The next creative revolution: the creatives behind QTPOC and Indigenous cultural spaces.
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Sun Sep 23, 2018
Training Room
Live Captioned

How do you use your creative voice to create change? How do you rally other creatives to join you? How do you respect tradition and account for lost traditions? What does gathering together mean in 2018?
Presented by Midsumma Festival, this panel is hosted by Mama Alto (award winning singer and advocate) and features Mark Nannup (Vic NAIDOC Committee, outgoing Midsumma Indigenous Engagement Coordinator), Adolfo Aranjuez (dancer, editor of Archer Magazine and previous Midsumma Futures participant) and Davey Thompson (Ilbijerri Theatre Company, Circus Oz, The Cocoa Butter Club).

60 minute Panel discussion

Mama Alto Performer & producer, Mama Alto

Mark Nannup Outgoing Midsumma Indigenous Engagement Coordinator, Vic NAIDOC Committee
Adolfo Aranjuez Dancer, Editor of Archer Magazine
Davey Thompson Ilbijerri Theatre Company, Circus Oz, The Cocoa Butter Club

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