Case Study: Conferences & Expos

See how these brands used Whova to make their events more successful.

MIT EmTech Digital with Whova

EmTech Digital

See how Whova generated thousands of networking actions among the attendees.


North East Expo Spring

Find out how Whova helped Spring North East Expo create a digital community.


National Rural ITS

See how Whova supercharged attendee networking and engagement for NRITS.

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NAWBO Women’s Business Conference using Whova

WBC, Indianapolis

Learn how Whova helped WBC increase attendee engagement significantly.

TEDx AmericasFinestCity with Whova

TEDx AmericasFinestCity

See how we helped TEDxAFC receive up an impressive amount of attendee engagement.

SEJ Conference Speaker Session Whova

Annual SEJ Conference

Discover how 77% of all attendee actively engaged Whova’s app during the conference.

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ThinkChicago: Lollapalooza with Whova

ThinkChicago: Lollapalooza

Demistify how Whova produced more than 78% in attendee download rate.

The 2014 ShiftCon with Whova


Learn what techniques Shiftcon employed to increase engagement for their event.

FORGE_Healthcare Hackathon using Whova Event App

FORGE: Healthcare Hackathon

See how Whova helped gather a total of 8,486 in-app actions.

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