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FORGE Healthcare Hackathon using Whova Event App


FORGE is a community of students, faculty, physicians, and entrepreneurs focused on building entrepreneurial culture in healthcare. The FORGE Healthcare Hackathon 2014 brought together 100 hackers on August 22nd with a mission to build solutions to real problems in the healthcare industry in 34 hours. For this event, FORGE organizers wanted a direct channel of communication to their attendees, as well as a place to store useful information for the hackathon.

Creating an Information Flow

For the FORGE Hackathon, Whova worked with the event organizers to supply information for the hackathon members, in addition to other features such as Agenda, Attendee Profiles, Discover, Sponsors, etc. Organizers for this event made full use of the Slide/Album feature and the Logistics features on our app. Judging criteria, as well as information for special challenge events held during the Hackathon, were placed in an easily accessible location on the Slide/Album location for everyone to view.


Total In-app Actions

Total Networking Actions

The Hackathon Weekend gathered a total of 8,486 in-app actions and 1,202 networking actions. In addition, many profiles were exchanged and many more were bookmarked.

The FORGE 2014 Healthcare Hackathon took a creative turn in putting the Logistics feature to good use. Not only did organizers provide the address, parking location, and floor plans, but they also provided information on where Mentors for the event will be located at different points, where the different sub-challenges where located, and other useful resources in order to better provide information to the attendees.

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