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For a single day event, TEDxAmericasFinestCity received up an impressive amount of attendee engagement. Within the Whova app alone, we saw a total of 3,226 in-app actions and 2,334 networking actions from the active users — a result that can easily rival that of several multi-day events we have seen. To unlock their technique for success, we analyzed what they provided for the attendees using the Whova app. Here are a few of their techniques and why they worked:


Interactive Challenges


How they did it:

TEDXAFC provided three different sets of interactive challenges for their attendees.Each of the challenges were posted with a unique set of participation instructions, links to more details, and additional resources that could be used to complete the challenge. Of course, there were also rewards for the winners in each of the challenges to provide incentive for participation.

Why it works:

One of the biggest things to motivate attendee engagement is to provide activities for them to participate in. This doesn’t mean simple speaker sessions, workshops, or even cocktail sessions. In order for them to stay engaged and be more active, a key thing is to provide activity that invoke participation. From a psychological standpoint, providing interactive activities allows the attendees to feel included and in the center of action, rather than a passive participant being herded around the event listening and learning.

Easy Access to Social Media Channels

How they did it: Within the logistics feature, TEDxAFC offered a clickable option called Social Media Channels. Within this option, there were links that led visiting attendees to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, and Flickr.

Why it works:

In an era where the popular trend is sharing material on social media, having social media outlets already prepared is a great way to coax engagement. In addition, the ease factor also helps in this effort. The simple action of providing an easily accessible location that takes the attendees directly to each social media website goes a long way in overcoming the “laziness” factor users sometimes face.

Demo Areas

How they did it:

The Demo Area is a place where different merchant or organizations participating in the TEDxAFC offer demos and activities to the TEDXAFC attendees. The section labeled “Demo Area” on the Whova app was uploaded to provide attendees with a list of participating organizations and vendor, and links to their respective websites for more information.

Why it works:

Bringing together organizations and vendors, such as D’lush, Environmental Health Coalition, etc., adds extra spin, so to speak, from the regular talks and speaker sessions. It gives the audience a break from the main focus and creatives a upbeat and active spirit.

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