Endowments in God's Word: Good or Bad?
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Thu Feb 6, 2020
Bronze 3


If a vote were taken in congregations or ministry organizations about the goodness of endowment funding, the vote would probably be split.  Half would say that it is a sin to horde money.  The other half would demand that we protect or preserve principal with no exceptions.

Notwithstanding how popular polls would end up, God’s Word is full of references to endowments that might surprise you.

Hear how God established endowments (temple treasuries) to accomplish the plan of blessing, justice, redemption, and reconciliation throughout God’s Word.  Not just about economic engines, endowments position God’s people to serve from a position of strength, as the “head and not the tail.”  This pattern creates Jubilee for God’s people from age to age.  Phil will be joined by Rev. Philip Krupski, Sr. VP of Gift Planning Services of the LCMS Foundation for pastoral reflection, comment, and implications.

Philip Meinzen Dir. Training & Associate Counselor Relations, LCMS Foundation

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