Wednesday, October 23
Using Daily Management to Engage Employees in the Gemba
Engaging Hearts: The Social Side of Lean
Wednesday, October 23
2:00 pm - 2:50 pm
MR 21-22-23


  • Tim McMahon (Speaker) Lean Implementation Champion, Legrand North America
  • Carissa roman (Co-Presenter) CI Leader, Legrand Wiremold


Many businesses have found success emphasizing employee engagement. While there are many things that affect employee engagement, getting leadership to the place where work is done (the “Gemba”) and actively engaging with the workforce is the critical element in increasing engagement overall. To make that happen Leaders must see with their own eyes the problems that occur, listen to employees and give advice and direction (coaching) to the team to gain their active participation.

Lean organizations make use of Daily Management systems, a structured process to focus employee’s actions to continuously improve their day-to-day work. Daily Management empowers employees to identify potential process concerns, recommend potential solutions, and learn by implementing process changes. Daily Management, if done right, can be a critical tool in any organization’s toolbox to engage frontline staff in problem-solving and to deliver customer value.

Lean Daily Management is a powerful and peerless method for engagement. The technical approach is simple enough to understand. But it is not a “plug and play” technique. To make it work requires a level of leadership understanding and commitment that is often missing. If you approach daily management as a stand-alone installation for the workers, it will fail.

In this session learn about Legrand’s approach to engage employees through daily management in the Gemba.

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