Keynote: Yes Lives in a No World - Paul Pribbenow
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Thu Feb 6, 2020
Platinum Ballroom


In a world where it is more and more common to find fault, to cancel, to claim there is not enough, I challenge all of us to imagine and practice how we are equipped in our professional and personal lives to live Yes lives in a No world.  Especially as those committed to the work of philanthropy — with all of our knowledge and privilege, with all the good we celebrate in our daily work in the wider community — our abiding challenge is to find ever more imaginative ways to invite and engage others into this labor (for it is work!) and this love (for it also is love!).  We are called to say Yes when the world says No.  What say you?

Paul Pribbenow President, Augsburg University

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