, Professor, Game Development Advocate, and head of the DevSpace Technical Conference.

Chris Madison

Solution Architect, Watson Ecosystem

Bio: Chris Madison is a Solution Architect with the Watson Ecosystem. He is primarily responsible for working with partners to cognitively enable their applications.

Daniel Norton

Chief Technology Officer, LeanKit

Bio: Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer at LeanKit. Objective-C Antiquarian.

David Laribee

Principal, Nerd/Noir

Bio: Combine equal parts joie de vivre, schwerpunkt and kaikaku. Shake vigorously. Chug.

David Neal

Developer Advocate, LeanKit

Bio: David is a husband, father of 5 boys, geek, musician, motorcyclist, software developer, and Microsoft MVP living in North GA. He's currently a Developer Advocate for LeanKit, and runs on a high-octane mixture of caffeine and bacon.

Doc Norton


Bio: Partner at LeanDog.Software Craftsman.Agile Coach/Activist.Husband, Father, Runner.

Ian Lee

Chief Architect, Employer Advantage Health Care Solutions

Bio: Founder & President of NashMicro (

Jeff Mikres

IT Director, Consumer Platforms, Lifeway Christian Resources

Bio: Technologist. Asker of why. Innovator. I love product development, new ideas, new outcomes.

Jim Benson

Personal Kanban, Modus Institute

Bio: I have always respected thoughtful action. | Author of Personal Kanban with @sprezzatura

Joe Kunk

Application Architect, Dewpoint

Bio: Joe Kunk is an software architect for Dewpoint, Inc. where he consults with business leaders on their software strategies. Joe is a leader of the GLUGnet .NET user group in Lansing Michigan, and a Pluralsight author. Joe has published dozens of developer articles for Visual Studio Magazine, is a five-time Microsoft MVP, and a frequent speaker at user groups and conferences. Joe co-authored the book Professional DevExpress ASP.NET controls, and was technical editor for LINQ Unleashed in C#.

Joel Tosi

Dude, DevJam

Bio: Coaching and pairing within and across teams on how to leverage new technologies to drive product learning.

Julia Wester

Improvement Coach, LeanKit

Bio: Bicentennial baby who is passionate about helping teams and leaders achieve greatness!

Justin Rohrman

Tech Editor -, TechWell

Bio: Consulting / contracting software tester, and writer.

Kevin Kline

Technology Evangelist, SQL Sentry

Bio: SQL Server expert at SQL Server, O'Reilly author, husband, dad to 7 (aka The Horde)

Matt Barcomb

VP Org Design Services, LeanDog

Bio: Into hiking, homesteading & scuba diving. For work I do product management & development consulting with a focus on modern org design.

Mike Cottmeyer

CEO, LeadingAgile

Bio: Work... Agile thinker, writer, project manager, consultant Life... Christian, husband, dad, guitarist, backpacker, scout leader, and coffee drinker

Nick McDuffie

Enterprise Agile Coach, Salesforce

Bio: "Nick McDuffie is an Enterprise Agile Coach with Salesforce. Nick has spoke at Agile 2016, Bay Area Leadership Network and various meet-ups."

Paul Gower

Principal Consultant / Founder, Lunamark

Bio: Paul started his career as a professional software developer in 2001 developing client/server enterprise solutions.  An innovative problem solver, Paul uses in-depth analysis, deep consultation and the latest software development practices to serve his clients.  In 2014 Paul started his company Lunamark, where he leverages his years of experience to help companies improve their software development team's efficiency using techniques such as clean coding practices, code reviews and pair programming.

Spencer Schneidenbach

Platform Architect, Ryvit

Bio: Web developer, speaker, teacher, mentor, writer, husband, dad. Architect/lead engineer @RyvitPlatform. JavaScript, AngularJS, ASPNET, Node, C#

Will Will

Chief Design Officer, PraxisFlow

Bio: Chief Design Officer, Design Thinker-in-Residence @NYUStern, Union Square NYC, Designing Purposeful Work, Founder LeanUXNYC, Systems Change Writ Large.

Diane Zajac-Woodie

Agent of Change, Green Jeans Consulting

Bio: Diane Zajac-Woodie (@agilesquirrel) spent more than six years redefining the role of the Business Analyst as more than a requirements dictator. Now a coach, her passion is to free those that are mired in the status quo even if she has to pull them out one at a time. As a frequent presenter, Diane enjoys teaching and connecting with others who share her passion for improvement. She co-chaired the Collaboration, Culture & Teams track for Agile2014 and again for Agile2015. For Agile2016, she is the Process at Scale Program Chair. Her alter ego makes her thoughts transparent on her blog,

Linda Rising

Independent consultant, Linda Rising

Bio: agile 74-year-old world traveler, interested in patterns and change and retrospectives and how the brain works

Pratik Patel

CTO, TripLingo

Bio: CTO of Atlanta based startup @TripLingo. Master of computering, sleeping, and ameliorating.

Robert Pieper

Principle Consultant, Responsive Advisors

Bio: If you don't ask the right question, you discover nothing.

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