Maps & Branding

Our latest release is here to solve two pressing problems event organizers face when using event apps: poor map readability and expensive branding.

When trying to find certain locations in a venue, attendees are hindered by poor map readability and accessibility, making it difficult for them to explore events. While branding is an expression of the value of your event and will ensure that your attendees remember your event, a branded app can often cost a fortune.

Here at Whova, we’ve always been about providing solutions. In our latest release, we’re introducing interactive indoor maps and attention-grabbing branding pages. Curious to know more? Read all about it below!

Indoor maps

Whova indoor map

You can now enable your attendees to comfortably find their way around your event through our indoor maps. Your attendees can browse it with ease, and will enjoy excellent readability, the power to zoom in and out, and the ability to hover over points to gain more information. The indoor map feature will help attendees stay well-informed of your venue’s floor plan, allowing for easy exploration of all that your event offers.

Branding Pages

SplashpageGrab the attention of your attendees immediately through branding pages! Simply upload a picture or logo and it will be shown when your event is initially accessed on the Whova app. Your event will make a great first impression to your attendees and they’ll be wowed.

Our latest release is an answer to the problems that event organizers face with maps and branding. Our indoor maps will help your attendee find their way around and our branding pages will help you brand your event in a cost-effective manner!

We’re committed to ensuring that the Whova app provides what your attendees need and what your brand needs so that the event experience you provide is a great one.

Help us keep improving the experience Whova gives. Let us know your thoughts on this update below!




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