The House Always Wins! Policies and Procedures That are Understandable, Organized, and Needed for any Organization
3:15 PM - 4:15 PM
Thu Feb 6, 2020
Bronze 2


As development officers and generally Type A personalities, we tend to avoid the minutiae and the building blocks that pave the way to success.  We shy away from projects like this but, to have a successful campaign or even a growing development effort, you need the Keystone, which is your roadmap to successful donor relations and consistency.

This will NOT be an in-depth look at every policy.  This will offer guidelines for creating the best policies for your organization.  We’ll discuss what to consider and you will also get templates you can and should customize for your ministry.

  • Do you have a way to handle a Gift in Kind you don’t want or can’t use?
  • Do you have a confidentiality agreement for volunteers and staff that that work with sensitive information
  • What if a leadership donor (with a naming) is arrested and convicted of a crime?
  • How do you handle a gift on behalf of a donor’s pledge? (DAF?)
  • Do you define roles and responsibilities?
  • Should pledges be “legally enforceable?”
  • Do you define restricted, unrestricted, and temporarily restricted gifts?
  • Do you require a percentage of funds that are raised for bricks and mortar to go into a maintenance endowment?
  • How do you count deferred gifts in a campaign?
  • How anonymous is anonymous?
  • Gifts of real estate …

Policies and Procedures protect you, your staff, and your ministry.

Rich Duncan Chief Development Officer, Lutheran Services Carolinas

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