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Planning an event for a community, whether it’s virtual, in-person, or hybrid can be a daunting task, but event software can help ease your stress. These event software options need features such as multi-day agendas, networking tables, analytics, and more to ensure a successful event.

We selected and reviewed the 7 best Bevy alternatives and competitors. These event software solutions have many overlapping features but differ in some functions, pricing, customer satisfaction, and reviews.

Bevy Alternatives Review: Product Features, Reviews, Pricing, Audience


1. Whova

Whova is considered to be the best Bevy alternative. Whova’s award-winning, all-in-one event software is a first-class solution for organizing conferences, community and networking events, corporate meetings, expos, and more. These can be virtual, hybrid, or in-person. Its system seamlessly allows organizers to create events that are the ultimate tool for engaging and connecting attendees. Whova is used for all different types of events such as conferences, community gatherings, association events, trade shows, business meetings, and even more.   

Whova’s features include customizable branding, easy exhibitor management, real-time and pre-event analytics, post-event reports, “no-code” website builder, file sharing, and much more. Additionally, there is CRM integration through Zapier. 

Bevy alterantives - Whova

As the most trusted event platform, Whova has won numerous awards including the Best Event App and People’s Choice Award from the Event Technology Awards over the past five years. 

Pricing: Available upon request but very affordable for any organization

Ratings: Capterra: 4.8 (659 reviews), G2: 4.8 (841 reviews)

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2. Goldcast

Bevy alternatives - Goldcast

Another alternative to Bevy is Goldcast. Goldcast is an all-in-one event platform that is made for B2B marketing teams who want to organize, perform, and track their events with an emphasis on sharing key metrics with sales. They cater to those who host community events, webinars, kick-off meetings, product launches, and conferences that are one session to multi-day in length that are virtual.

Some Goldcast features include interactive breakout rooms, live chat, polls, and Q&A, branding customization, moderator controls, and more. In addition to these features, Goldcast provides extensive analytics for audience members to create a market strategy and integrates directly into Salesforce, Hubspot, and Marketo.

As a yearly subscription, Goldcast is best used for those who organize events regularly. 

Pricing: Yearly subscription plan ($10,000 package and $18,000 package)

Ratings: Capterra: 4.7 (10 reviews), G2: 4.9 (46 reviews)


3. Glue Up

Glue up is an all-in-one CRM platform that expanded its portfolio to build and engage communities through events, memberships & other digital tools. They offer event management that strengthens organizations, relationships, and business value through purposeful engagement.

Some features of Glue Up are an event website builder, branded event invitations, attendee chat, live check-in metrics, and ROI insights. It is used by different associations, chambers of commerce, and business networks worldwide.

Glue up would be best for organizations that need a new CRM management tool and need to coordinate events.

Pricing: Not disclosed but subscription-based

Ratings: Capterra: 4.5 (90), G2: 4.6 (51)


4. RainFocus

As an alternative to Bevy, RainFocus is an end-to-end event management and marketing software. They support all types of events ranging from annual conferences to trade shows to sales kickoffs. RainFocus is great for event organizers and marketing teams and supports mostly larger enterprise events.

RainFocus makes registration, exhibitor activation, and content management simple with their single dashboard. Organizers are able to see behavioral data on their events for marketing and sales conversions and personalize their attendee experience. RaindFocus also has an exhibitor module to give exhibitors visibility and quality leads. It also offers integration to Salesforce and Marketo.

Pricing: Not disclosed

Ratings: Capterra: NA (0 reviews), G2: 4.5 (14 reviews)


5. Aventri

Aventri is an all-in-one event and meetings solution that is an alternative to Bevy. They power virtual, hybrid, and in-person events that are mainly conferences, trade shows, internal meetings, or roadshows. Aventri gives the organizer the ability to collect, and analyze event and attendee data. It also offers a solution to convert an in-person event into a virtual one.

Aventri has a multitude of features that include an event website builder, customizable event sessions and agenda, registration, networking, data analytics, and more. Moreover, the platform has Salesforce, Hubspot and Marketo integrated into it. 

Pricing: Not disclosed

Ratings: Capterra: 4.3 (75 reviews), G2: 4.2 (147 reviews)


6. Hivebrite

Unlike the other Bevy alternatives listed so far, Hivebrite is an all-in-one community engagement platform that offers event management. It is a tool for organizations of all sizes to have fully branded, private communities and is popular in various industries such as education, nonprofits, and corporate alumni. They also offer integration with Salesforce.

Hivebrite’s event features include invitation emails, online registration payments, and social media integrations. Their event system mainly handles Community, alumni, fundraising, and annual events. However, they offer fewer event features that promote event engagement and networking among attendees.

For larger or longer events, you may want to consider a more event-focused software.

Pricing: Starts at $500 a month

Ratings: Capterra: 4.5 (47 reviews), G2: 4.3 (66 reviews)


7. Higher Logic

Similar to Hivebrite, Higher Logic is a Bevy alternative that creates solutions for creating and engaging online communities. They are a cloud-based engagement platform that’s goal is to enhance customer experience. In addition to their community engagement platform, they offer an event software labeled Events+. This is geared towards Enterprise and Mid-Market organizations that are holding events regularly.

Q&A, payment and registration, leader and speaker engagement, customizable and brandable design are some of the features of Higher Logic. The platform also allows CRM integration for customer tracking.

Higher Logic is also not as extensive as others and would be used mostly for regularly occurring events that generate revenue.

Pricing: Not disclosed but subscription-based

Ratings: Capterra: 4.4 (94 reviews), G2: 4.4 (147 reviews)

Best Bevy Alternatives & Competitors: Summary

With this list of top Bevy alternatives and competitors, you can decide which options to further explore and find which platform is best for you. As different community events move from virtual spaces back to hybrid and in-person, it will likely take time to find the best solutions that work best for your event. To save you some time, feel free to explore Whova, which can amplify your attendee engagement, offer insightful data, and improve your and your members’ overall event experience. 

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