With your conference on the horizon, you probably find yourself logging in to different accounts to create and send the same posts day after day. You could try to encourage your colleagues to help post more messages but you know they’re all struggling to manage their own to-do lists. Staying on top of your event promotion can seem like an impossible task — but it doesn’t have to now you can automate the process with Whova.

Organizers can schedule posts ahead of time for different social media channels and multiple accounts without ever leaving the Whova dashboard. The best part is, the Social Media Scheduler is offered at no additional charge when you use our Whova event app.

Send Your Posts at Exactly the Right Time, Every Time

Automating your social media posts means you don’t need to hit send as soon as you’ve created them. With Whova’s Social Media Scheduler, you can choose when your message will be posted for maximum impact.

Are you organizing an event that will take place in a different time zone? Now you can schedule your posts for when your target audience will be awake and online. What if your event is local, but you’re expecting a huge group of international attendees? With Whova, you no longer need to stay up late or work on the weekend to send your social media messages at the right time.

See your upcoming schedule of posts on Whova

You can also avoid the tedium of recreating and rescheduling posts. The Social Media Scheduler allows you to repeat your posts over a specified period of time for even more convenience. Select how often your post will be sent out (either daily or weekly) and the date when the automation will stop. Even once your posts have been scheduled, you can still review and edit them before their send time on the Post Scheduler page.


Extend Your Reach by Adding Multiple Admin Accounts

You’ll never have to nag your busy team members to send another event promotion post again. Once they’ve given you their social media login details on the Whova dashboard, you can schedule posts with their social accounts. This doesn’t just save your team time — it also extends the reach of your event promotion by leveraging your team’s social media network.

Add as many social media accounts as you want with Whova

From Twitter and Facebook to LinkedIn, you can add as many accounts as you have on your team. Unlike other social media schedulers, there’s no extra charge for adding multiple Admin Accounts with Whova.

Get Clear Insights into How Your Posts Perform

Forget random event promotion. With Whova’s Social Media Scheduler, you can refine your event promotion activities. We provide clear analytics for each of your posts and by account, so you know how many times your post was liked and shared.

Whova's Social Media Analytics Page

The analytics are updated daily, so you don’t have to wait long to find out how your posts have performed. Seeing which of your event promotion activities are working can inform what you include in your future posts and which accounts you focus on.

Start Automating Your Posts!

You already have a long to-do list, why add another task when it can be automated?

Whova’s Social Media Scheduler makes your life easier, while also improving your event promotion activities. You can post regularly and consistently on multiple social media networks — and all from one location. It’s just one of the benefits of using our all-in-one event management software.

Request more information to find out how you can save time creating your next event with Whova.


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