Communications Strategies That Increase Giving and Loyalty
3:15 PM - 4:15 PM
Wed Feb 5, 2020
Palace 3


Our donors have told us, so why aren’t we listening?

There is plenty of research that shows us how people react to different types of messages.  More than ever before, we know about the psychology of giving and what donors want.  You can increase giving, renewal rates, and engagement by making proven and strategic changes in the ways you communicate with donors.  Fewer words are better.  Appeals need to empower and not overwhelm donors, even if you are addressing a big need or problem.  Are you clear about your organization’s three core messages, and are you reinforcing them across all communications?  Are you dedicating more words to your organization’s unique role and impact than to sharing what you do?  Have you identified the top three or four things that motivate your donors to give and does your editorial calendar reflect them?  You will leave this workshop with refined messaging, proven strategies, and renewed excitement about your ability to communicate more effectively with your donors and volunteers and inspire them to act. 

Please bring a recent fundraising letter, press release, or other document to the workshop to review, edit, and discuss.

Elizabeth Holler Hunter Partner, HunterKemper Consulting

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