The Case 4 Support Playbook: A Flexible Approach to Getting Your Organization to STICK
1:45 PM - 2:45 PM
Wed Feb 5, 2020
Bronze 3


Standard case statements can be hard to use.  Even if you get “the big idea” right, you often get the hero of the story wrong (hint: it’s not the nonprofit).  Case statements also often have limiting features, such as focusing on only one proposition, which limits their potential audience.  Worst of all, the stories in most case statements are not “sticky” or engaging enough, resulting in few people remembering them.

In this highly interactive session, we will examine the Case 4 Support Playbook and the flexibility it offers, including:

  • The array of heroes in a nonprofit’s story and the language that is simultaneously authentic and appealing to donors
  • The four propositions (opportunity, vision, crisis, and risk) and how these resonate with different donors
  • How to use semiotics and other techniques from behavioral economics to make your story STICK

Show up prepared to rethink how your agency tells its story!


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