Year of the Rooster 2017

München BY

Apr 27, 2017

We chose a location where we all feel free and relaxed.

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Alex Khan

CEO, Attractive Media GmbH

Bio: Alex is CEO and founder of Attractive Media, a social and digital marketing agency based in Germany. On March 26th, 2015, the day of Periscope’s official launch, Alex started a case study using Periscope and social media to build his personal brand. Within a year, he had 400,000 followers and the Huffington Post named him one of the TOP 10 Live Video Influencers. His hashtag #WeKhan registered 100 million impressions and touched 13 million people in 50 countries within the first three months.

Amanda Goltz

Vice President, Digital Innovation, BTG

Bio: Amanda L. Goltz, MPA is the Vice President of Digital Innovation at BTG, a global specialty pharmaceuticals firm, managing the portfolio of digital initiatives combining medicines, device technology, and digital services to incorporate the patient experience and improve measurable outcomes. Previously, Amanda was the Director of Product Strategy and Innovation at Aetna, sourcing emerging solutions from the digital health and innovative networks marketplace, pairing them with employer clients, and directing implementation of the solutions at scale.

Aniko Willems

Expertin für Veränderung / Business und Mental Coach, Consultant, Fascilitator, BEYOND AVERAGE - turning challenges into success

Bio: Aniko Willems is a business and mental coach and specialized in turning challenges into success. She combines neuroscience, generative coaching with hypnotherapy and embodiment. Her focus lies on self empowering her clients for successful self development. Aniko has 20+ years international corporate business experience, is highly dedicated to digital change & new work and has an international/multicultural background. As a mother of two kids and an entrepreneur she knows the daily challenges of balancing private and business.

Anjali Multani

Eventmanagement, Business Development, Creation, Workshops, Digital Trainer, Year of the X

Bio: Anjali is a multi-oriented designer working in the fields of communication design as well as project management and business development. As an open minded person she supports creative agencies, companies and start ups regarding all communication matters for their brand or current projects. Her curiosity regarding the future of work relations and great projects keep her passionate about what she is doing. For more than a year now Anjali has been helping Year of the X and it’s festivals be the best they can be with her outstanding talent.

Ann-Kathrin Großhammer

Junior Konzeptionerin Digital, Grabarz & Partner

Bio: You definitely wouldn’t expect Ann-Kathrin to be the nerd she is. Collecting Karma on reddit and strolling around the web, she’s always trying to catch up on new trends and technologies to try out herself. After studying „Literary A/B Testing“ aka „Comparative Literature“ in Vienna and Budapest, she graduated as a Creative Concepter at the JvM-Academy in Hamburg. With her special love for the amazingness of the internet, she made switching the perspective her job and now develops user-centered concepts and ideas for the digital world @Grabarz & Partner. And: Ann-Kathrin <3 cats. But seriously, who doesn’t?

Ben Keene

Founder / Director, Tribewanted / Escape The City

Bio: Waking up the working world @EscTheCity & side-hustling @Tribewanted @RebelBookClub @schoolsfor @VirginStartUp

Björn Bauer

Senior Solutions Consultant, EMEA, Zendesk

Bio: Björn Bauer, born and raised in the very North of Germany, is Senior Solutions Consultant at Zendesk since 2013. Here he helps companies from Start-Ups to large Enterprises improve customer relationships through higher customer engagement and better customer insights with Zendesk's software. In his previous career, Björn spent more than 12 years at CoreMedia AG - a leading digital experience company, where he formed and managed the global customer service. At Zendesk Björn is involved in various customer projects and specialised in the fast developing technology trends of AI with regards to customer satisfaction prediction.

Christian Kühn

CEO, User Experience Designer & Future Tech Ambassador, NUISOL · Agentur für digitale Aha-Erlebnisse (Agency for digital Aha-Experience)

Bio: Christian Kuhn is CEO Europe and Director UX & Innovations of NUISOL – Agency for Digital Aha-Experiences. Together with his team, he has been developing cross-media digital communication solutions for marketing and advertising or more than 15 years. He is a speaker, trainer, technical writer and offers workshops and lectures on the topics of user/costumer experience design, digital marketing, technical innovations, social media and many more. Since 2014 he is specialised in wearables, I.o.T., VR/AR as well. Since 2016 he is consulting international clients in voice user interfaces, chatbot design and big data analytics. In 2017 he is teaching digital marketing and social media at the accadis International School, Bad Homburg. Author of User Experience Design for Tablets. Nominated for the MobileTech Awards 2012 in the category Mobile Ambassador. German brand award winner 2016 in the category digital dialog. UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience Foundation Level.

