The 2017 NLP International Conference

Sipson England

Apr 28 - 30, 2017

Welcome to the 2017 NLP International Conference, the first to be hosted by ANLP.

Our mission is to make the Conference Fresh, Fun and Full of Community Spirit.

The Conference is not just a place to come and listen. It is a place where people can exchange ideas, discuss areas of collaboration and make new business and personal connections. Many long-standing friendships have been born during past Conferences and it is our intention to encourage these feelings of camaraderie and bonhomie whilst giving delegates what they want to see and hear…how NLP is making a difference.

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Alexander Sudarkin

Head of training and consulting division, Pucelik Consulting Group

Bio: Alex is a business trainer, NLP trainer, psychologist and a coach. As a partner in Pucelik Consulting Group, Alex runs change projects in companies for the last 10+ years. He also teaches a number of courses in the field of communication at the oldest business school on the territory of the former USSR.

Andy Coley

NLP Trainer & Conference Committee Member, Beyond Training Solutions Ltd

Bio: Andy from Beyond Training solutions is an NLP Trainer who has been utilising his training within the Healthcare sector to enable both the healthcare professional and patients to achieve the outcomes they want.

Becki Houlston

Owner, Becki Houlston

Bio: Becki Houlston, coach, NLP and TPM master practitioner specialising in extreme anxiety has been a guest on various TV shows and is passionate about the importance of ‘making it safe’ before any significant change work can occur.

Daksha Malik

Director, Unique Minds Ltd

Bio: Daksha Malik is the owner of Unique Minds Limited and a Professional Development Coach and Trainer, specialising in the provision of NLP and mBraining Training and Coaching. Daksha is a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, a Licensed mBit Coach and Trainer and a Licensed HeartMath® Trainer. She is also a Practitioner of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Personality Profiling Tool. Daksha recognises that in a competitive world, organisations need to look for new approaches to staff development to ensure successful growth and now effectively combines her business acumen with her NLP and mBIT skills to produce and offer a portfolio of high impact professional development training programmes.

Eleni Sarantinou

International NLP Trainer, Master NLP Coach, Corporate Consultant, Public Speaker, Author, Life Spheres

Bio: Eleni Sarantinou received her Bachelor in Economics in Greece and has worked in Marketing and Information Technology for 20 years in three continents before moving into personal development. She is a Master NLP & Life Coach, NLP. Time Line Therapy & Hypnosis Trainer and Family Constellation Facilitator. She travels all over the world training individuals and consulting companies.

Evelina Dzimanaviciute

Business Coach | Therapist, Owner at BeYourLight

Bio: Evelina Dzimanaviciute is a master NLP practitioner, Mindful Hypnotherapist and Learning & Development Coach translating latest neuroscience research to improve performance, wellbeing and happiness. She is specialising in children’s psychology, mindfulness-based psychotherapy, CBT, and Interpersonal Neurobiology.

Faith Tait

Founder, Faith Tait NLP

Bio: Faith is a coach, a trainer, a qualified NLP trainer and recognised Coaching training provider, and a writer and speaker. She works with individual clients as well as owners, managers and directors from small businesses to some of the largest, go-ahead businesses including banks and pharmaceutical companies, across Europe and beyond. She works with them in their sharp recognition that a shift to an enterprise culture is absolutely essential for survival and growth.

Fiona Sutherland

Founder. Lead trainer, Thought Pattern Management Europe

Bio: Fiona Sutherland, is lead trainer for Thought Pattern Management Europe, which teaches the mindbody new possibilities.

Robert Pucelik

Owner/Director, Pucelik Consulting Group

Bio: Frank Pucelik – business-trainer of international renown, is on the list of Top-100 US business-trainers (according to Organizational Development Institute of USA) and is one of the three founders of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the author of a number of books on psychology and articles on personnel management, motivation andwork with information. For more information, please visit

Janey Leegrace

media interview / pr coach,

Bio: Janey-Lee Grace is author of 5 books on holistic living including 2 number 1 bestsellers. She has worked in the media for over 25 years and now offers coaching / workshops to help people be their own best PR

Jeremiah Rangel

CEO of IntraAwareness, IntraAwareness

Bio: For 20 years Jeremiah Rangel has developed his professional expertise as a trainer and coach. He is founder of IntraAwareness and a Certified NLP and Hypnosis Trainer educated in England at the Positive School of Intrinsic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology. In India he studied at the Oneness University for over 10 years, where he learned the nurturing art of guiding spiritual awakening. He is a transformative educator and spiritual guide who shares his passion and enthusiasm for improving the lives of others. Join Jeremiah on a visionary journey toward self-transformation and help others breakthrough with Oneness NLP.

