You did a great job coordinating this year’s conference down to the very last detail to create an awesome event for your attendees.

But somehow, it seems many of your attendees are not well prepared for the event– regardless of whether they are first-time conference goers or more experienced business associates. How can you motivate attendees to fully utilize what you have already prepared for them (e.g. a sophisticated event website, an event app with awesome networking features), so that they can have the best event experience?

To help you spark attendees’ interest and increase their participation, we have added a new built-in  Leaderboard on top of Whova’s award-winning event app features. While attendees enjoy some friendly competition, you will be able to:

  • See many attendees starting conversations, planning social gatherings, and participating in event activities,
  • Help them prepare for the event well in advance and get the most out of your event, and
  • Drive higher event app usage and increase your app’s ROI.

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How Leaderboard Creates Fun & Draws Attendees In  

Leaderboard in the Whova event app

< Whova’s Leaderboard. It drives more interactions and audience participation, and helps them best prepare for an event ahead of time. >

The Leaderboard feature creates friendly competition among event attendees. Attendees can view a list of challenges and earn a certain amount of points while completing the missions. Those with the most points will be ranked on the Leaderboard for all event app users to admire.

Attendees can also send congratulatory messages to each other. This is a great opportunity for your attendees to naturally interact with one another.

As an organizer, you can also set a prize for top Leaderboard participants to further boost audience participation and make it even more exciting. But, with or without a prize, you’ll find that your event participants will enjoy the process of getting a higher and higher score. Most of all, it helps them gradually achieve their desired goals while attending your event.  

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Promote Audience Participation and Interaction

Whova Community Board boosted by the Leaderboard

Whova’s Community Board. The Leaderboard motivates attendees to participate in conversations and activities.

Whova has a unique feature, called the Community Board, which often becomes a central place for attendees to interact with one another, share information, and organize fun activities.

While playing with the Leaderboard, attendees will naturally get more familiar with the Community Board and be motivated to participate in event activities. For example, they can earn points for initiating conversations, suggesting social gatherings, or sharing an interesting article.

In the end, you will see tons of casual conversations, discussions about sessions, meet-ups, and interactions with speakers! This often happens even a few days before an event, creating pre-event hype and buzz. Attendees will have pleasant experiences and appreciate you making it all possible! 

Help Attendees Get Ready for Your Event

Leaderboard has another set of missions which guide attendees on how to best prepare for your event. For instance, one mission is to explore the agenda, make their own personal schedule with selected sessions, and set a reminder to attend them. Other missions are related to beefing up their professional profile for networking, and sending out a message to their fellow attendees.

Attendees can double their productivity while completing these missions. It’s easy, fun to do, and helpful! As an event organizer, this also means that you won’t have to constantly encourage or remind attendees to take action on something you want to promote. The Leaderboard will drive this for you.

Easy to Set up

  • You can add a prize description and select which of the top participants will receive the prize.
  • Send out a reminder to notify attendees to participate in Leaderboard. It is also easy to announce winners through a push-notification as well as an email. 
  • If you are further interested in other types of gamification, explore Whova’s Photo Contest and Caption Contest.

Whova dashboard for the Leaderboard< Whova dashboard where event organizers can set a prize and announce winners >

Let Whova’s Leaderboard Do the Work

As an event organizer, you already know that driving engagement and participation is important. There are fine event apps out there that will allow you to do just that. But don’t forget to think about ways to naturally and organically motivate your attendees to leverage useful tools and get the most out of your event. This way, you can save your precious time and effort.

Whova is here to help. Please contact us to learn more!


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