Eiji Han Shimizu

CEO, Founder, Emotional Content LLC.

Bio: Eiji Han Shimizu is a highly successful publisher, film maker and educator from Japan. His exceptional Manga biographies of influential world figures have been published in 30 countries & 12 languages. At 35, working with the biggest media companies in Tokyo his life resembled a picture perfect example of what a highly successful person would have. Following a mid-life crisis, Eiji changed course and embarked on a global search for sustainable happiness, where he and his director friend traveled the world searching for what makes people genuinely and sustainably happy.

Gael De Talhouet

Vice President Brand Building and Digital Transformation, Essity - Hygiene and Health Company

Bio: Gael de Talhouet has worked in international FMCG companies, like Best Foods, L´Oréal and Heineken. He managed local and global brands, in emerging and mature markets, in France, Brazil, and the Netherlands. Then he created and worked in digital start-ups, doing e-commerce, User eXperience, social media and mobile, before joining big companies to drive digital transformation. In 2012, Gael reconciled both FMCG experience and digital expertise, joining Henkel Headquarters in Germany, as Global Digital Director for the Laundry & Home Care business unit, driving digital change and brands on-line activation. Now Vice President Brand Building at SCA, he is responsible for insights, data, global digital marketing and e-commerce, media, advertising, and marketing talent development. Gael has been speaking at international events like Digital Marketing World Forum and World Future Society. Gael has a passion for user experience, SEO, AI, gaming, design and quantum physics. SCA is a leading global hygiene and forest products company that sustainably develops, produces, markets and sells personal care, tissue and forest products. Sales are conducted in about 100 countries under many strong brands, including the leading global brands TENA and Tork, and regional brands, such as Libero, Libresse, Lotus, Nosotras, Saba, Tempo, Vinda, Zewa, Nana, Demak-Up. As Europe’s largest private forest owner, SCA places considerable emphasis on sustainable forest management. The Group has about 46,000 employees. Sales in 2016 amounted to approximately SEK 117bn (EUR 12.4bn). SCA was founded in 1929, has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

Henrik Moessinger

Consultant, mm1 Consulting & Management PartG

Bio: Henrik Moessinger is a consultant with mm1, the Consultancy for Connected Business. He supports his clients in bringing new business models and technologies to life. Prior to his position at mm1, Henrik has held positions in the venture capital space and his own startup company.

Imran Rehman

Owner, e.U.

Bio: Imran is an organizational architect with deep experience in PD / OD and business in public and private organisations. He gained his 26 years of experience by working up through the organisation from frontline roles in sales to key leadership roles as a team leader, department head and managing partner. Moreover, he has been delivering talks on human systems, digitalization, resilience and the new world of work to help organizations get ready to deal with high growth, their people and getting them ready for the unknown.He is also an experienced consultant, trainer, executive coach and facilitator who helps organisations deliver viable business outcomes. For the last 12 years, he has been a valued member of the coaching community in the UK and abroad, working with senior leadership and company boards. Imran’s key strength is the variety of industry clients he has helped in delivering sustainable results and solutions. He assist leaders and teams, at all levels, in understanding their motivations, behaviours and that of their stakeholders to help shape and future-proof their teams as well as their businesses. His business motto is, ‘be simple, think people!’. Currently, Imran’s interests and specialization lie in digitalization, the non-linear aspects of today's emerging digital cultures and its impact on high growth and sustained performance. He believes the need to find valid solutions far outweigh the push to look for reliable one-size, fit-all solutions. In summary, he creates a synthesis of approaches which help individuals,executives and teams to navigate complex environments and facilitates the transition required to find the most applicable solutions needed in current market (VUCA) dynamics.

