NI MIX 2017

Austin TX

Jan 16 - 20, 2017

MIX, or NI's Marketing Innovation eXchange, focuses on marketing innovations, best practices, lessons learned, trends, global marketing topics, and business insights from fellow NI'ers and select industry guests.


MIX 2017 Overview

MIX the NEXT Decade - Tuesday, January 17th

Hear strong business direction that serves as the foundational information from which the Marketing Strategy is derived and best practices for each unique function to further that strategy.


MIX the NEXT Year - Wednesday, January 18th

Gain an in-depth understanding of our marketing objectives and priorities and explore best practices for implementing these initiatives through our deployment channels.


MIX the NEXT Day - Thursday, January 19th

Explore the tools and process for increasing the impact that you can have on the company’s performance in your day-to-day job.


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Alex Davern

COO/CFO, National Instruments

Brad Armstrong

Section Manager, Global Integrated Marketing, National Instruments

Brian Nunnery

Social Media Program Manager, National Instruments

Chad Chesney

Vice President of Product Marketing - Data Acquisition and Control, National Instruments

Christina McKeon

Service Director, Portfolio Marketing, SiriusDecisions

Daniel Riedelbauch

Marketing Manager CEER, EMEIA, National Instruments

David Wilson

Vice President, Platform Software, Customer Education, and Academic, National Instruments

Eric Starkloff

Executive Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing, National Instruments

Francis Griffiths

Senior Vice President, Regional Sales and Marketing, National Instruments

Fumihiko Nagahisa

Asia-Pacific Regional Marketing Manager - Software & Academic, National Instruments

Helena Lewis

Chief, Marketing Operations and Technology, National Instruments

Jen Adams

Sr Advertising Manager, National Instruments

Jennifer Coats

Senior Integrated Marketing Manager, Data Acquisition, National Instruments

Jill Stachura

Department Manager, Marketing Automation, National Instruments

Joey Pena

Integrated Marketing Manager, Embedded Systems, National Instruments

Joey Spinella

Software Product Manager, National Instruments

Julia Dinolfo

Senior Account Marketing Manager, National Instruments

Kevin Ilcisin

Vice President of Product Marketing - Test & RF, National Instruments

Kim Pinion

Global Marketing Operations Program Lead, National Instruments

Kristen Novak

Account Marketing Specialist, National Instruments

Kumi Valenty

Marketing Operations, APAC, National Instruments

Lauren Mireles

Senior Group Manager, Integrated Marketing and Regional Demand Center for the Americas, National Instruments

Lauren Pilliner

Principal Strategic Marketing Manager, National Instruments

Lisa Pacheco

Sr. BIA Group Mgr., Marketing, NI

Mallori Martin

Senior Product Marketer, Software, National Instruments

Marisa Kopec

Vice President, Innovation and Product Management, SiriusDecisions

Michiharu Kubo

Regional Marketing Manager, Test & RF, APAC, National Instruments

Misty Allen

Section Manager, Business Process Management, National Instruments

Nancy Henson

Global Proficiency Manager, National Instruments

Nathan Guitrau

Global Campaign Manager, National Instruments

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