It’s an event organizer’s dream: to reach millions of interested attendees in seconds. Harnessing the power of Google’s search algorithm to bring millions of viewers to your conference website, however, seems out of reach for most event organizers. How do you even begin to list your event on Google? How do you promote your event on Google?

Google Event Listing is the answer, but the question then becomes, what is the easiest way to add such an event?

Whova offers software that lets you quickly enter event information into one simple form and populate Google Events fast. It’s free, too!

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How to promote event on Google with Whova


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Google Event Listing – A Powerful Way to Increase Awareness and Attendance

Google receives 63,000 searches per second on any given day. Imagine the power of reaching such an audience with your event information. Google enables you to increase awareness for your event globally as well as locally. Yet uncovering the specifics of how to add event information takes time–time that a busy conference planner doesn’t have.

Did you know you can get Google to list your event at the top of the first page of search results?

It’s all thanks to the eye-catching list of events that Google prioritizes over other search content. When people search for a certain kind of event, they see all the upcoming events that meet that general description in the local area.

Three Ways to Promote Your Event on Google

Listing an event on Google also adds it to Google Maps and other Google products. This amplifies your marketing reach and enables you to promote your event to people via mobile search, local event calendars, and more.

There are three methods to add items to the Google Event search feature and promote your event free:

  1. HTML: HTML can be edited to directly integrate your event landing page with Google. This isn’t recommended for newcomers to HTML programming. Coding structured data can be time-consuming and fraught with the risk of potential errors that can be embarrassing if populated throughout Google.
  2. CMS plugins for WordPress: If your website is hosted on a WordPress-powered platform, there are CMS plugins available that can feed event information into Google. Plugins, of course, come with their own risks, including security risks from those that haven’t been updated in a while. It’s important that if you add plugins to a WordPress site, you add only those plugins that are absolutely essential to your business and you update them frequently. Too many plugins can slow down a site, which negatively impacts its ranking in Google, thus defeating the purpose of adding event plugins to push information out to Google. If your website is not hosted on WordPress, your only recourse is HTML or a third-party app.
  3. Use third-party software: Third-party software offers the easiest and quickest way to add events to Google. Developers have created software that integrates quickly and easily and propagates your content into Google’s many products. Once you enter the information into third-party software such as Whova, the app takes care of the rest. It populates the event information into Google Events.

Among the three methods of adding events to Google, the third offers the fastest, easiest, and most effective route for conference planners to promote their event. Whova offers one such tool that quickly and easily shares your information through Google products including online search.

Easily Get Your Event on the First Page of Google Searches With Whova’s Free Tool

Whova helps you get set up on Google’s Event Listings in seconds so you can start seeing 100% more traffic to your event website. And that’s all without spending a penny.

It is so easy to set up an event using Whova and add your activity to Google event search. Here’s how to publish an event to Google search so that it can be seen by thousands of people every day–all without spending a lot of time and effort to code or integrate with Google.

Steps to Add an Event to Google Search

  1. Go to Whova Google Event Listing.
  2. Enter all of the required information into each field.
  3. Upload your event logo.
  4. Double-check your information.
  5. Click “Submit.”
  6. Check if your event is submitted here.

Whova gets you set up with Google's event listings

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That’s IT! Within a few days, the information will appear in the Google Event Box as well as among other Google products.

Now, which would you choose? Learn a new CMS plugin or HTML coding? Or use Whova and be done with your Google event listing in seconds?

Try it now for free. List your event on Google using Whova.

Promote Your Event with Whova

Whova also offers the following event promotion tools for conference planners. Try them now!

If you’d like to learn more about Whova’s all-in-one event management system and the award-winning event app, please contact us.


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