ThinkChicago: Lollapalooza

Success story with Whova
ThinkChicago Events - Case Study

About ThinkChicago

ThinkChicago invites college students on a VIP tour of Chicago’s technological industry and give them the opportunity to connect with industry peers, fellow students, and various leaders of innovative companies.

The 2014 ThinkChicago first discovered Whova through a recommendation from an event organizer who had experienced Whova for a past event. The goal for ThinkChicago: Lollapalooza was to not only keep the representatives from all 125 universities —including Columbia, Duke, Princeton, MIT, etc — informed, but also to enhance their networking capabilities.

Setting Up a Networking Event

For this event, 143 professional profiles were generated for each of the attendees, as well as a three day agenda, attendee list, maps, event overview, and a self guided tour.



Attendee Download Rate


Active Users

ThinkChicago had an over 78% app adoption rate. Besides the views and usage of the mobile brochures, around 60 percent of all users actively utilized the networking tools the app provided throughout the event.

In addition, those who were able to thoroughly explore Whova’s networking system quickly discovered extra tools to simplify the networking process, like the Discover, Exchange, and Bookmark features. Together with the professional profiling function, these three tools make a powerful combination when ThinkChicago attendees want to find others to form connections with.

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