Oh Canada! AgeTech, the Longevity Economy and Our Place on the Global Stage
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Tue Oct 5, 2021
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A discussion with global experts and industry thought-leaders on the role Canada could play in the emerging Longevity Economy, and how we can leverage our successes in AgeTech to drive economic growth across a vast global ecosystem. Understand how other countries have united to tackle some of the most important economic and social issues of our time, and how Canada is positioned to capitalize on the burgeoning aging economy, given our unique culture and collaborative mindset.

Hosted by YouAreUNLTD.

Anne Marie Wright Co-Founder and Director, YouAreUNLTD (a trademark of Veteris47 Inc.)

Alex Mihailidis Scientific Director & CEO, AGE-WELL
Tina Woods CEO, Collider Health
Kate Batz Managing Partner, Longevity Capital
Franco Cortese Director, Ageing Analytics Agency

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