Jeremy Lazarus

Director, The Lazarus Consultancy Ltd

Bio: eremy Lazarus is an Accredited Master Executive Coach, a Certified Master Trainer of NLP and a former finance director. He specialises in the use of NLP in business, sport and coaching, and is the author of four books (all best-sellers on Amazon UK). His clients include blue chips, SMEs, several NHS trusts, charities and elite athletes, including the Great Britain pistol shooting team and Premier League footballers. He is a guest lecturer at UK universities.

Jimmy Petruzzi

Best Selling Author, Radio Broadcaster, Award winning Coach, NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist, TV Presenter , Musician , NLP Hypnotherapy Centre of Excellence

Bio: Jimmy Petruzzi is a best selling Author, Radio Broadcaster, Award Winning Coach, NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist, TV presenter , Musician. Jimmy is a world-renowned High performance coach studying many modalities including NLP, CBT ,Hypnotherapy, Mental Health Psychology, Fitness and conditioning and Sports Performance Conditioning in Australia, UK, Italy and the USA. For over 20 years he has worked and continues to work with many top professional football teams and individuals at national and international level in the English premiership and worldwide. He also works with international and Olympic athletes, top professional sports people and is a consultant to sports organisations, businesses and associations, helping them achieve peak performance in all aspects of their lives. Over the past 20 years Jim has worked with 1000s of people world-wide, and is a sought after and highly regarded speaker for conferences and seminars internationally.

Jo Wilson

Director and Impact Trainer, Beyond Training Solutions Ltd

Bio: Jo from Beyond Training solutions is an NLP Trainers who has been utilising her training within the Healthcare sector to enable both the healthcare professional and patients to achieve the outcomes they want.

Joanna Harper


Bio: Joanna Harper of Integrate Training is an ANLP Accredited NLP Trainer and an Advanced Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT)Trainer based in South East England. Joanna integrates NLP and IEMT into her one to one sessions. She has a passion for coaching her clients to overcome challenging experiences and to train her students achieve their true potential.

John McLachlan

Managing Director, Monkey Puzzle Training and Consultancy Limited

Bio: John McLachlan is an NLP Master Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist and co founder of Monkey Puzzle Training. He is Co Author of the award winning book Real Leaders for the Real World. A former Chartered Accountant and group FD, John combines his psychology expertise with business knowledge to help people and businesses be both healthy and successful.

Juliet Grayson

Author, Landscapes of the Heart

Bio: Juliet Grayson is the author of the groundbreaking book (published in 2016) “Landscapes of the Heart: The working world of a sex and relationship therapist,” and has spent her working life steeped in relationship issues and sexual problems. Having begun her NLP journey in 1991, she’s been a UKCP registered psychosexual therapist since 1994. For the general public she offers couples therapy and workshops on relationships. For therapists she designed and runs a 12 day modular workshop “Certificate in Couples Therapy”.

Karen Meager

Managing Director, Monkey Puzzle Training & Consultancy

Bio: Karen Meager is co-founder of Monkey Puzzle Training, one of the leading providers of NLP training in the UK. With John McLachlan, she is co-author of the highly acclaimed book 'Real Leaders for the Real World' and together, they combine their therapeutic studies with their passion for applying psychology in the Real World.

Lisa de Rijk

Honorary Fellow, UKCP

Bio: Lisa de Rijk (Wake) has a track record of working in the public, private and third sector as a Trainer, Coach, Change Management Consultant and Supervisor. Author of Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy: A Postmodern Perspective; The Role of Brief Therapies in Attachment Disorder; and NLP Principles in Practice, and lead editor for The Clinical Effectiveness of Neurolinguistic Programming. Lisa has served as Chair and Vice Chair of UKCP and is advisor to Association of NLP

Lizzi Larbalestier

Director, Executive Coach PCC, mBIT Trainer and NLP Trainer, Going Coastal (previously Catalyst NLP)

Bio: Lizzi is an ICF:PCC Executive Coach with an MA in Coaching. She works within coastal locations to facilitate leadership coherence and ambiguity leverage, with emphasis upon: meaningful interactions, systems ecology and purposeful action. An NLP Trainer, mBIT Trainer / Master Coach and ANLP Regional Ambassador she blends NLP with Neuro-Conservation.

