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About Shiftcon

Shiftcon is the first international social media conference focusing on wellness and the environment. The goal behind its creation was to provide wellness and environment friendly bloggers a place to grow, share, learn, and network.

The ShiftCon Los Angeles was powered by Whova through its three day journey in Los Angeles, California. Through our collaboration, we picked out some key techniques Shiftcon employed while using our app to increase engagement for their event.

How We Did?

Technique 1: Increasing Engagement with Sponsors

For most events, the standard procedure is to showcase the sponsors by displaying their banners and logos in our dedicated Sponsors page. ShiftCon made further use of this feature by providing attendees with more information for each sponsor showcased and links to their social media pages.

A quick look at the ShiftCon Sponsor feature will reveal that underneath each logo is a detailed paragraph, describing the Sponsor to the attendee. Also included with this information is any relevant blogs, websites, Twitter usernames, and Facebook pages the sponsor had. Clicking any of these links will enable the attendees to further interact with and explore each Sponsor’s web pages.

Technique 2: Increasing engagement with social media

#ShiftHappens, #yoga, #checkin, #shiftcon5k, these are just a few of the hashtags that populate the logistics tabs and event the Sponsor page. The impressive thing about Shiftcon is that they were particularly active in providing different ways for attendees to integrate their event experience with the social media. It was no wonder that the ShiftCon Twitter page was constantly active during those three days.

Technique 3: Increasing engagement with incentive driven activities

As an additional way to boost engagement, ShiftCon offered incentives, such as contests, to motivate the attendees. Activities like the Shifthappens giveaway and photo contests challenged the attendees to explore and get more out of the event than just attending sessions.

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