Kai Wegner

Senior Managing IT Professional / Enterprise Architect BPM, Allianz Deutschland AG

Bio: Kai started developing software in the Year 1991 at the age of 8 on his C64, leading him to his dream job “something with computers” while fixing operation system issues at the telephone for friends and family for free. Kai likes shipping things, thus making continuous delivery and developer responsibility one of his main concerns about enterprise digitalization. Since the last 10 years Kai was working as a BPM-Consultant and Firefighter in Business Transformation Projects of international enterprises mainly in the insurance and telco market. His hands-on experience as manager, consultant, infrastructure responsible, software developer and -architect brought him into the position as responsible Enterprise Architect for BPM. He’s helping agile Teams in the ATC (Agile Training Center) to ship software and build up the confidence to have full management support on CxO-Level to be “never perfect but always awesome”.

Kimo Quaintance

Co-founder and Education Strategist, IQ Gemini

Bio: Kimo Quaintance is the co-founder and education strategist of IQ Gemini, an innovation consultancy based in Munich focused on emerging technology. He has worked with virtual reality researchers, developers, and organizations for the past six years as a project consultant, and is the program curator for Digility, Europe's largest VR and AR conference. He holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, and has more than 15 years of teaching experience in the United States, China, Scotland and Germany. He is currently exploring how insights from cognitive science, combined with new motion tracking technologies, can be applied to develop impactful education and training with virtual reality.

Klaus Schaaf

Digitalisation Products & services, Volkswagen AG

Bio: Klaus is one of the founding members of Volkswagen Digitalization, the department led by JJ – aka Johann Jungwirth, which aims at transporting Volkswagen into a bright future of new thinking and new technologies. He is responsible for bringing new technologies like Software-over-the-Air, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and more to future cars via paradigm changes. Before that he built up Volkswagen’s Electronics Research Lab in Silicon Valley as research director and later he helped bring to life Germany’s first City-Wifi in Wolfsburg. Klaus is married and has two grown sons who help him stay connected to upcoming technologies.

Kyra Davis

Director of Academic and Government Relations, LaunchPad Central

Bio: Kyra Davis is the Director of Academic and Government Relations at LaunchPad Central where she works with the federal government, 250 universities in over 100 countries, and a number of international accelerators to help them bring lean methodology into their DNA.

Markus Von Der Luehe

Managing Director, Free:Formers Germany

Bio: Lived and worked in Sydney and the Silicon Valley, experienced in Startups, Agencies and Consulting. Media Executive with many years of experience in global Business Development, lean Startup and building strong communities. Paragliding and Yoga Addict. Favorite Author: Viktor Frankl. Passion: building communities and disrupting minds.

Nicola Rohner

holistic coaching & training, high balance

Bio: Traveling around the world and living in Australia, the USA, Mexico, Asia and Europe has taught Nicola valuable lessons and provided her with a wealth of experiences, that had a deep impact on her life. She consider it a privilege to help people and systems develop their potentials and engage in constant growth. Her deep wish for tolerance, plurality and freedom led her to Yoga, to the Transformation at work with our breath, and to all the powerful tools and methods of Coaching and Training. Qualifications : Master of NLP: School of the American society of NLP, Fresh Academy.

Oliver Arafat

Technical Evangelist Azure and Open Source, Microsoft

Bio: Oliver Arafat is a Cloud Evangelist at Microsoft where he focuses on Open Source Technologies. He helps customer in reaching their full potential with cloud-based solutions.

Olivier Schneller

Co-Coach, Hammer! Coaching

Bio: Hammer! Coaching aims to redefine the coaching experience with a new and inspiring approach. It is driven by innovative methods, a simple but playful setting and a high-energy mindset. Enable change and development by having fun working on it! Find out more at

Patrick Delamere

Senior Manager, Accenture

Bio: Patrick is passionate about Agile processes and DevOps, in particular the related organizational and mindset changes required to make these a success within large scale enterprises. He has worked in IT since 1998, overseeing project delivery and release deployment challenges – mostly with a smile on his face, sometimes less so – particularly when he sees the lack of trust and focus on innovation hindering true Agility. He is a firm believer in the “fail fast and learn quickly!” mantra. Patrick was involved early on when Agile became a “thing”, completing his ScrumMaster certification. To make Agile more effective, he was building his own automation tools, before the ones we know today came into the mainstream. Together with Accenture, he helps large organizations deliver on the Agile and DevOps vision.

Paul van den Berg

Founder, Coach, Hammer!

