Event and conference apps are used by organizations across all industries and for a variety of different event types, from symposiums to annual meetings, to career fairs, and more. Many of these event apps are equipped to help organizers throughout the whole process, from the pre-event stages to the post-event stages.  For example, conference apps can assist with audience engagement, document sharing, attendee networking, and sponsor/exhibitor management.

As the market floods with more event apps, they will continue to evolve and release more features that are advantageous for event planners and event app users. As an event planner, it’s important to stay up to date on event technology & software trends so you can make an informed decision when it comes time to choose a platform. Below is a list of all the event and conference apps you should know about and how each of them can help keep everyone involved in the event connected.

7 Best Event and Conference Apps in 2022: Features and Reviews

1. Whova

The best event app on the market is the award-winning Whova app. With Whova, an event organizer has every great event planning tool at their disposal to create the best event experience for their attendees. The personal agenda allows the attendees to add different sessions from various tracks and access their schedule throughout the event with or without the internet. Before, between, and even during sessions, attendees have ample opportunity to network through various features designed to promote attendee interactions.

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The Whova event app also allows organizers to relay event information to attendees in real-time. Attendees receive notifications when event organizers need to make announcements or reminders and they have offline access to an interactive venue map. Whova is also beneficial for sponsors and exhibitors who get enhanced visibility within the app with company profiles, brand banners, targeted lead generation, and more.

It’s critical for event organizers to have the capacity to receive feedback on the event. Whova offers live polling, Q&A, surveys, and in-session feedback so event planners can get headcounts, hold votes, or collect feedback on the event experience and session content. There are also a number of gamification features that reward attendees for engaging with the event. 

Event organizers can also use Whova to easily manage attendee and/or exhibitor registration. For free events, registration comes with no fees. Attendee information is automatically synced into the Whova event app once they register for the event. Whova supports multiple ticket types, custom question forms, and restrictions on certain content. QR code name badges are automatically generated for each attendee, which is a great way to expedite the check-in process and help organizers keep track of their activity. Whova’s exhibitor registration system allows organizers to collect details and information from exhibitors in one central location, and eliminates the organizers’ time spent updating exhibitor details manually.

Ratings: G2 – 4.8/5 (913 reviews), App store – 4.8/5 (96,213 reviews)

2. Canapii

Canapii is a great event app that supports  all event mediums (virtual, hybrid, and in-person). The Canapii event app helps organizers create engaging and interactive event experiences with live Q&A, polling, and surveying features. Attendee networking is also available with private, group, and moderated event chat. Canapii allows organizers to share ample resources related to the event with their attendees, such as the ability to create their own agenda and download documents. The app also includes accommodations to promote an inclusive audience, with options to change the language and time zone.

The platform has a great user-friendly interface that segments all the event content in Hulu-style panels with custom branding, color, and images. There is also a virtual exhibitor and sponsor zone that allows them to showcase their products and media content with one-on-one contact to visiting attendees. Canapii also can handle registration with multiple ticket types, access restrictions, and QR code badges.

Ratings:  G2 – 4.6/5 (98 reviews), App store – NA

3. Eventene

Eventene is also a great all-in-one event app that covers all event mediums across different industries. They have a versatile set of solutions for any type of event you can think of. Organizers can create multiple events with the ability to use a previous event as a template for the next one. Registration is also provided by Eventene to keep all data and attendance in one spot. Additionally, they provide a survey feature to get attendee preferences and feedback before, during, and after an event. 

The Eventene event app and registration work on all devices. With this, those who download the app can view upcoming events immediately as they are published, but organizers can choose whether they want their event to be viewable by the public or not. Connecting in-person and virtual attendees is an important feature of the Eventene event app. Their mobile app serves as the bridge between these attendees at hybrid events, so they are able to network with each other.

