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Whova App Update: Showcase Your Exhibitors with Ease

Event organizers, this Whova App update will put smiles on the faces of your awesome exhibitors! We wanted to give your exhibitors a larger presence in our app, and we worked hard to make sure these improvements benefitted them in such a way. In this new update, we released a set of tools for exhibitors to increase their engagement with event attendees and drive more traffic to their booth.

See the full details below!


1) Increase Exhibitors’ Brand Visibility 

Your exhibitors’ brand visibility will increase thanks to our new Exhibitor List! By utilizing this feature, your exhibitors are empowered to upload logos, enrich their profiles, and manage other branding materials to highlight their presence.

exhibitorlist-screen (2)


The main menu of the Exhibitor List summarizes key information at a glance and includes the exhibitor’s name and location as well as any promotions, deals, or coupons. Upon selecting a particular exhibitor, more details will be shown.

Exhibitors will appreciate the easy access to their information, and attendees will enjoy having all the details at their fingertips!


2) Support Promotional Activities

exhibitordetail (1)

You now have the ability to create opportunities for your exhibitors to promote themselves through engaging attendees with raffles, giveaways, and coupons! 

Attendees can access coupons through selecting the exhibitor’s name and filling out a quick form with their name and e-mail.

Exhibitors will benefit greatly from all the increased traffic to their booths, and attendees will love the exclusive coupons and deals!


3) Targeted Lead Generation

Grant your exhibitors the ability to not only provide promotional offers, but target them to specific groups. Exhibitors can group attendees with similar job titles or industries and tailor their offers to them. This will benefit lead generation not only in quantity, but quality! After all, attendees who are a great fit are better leads!


4) Hassle-free Lead Retrieval

Your exhibitors should have easy access to their leads! That’s why we’ve created a system for you to send leads to your exhibitors without any extra effort.


5) Easy setup

exhibitor editing page

Exhibitors will have a page to set up all their information and promotional activities. 

We’ve designed this page to ensure smooth sailing for all your exhibitors. It’s a breeze to navigate and set-up so exhibitors can get everything up and running as soon as possible.

With all these new tools, your exhibitors will be happier than ever! They now have a greater ability to reach out to attendees, promote their business, and much more. You’ll even find that many exhibitors and sponsors will reach out to you upon finding out they have access to all these capabilities.

All these excellent changes will make your events beneficial and worthwhile for everyone, including yourself, your exhibitors, and your attendees. Let us know below what further improvements we can make so that all your stakeholders shine brighter!

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