Bio: Hammer! Coaching aims to redefine the coaching experience with a new and inspiring approach. It is driven by innovative methods, a simple but playful setting and a high-energy mindset. Enable change and development by having fun working on it! Find out more at

Peter Borchers

CEO, Allianz X

Bio: Peter Borchers is CEO of Allianz X GmbH, which represents the company builder and venturing unit of Allianz Group. Before that, Peter founded hub:raum, Deutsche Telekom’s global incubator, as well as T-Innovations, an internal innovation accelerator for Deutsche Telekom. In his earlier life, Peter was one of the founders of everseven, one of the first online marketplaces for freelance jobs. He is also an active angel investor, startup mentor, author and keynote speaker.

Rudolf Aunkofer

Global Director Business Development Technology, GfK

Bio: Rudi Aunkofer is professor for Information & Supply Chain Management at University of Applied Management in Erding and Global Director Business Development for the tech industry at GfK. Rudi studied business management at LMU Munich & University of Regensburg, where he did his PhD in economics. Rudi has more than 20 years of consulting experience in the tech & research industry. He is also director of iSCM, author and keynote speaker.

Robert Riener

Head of Dept Health Sciences and Technology, ETH Zurich

Bio: Robert Riener is full professor for Sensory-Motor Systems at ETH Zurich and the Medical Faculty of University of Zurich and ETH Zurich. Robert Riener studied mechanical engineering at TU München and University of Maryland (1988-1993), and did his PhD at TU München (1993-1997). Riener has published more than 400 peer-reviewed journal and conference articles, 20 books and book chapters and filed 20 patents. He has received 18 personal distinctions and awards. Riener is the initiator and organizer of the Cybathlon.

Rania Hoteit

CEO and Co-Founder, ID4A Technologies

Bio: Rania Hoteit is the CEO of ID4A Technologies, named Best Entrepreneurial Company in America by Entrepreneur Magazine under her leadership. She is an award winning serial entrepreneur, an international public speaker, writer, startups advisor, judge on global entrepreneurial and startup competitions, and a recognized social impact leader in women empowerment, gender equity, and education.

Richard Ayling

Life Coach, Re-Align Coaching

Bio: Having overcome a debilitating autoimmune disease through the exploration of nutrition, movement and mindset, it is Richard’s passion to help people overcome any obstacles blocking them from living their most fulfilled life. It is this self-awareness and empowerment that now guides his teaching, perhaps the most powerful moment in his journey came with the discovery of the Wim Hof Method; where his ability to take control of his entire health and wellbeing was realized. Currently operating out of Europe & Bali, he offers remote and one-on-one life coaching sessions and workshops specializing in mindset, health, breath work and flow.

Richard Pietsch

Senior Konzeptioner Digital, Grabarz & Partner

Bio: After finishing his degree in information science, Richard somehow stumbled into advertising. Starting as creative technologist he got comfy with building microsites and games for clients like NIKE, soon realizing that workflows of digital teams in integrated agencies are not very kaizen. At Jung von Matt / Neckar he then became the „ask-me-the-technical-stuff“-guy in the new formed UX-Team. He successfully didn’t found any startup until today. As digital native he’s hungry for innovation. At Grabarz & Partner, he’s leading a team of versatile and talented creatives, developing digital and integrated campaigns for clients like Volkswagen IKEA, Exit Deutschland and many more.

Sarah Peck

Writer, Creator , SKP Media

Bio: Sarah Peck famously swam from Alcatraz naked as part of a campaign for clean water, freezing her ass off in the process and successfully raising $33,000 for Charity Water. She is a 20-time NCAA All-American, a yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner, an entrepreneur who has worked with several Y-combinator backed startups, and a published writer. Sarah began her career in architecture and design with a focus on how the built environment affects human potential and happiness.

Sean Tindale

Head of Conceptual Marketing, ECCO Shoes

Bio: Sean Tindale is currently the Head of Conceptual Marketing at ECCO SKO A/S working as one of the leads within the ECCO Concept Lab. Having started his career in the tobacco industry and working on a world first CRM programm on the Lucky Strike brand coupled with 9 years as an advertising agency owner and a partnership in a revolutionary mobile payment platform in South Africa. Sean has also been a member of the Entrepreneur Organization South Africa chapter and is regularly invited to give talks around the intersection between entrepreneurship and corporate careers.

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