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AGRU America, Inc AGRU America, Inc
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Since 1988, Georgetown, SC–based AGRU America, ...
Since 1988, Georgetown, SC–based AGRU America, Inc. has been the world’s leading manufacturer of flat die extrusion geomembranes, geonets, geocomposites, geotextiles, geosynthetic clay liners, concrete protective liners, and fittings. The company also supplies vertical barrier systems and large diameter piping systems for the U.S. and international markets. AGRU America’s state-of-the-art products include AGRU Smooth Liner® and MicroSpike® (structured textured products), Super Gripnet®, and Drain Liner® in both LLDPE and HDPE. AGRU America is part of AGRU GmbH, an Austrian family-owned business since 1948 with production facilities in Austria, the United States, Germany, and China. AGRU products are distributed in over 80 countries worldwide.
ALLU Group Inc. ALLU Group Inc.
ALLU designs, manufactures, and sells products ...
ALLU designs, manufactures, and sells products for adding value to customers in numerous applications for processing, separating, sorting, mixing, and crushing materials. Typical applications include e.g. soil and waste material recycling, processing contaminated soil, transforming waste to usable material. Driven by customer needs, the company has innovated the methods and equipment for transforming the processes and operations of the customers. The history of ALLU goes back for over 35 years and today over 95% of the business is done with international customers globally. ALLU leads in providing unique world-class solutions, in partnership, enabling the ultimate experience and adding value for every customer. ALLU are the undisputed experienced leaders. Our technical capabilities, agility, passion, and pride enable us to innovate, develop, manufacture, sell and support high-quality top-performing attachments for every excavator and wheel loader.
Cascade Engineering, Inc. Cascade Engineering, Inc.
Sustainable manufacturer of curbside rollout ca...
Sustainable manufacturer of curbside rollout carts for municipal solid waste, recycling, and organics collection programs; offering seamless assembly and distribution, service centers and more.
Montano Co., Inc. Montano Co., Inc.
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Heavy equipment dealer in Eastern New York. Mo...
Heavy equipment dealer in Eastern New York. Montano Co. sells and rents a large variety of machines perfect for landfill use. We carry the full line of Green Climber remote control slope mowers and slope equipment which accel at maintaining dangerous terrain where manned units can not access safely.
PaintCare PaintCare
PaintCare is the nonprofit organization that pl...
PaintCare is the nonprofit organization that plans and operates paint stewardship programs in states that pass paint stewardship laws. We currently operate programs in 11 states including CA, CO, CT, DC, ME, MN, OR, RI, VT, and WA. We are excited to be in the planning process for a program in New York to begin in 2022. PaintCare makes it more convenient for households and businesses to recycle leftover paint, stain, and varnish. We also offer a Large Volume Pickup (LVP) for painting contractors that helps alleviate the stress of responsibly managing leftover paint. Visit our website or contact one of our conference attendees to learn more.
QED Environmental Systems, Inc. QED Environmental Systems, Inc.
QED manufacturers air-powered environmental pum...
QED manufacturers air-powered environmental pumps for groundwater remediation and sampling, landfill leachate and methane condensate pumping and removable try air strippers.
Saf-Gard Safety Shoe Company Saf-Gard Safety Shoe Company
Saf-Gard started as a family-owned business bac...
Saf-Gard started as a family-owned business back in 1980, and we intend to keep it that way. With more than five decades-worth of combined experience, we think it’s “Saf” to say that we have a pretty good idea of what we’re doing. We take pride in the fact that we know safety, we know shoes, and we know family.
Sniffer Robotics Sniffer Robotics
Sniffer provides third-party emissions monitori...
Sniffer provides third-party emissions monitoring with drone-based aerial services to the industry. Our cover integrity assessment using our patent-pending SnifferDRONE™ technology and our advanced manual inspection methods provides site owners a comprehensive and holistic view with actionable information to drive operational performance. Our software, technology, and people-led approach is unique and drives results for site owners interested in new solutions to address longstanding odor and emissions issues.
Sustainable Generation Sustainable Generation
SG provides scalable commercial composting syst...
SG provides scalable commercial composting systems for all organic waste types. As Authorized GORE® Cover Sales & Service Provider for North America, we help you reduce the cost and complexity of composting operations while meeting environmental compliance.