Long hours are a common complaint among event managers. In fact, according to EventMB, 30% of event managers state that long hours are their biggest concern.

It’s not just that conference planning can be labor-intensive. The behind-the-scenes work such as selling tickets, setting up an event app, and handling logistics takes considerable work.

Juggling multiple software is also time-consuming! Downloading a registrant list from your event registration system, transforming them into a proper format, and uploading it to an event app and management system… How many times would you need to do it manually until the event day?

But there’s a better way. Whova’s time-saving event management system and the award-winning app now integrate not just with one, but with more than FOUR 3rd party registration systems, so you can still streamline your workflow from your current ticketing system to Whova (until you are ready to switch over to Whova’s registration system!)

Just connect Whova to:

  1. Eventbrite
  2. Cvent
  3. Constant Contact
  4. RegFox
  5. Other CRMs and registration systems via Zapier

And that’s it. You’re ready to roll out the red carpet to your attendees with personalized session agendas, interactive maps, and much more to make their conference experience memorable.

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We are further working on extensive integration with other event software platforms, including SurveyMonkey and MailChimp. If you have any additional integration suggestions, please contact us and let us know.

Connect Whova to Your Ticketing System in Just 2 Clicks!

Whova’s newly added integration is so easy to set up it will amaze you. Unlike other event management systems that make you complete multiple steps such as downloading lists, formatting them, and importing them again into a registration system, Whova is just a two-step process. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open the Whova dashboard and choose the registration system from the list provided
  2. Enter the login account of their registration system (or API key provided by their registration software).

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For each system:

  • Cvent: get the API key from Cvent support team and enter it into Whova.
  • Eventbrite: enter your Eventbrite login info into Whova
  • Constant Contact: enter your Constant Contact login info into Whova
  • RegFox: find the API key from their RegFox dashboard, and enter it into Whova

If you have multiple events in the system, select the ones you need. That’s it. The system does the rest.

Are you using other registration systems not listed above? You can connect Whova to your ticketing systems and CRM systems through Zapier as long as your software supports Zapier integration. Please contact us to learn more. We will help!

Pay Less for More – Use the Whova Registration System

Why choose multiple software to support your conference management? Whova offers its own Registration System for your entire conference. Along with our popular Whova Event App, your conference’s registration and management needs are covered. You’ll pay less and gain considerably more when using the Whova all-inclusive system.

Most of all, Whova’s registration fee is almost the lowest per-ticket price in the industry. You could potentially save thousands by choosing Whova.

Plus, we offer marketing software and logistics management tools. We make it easy, convenient, and affordable for event and conference managers to offer an outstanding experience for their attendees.

The Answer to Attendee Engagement: The Whova Event App

The Whova Event App improves engagement in your conference while saving money on printing costs. In fact, it can save up to 60% in printing costs while increasing engagement by 1,000%. Now that’s a good ROI!

Once you upload the event information, the Whova app enables you to create interactive maps, personal session agendas, share documents and slides from sessions, and take notes via the app. It works both online and offline, so if there’s a dead spot for WiFi in the hotel or conference center, it continues to show important information. Attendees are never left guessing where their next session is because they can’t access the conference center map, for example. Whova continues to display it regardless of internet access.

Request a Price Quote Today, Start Saving Time Tomorrow

Whova offers an exceptional tool to increase engagement among attendees. Instead of printing endless paper maps, brochures, and forms, share them digitally. And now, sync your conference information with your registration and email system with a simple two-step process. Whova is the smart choice for event and conference managers. Request a price quote today.


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