Lynne Cooper

Managing Partner, Change Perspectives Partnership

Bio: Lynne Cooper has used NLP in her coaching, team coaching, training and facilitation work with organisations for nearly 20 years. She trains and supervises coaches. Lynne is the author of Business NLP for Dummies and co-author of the Five-Minute Coach: improve performance rapidly.

Marie Faire

Director, The Beyond Partnership Ltd

Bio: Marie is co founder of the Beyond Partnership. As well as being an ANLP recognised Master Trainer, she is an AC Accredited Professional Executive Coach, an ICF PCC and an AC Accredited Coaching Supervisor and has a MA in Management Learning. Marie has a reputation for being both supportive and challenging in equal measure. She has been working in partnership with individuals and with teams for over 30 years.

Martin Weaver

Director, Psychotherapist and Supervisor, Lifetide Training Ltd

Bio: Martin Weaver has worked for 20 years as a UKCP registered NLP Psychotherapist also a Supervisor and trainer in private practice. He is qualified to Master Practitioner standard in NLP and is an INLPTA certified NLP trainer. He holds a Postgraduate Certificate in the supervision of counsellors from the University of Birmingham.

Michael Hall

Executive Director, Meta-Coaching System

Bio: L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. co-founded the Meta-Coaching System in 2001 with Michelle Duval, there are now 10 Meta-Coach Trainers, 3,500 Licensed Meta-Coaches in 65 countries. Dr. Hall has written 14 books on the Meta-Coaching System as well as many other NLP books supporting Coaching.

Neil Almond

Head Trainer, JSnlp Ltd

Bio: Neil Almond is a radical thinker on change and transformation, bridging the worlds of personal, social and organisational change. He is an ANLP Master Trainer and holds an MA in Coaching and Mentoring. He is regarded as one of the UK’s foremost practitioners of Applied NLP. You can follow him and his podcasts on Twitter @NeilAlmondUK or email Or join courses or conversations at

Nicolas Gerey

NLP Master Practitioner - Clinical Hypnotherapist,

Bio: Author, International Speaker, Accredited Goulding SleepTalk Consultant, Clinical Hypnotherapist (MAACHP), NLP Master Practitioner (MABNLP), Certified Dance and Movement Therapist, Body Language Expert. Also mime artist and teacher of the Austral TV And Film Academy. Originally from Hungary, living in Australia as New Zealand citizen. My workshops/presentations are usually described as “informative, influential and very entertaining."

Sharon Rooke

Chair, NLPtCA Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy and Counselling Association

Bio: Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy is a specialised concept of the application of NLP skills, knowledge with the backdrop of understanding change, systems and people. It is applied psychology in a therapeutic setting, assisting clients to achieve their outcomes. We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary this year and are looking forward to welcome new members to join us. Come to our stand to find out more about NLPtCa, our conference on 16th June and to discuss how to become a member. Website: Email: Telephone: 0870 241 3276

Patsy Wood

Director, mBraining Ltd

Bio: Patsy Wood is the MD and lead trainer of Dynamic Development Solutions and a director of mBraining Ltd with over 30-year experience in the field of Learning and Development. She is a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, a certified Coach and Trainer of mBIT and a certified Heartmath trainer as well as having a vast experience and knowledge of designing and delivering leadership, managing development and personal development programmes for varied audiences and clients ranging from Directors, CEOs and business owners to their managers and teams. Her ethos and core vision is “Liberating the Human Spirit through Learning”.

Phil Parker

Senior lecturer, Phil Parker Training Institute

Bio: Phil is a Certified Master Trainer of NLP and has been working in NLP since the ’80s. He is also an osteopath and has developed the globally acclaimed mind body connection programme, the Lightning Process for health. He runs NLP courses at the PPTI, is the author of 4 books on NLP and Health and is currently undertaking research for his PhD.

Rachel Coffey

Life coach & Voice coach, Rachel Coffey Coaching

Bio: Rachel Coffey is an expert voice coach who works internationally through her company The Voice Professionals. Her experience as a life coach also enriches her practice. She works with private clients through Rachel Coffey Coaching at Chelsea Riverside where she is based. Rachel uses advanced techniques to enable individuals and groups to understand their voices, overcome fears and work with one of the richest natural assets that we have; our voice.

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