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Executive Summary

Exposure Events partnered with Whova once again to mobilize event information and quickly create a digital community connecting all participants in Spring 2015’s North East Expo. This partnership with Whova generated thousands of networking and engagement actions among the attendees, greatly helping to market the event and endorse participating exhibitors.

About Exposure Events & North East Expo

exposure events logo Exposure Events is a creator of brilliant business events in the UK. We are pleased to have worked with them on numerous occasions. One of their events, North East Expo, is the largest one-day business event in the Northeastern UK, attracting “delegates from every kind of business imaginable.” This year’s North East Expo Spring “Social Media & Marketing Show” was held on April 26, 2015 in Newcastle Falcons. With 200 exhibitors, 50 seminars and workshops, and 3 networking events, there were plenty of opportunities and activities for all participants–attendees, exhibitors, and speakers alike.



The North East Expo team did an excellent job in organizing and promoting the conference. They placed a lot of energy in “building a significant presence for the event” for the benefit of all participants. The North East Expo team marketed the event through e-mail campaigns, social media, promotional partners, and traditional methods. By expanding exposure of the event and maximizing the number of attendees, North East Expo allowed exhibitors to increase business prospects and attendees to increase their network, both of which are continually essential to the core of the event.

In order to optimize their marketing plan, create a better networking experience for attendees, and increase promotion of exhibitors, Exposure Events decided to work with us and use our Whova mobile event app. There were, however, several challenges on the way to achieving the goals that were set:

1.) How do we increase attendee engagement with exhibitors? Perhaps the most important challenge for expos can be found in increasing visibility of exhibitors and creating pathways for attendees to engage with them via our app.

2.) How do we attract attendees to download the app? Although smartphones and mobile apps are commonly used, many attendees question downloading another app. Getting attendees to download the app was definitely the first obstacle.

3.) How do we increase attendee networking and engagement? Even if all attendees download the app, another challenge was ensuring they will use it and become involved into the community.



With every challenge, comes a solution! With our dedicated customer support and unique features, all the challenges above were soundly addressed. Here were our solutions:

1.) Increasing attendee engagement with exhibitors through integrating an exhibitor’s list.
An exhibitors icon was displayed so that attendees could gain access to and search through a list of North East Expo’s exhibitors. The exhibitor’s description of their booth number, contact information, website, and social media were displayed clearly so attendees could easily further interact and engage with them.

NorthEastExpo_Whova_App2.) Attract attendees to download the app through social media and traditional marketing. To motivate attendees to download the app, we informed them of its unique features. For example, we emphasized one of its unique aspects, SmartProfile technology, which allows for quick population of all attendee profiles, making it easy for attendees to verify their information and quickly begin networking in one click. We let North East Expo’s attendees know how to access and download the app via Twitter. In addition to this, we gave the North East Expo team a 1-page flyer to introduce it to attendees. Using online and traditional strategies to push app downloads ended up with great results.

3.) Increase attendee networking and engagement with social media. Our app has Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn built into it, allowing attendees to easily post on social media without opening another app. Those who do not have their own Twitter account can tweet and have their post be seen on our Whova Event account. “#neexpo” and “#smms” are North East Expo hashtags that populated the app’s logistics tabs. These hashtags were constantly active on Twitter before, during, and after the event.




# of weeks to build the app

# attendees used the app

# of Agenda Views

# of Attendee Profile Views


We had a fantastic event.

Andrew Charlton

Partner, Exposure Events

Envisioning the Future

Exposure Events has signed an annual package and will be using our app for 14 of their expos. We are looking so forward to working with them again to achieve greater success for their upcoming expos.

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