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AMPLEXOR is a leading digital solution provider offering global compliance, digital experience and content solutions. AMPLEXOR successfully designs and implements new digital workplaces and improves the overall employee experience.
delaware is a global company that delivers advanced ICT solutions and services, guiding its customers through their business and digital transformations
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Involv Intranet
Now you can connect, engage and inform your entire workforce by leveraging your existing tools. Involv Intranet is a ready-to-go and easy-to-use intranet solution built on Office 365. The integration with all Office 365 apps, the flexible drag & ...
Jalios is a leading publisher of collaborative intranet and Enterprise Social Network (ESN) software with headquarters in France. Jalios develops and commercialises powerful yet user-friendly tools that make it easy to create collaborative and soc...
OpenIMS is a digital workplace solution from OpenSesame ICT. It offers a very complete social intranet, extended with functionality for document management, workflows and case management. The solution has been co-created with Digipolis Gent and is...
Synergics is a managed cloud service provider specialised in developing strategic partnerships with growth companies. They help companies improve their competitive position by aligning IT and business on a strategic (innovate), tactical (transform...