Ratings: G2 – 4.9/5 (20), App Store – 4.0/5 (4)

4. Certain

Certain is an event app that offers end-to-end event management solutions. Their app can be used for all event mediums, events of any size, and even on-demand events. The attendee experience is of the utmost importance to Certain. With real-time insights, event organizers can create more personalized and immersive experiences for their attendees. Within the app, events can be fully branded with colors, logos, and style customizations. More than this, Certain provides event templates that help expedite the creation process and can help organizers who struggle with design.

Gathering data is also an important part of the event app. Attendee intent data is collected for organizers to help conceptualize the attendee journey with the eventual goal of boosting ROI. In addition, the best online meeting platforms like Zoom and ON24 are integrated into the app. With all of this comes the typical event planning features like session and speaker management, reminders, messaging, and feedback collection.

Ratings: G2 – 4.1/5 (45 reviews), App Store – 4.7/5 (7)

5. Eventleaf

Eventleaf is yet another event app that supports all event mediums. The standout feature of Eventleaf is the built-in online registration system. Organizers who use Eventleaf are able to create custom registration forms, group registrations, and waitlists. Along with registration, comes the mobile conference app, which allows organizers to keep attendees informed with updated schedules, sessions, and speaker details. Moreover, Eventleaf can be used by attendees for networking purposes. 

Attendee access control is available for organizers who wish to restrict access to a limited group for certain sessions.  With a QR code on event badges, attendees can be swiftly checked-in, monitored, and become potential leads. Attendee feedback is also a valuable feature on the Eventleaf event app, where organizers can conduct polls, Q&As, and surveys. The event app is offered in several languages, including most languages spoken in Europe.

Ratings: G2: 4.8/5 (17), App Store 5/5 (4)

6. ClearEvent

ClearEvent is an all-in-one event app that helps organizers run in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. The event app includes a registration feature where organizers can create custom forms for general attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, VIPs, and more. Using ClearEvent, ticket holders can be scanned in with the app by organizers. When plans change, organizers have the option to switch in-person events to virtual and vice versa. ClearEvent also has custom branding and agendas to give the organizer control over the content.

One of the best features of ClearEvent is the Smart Budget feature. This feature allows the organizer to keep track of their budget with automatic updates from ticket sales and importation of other revenue & expense worksheets. Sponsors also greatly benefit from the event app as their offers and information are easily accessible to attendees. Similarly, exhibitors benefit with ClearEvent, as they are able to directly sell to attendees through a virtual booth on the event app.

Ratings: G2 – NA, App Store – NA

7. Momice

Momice is an event app that works for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. Like all the other apps mentioned above, Momice has a built-in registration system. Their registration on the event app includes open or closed registration, wait lists, registration forms, e-tickets, and more to fulfill the needs of all organizers. Registration forms and e-tickets are also customizable, with the registration forms that allow organizers to collect any needed information from attendees and e-tickets that can be designed to match the event branding.

Event App Momice

The event app works on both mobile and desktop devices and contains the information on the event website. This makes it easy for organizers and attendees since all the event information is in one place. Attendee feedback and analytics are also available on Momice with custom survey creation and data on website traffic and email interaction.

Ratings: G2 – 4.4/5 (25), App Store – NA

Best Event and Conference Apps: Summary

Finding the best event app to serve and accompany your event can be one of the most difficult challenges for an event organizer. With enough on their plate, event organizers may not even want to think about event and conference apps, while in reality, they can make planning events much more manageable. Event apps are more than a tool to improve the attendee experience. They can also be a planning and management solution that supports event organizers every step of the way. With the growth of smartphone use, event apps can help keep information in one place and help inform and keep track of attendees. 

All of the event apps we outlined above are great options for organizers to help make their life easier when planning an in-person, hybrid, or virtual event. They each include registration, schedule-building, attendee feedback, and networking options. However, many of these event apps require attendees, organizers, and sponsors/exhibitors to download different apps. The only outlier is Whova, where one app is used for everyone involved in the event. Whova’s capabilities go above and beyond the rest of the event app industry with rave reviews from attendees and event organizers.

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