Not All Events can Benefit from a Mobile Event App!

Event apps have been a popular trend in recent years. It makes the event more modern age. However, not all events can benefit from an event app. At whova, we have turned away many curious inquirers because we feel that spending money in an event app (although it helps Whova's revenue) does not provide much ROI for the event itself.

Here is a list of events that may NOT benefit much from a mobile event app:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Wedding
  • Small networking events of 50 people or less
  • Events with mostly kids that are younger than 13
  • 2-hour events with mostly people from the same organization
  • Sport events such as marathon and biking events

However, for many other events, investing some money to get a mobile event app is really worthwhile with quite some benefits:

  • Conference, workshops or training events -- an event app can help attendees navigate the agenda, indoor maps, speakers information, etc., while saving a printing cost by 60%.
  • Association and community events -- various attendee engagement features (announcement, live polling, survey, etc) can encourage attendees to participate in activities and increase organizer-attendee interactions throughout and after an event.
  • Large networking events with more than 100 people -- with a top-notch event app, attendees can plan networking ahead of time and interact with others via messaging, bulletin board, business card exchanging, etc., which will make attendees happy and come back to next events.
  • University events -- on top of the benefits above, an event can be more exciting and engaging with an event app providing social media integration, photo sharing, etc.
  • Expos and tradeshows -- organizers can strengthen the relationship with exhibitors and sponsors by helping them generate more leads with a built-in name badge scanner, lead retrieval, mobile coupons/raffles, ad banners, etc.

If you happen to organize an event of the above types, feel free to reach out to us, and one of our event experts can discuss with you to see if an event app will be a good fit for you:

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