Thursday, October 24
Day Two Opening Keynote: “Is Lean still relevant in a Post-Industrial Economy”
Keynote Presentation
Thursday, October 24
8:30 am - 9:30 am
Ballroom A


  • Alan Robinson (Keynote Presenter) Professor & Award Winning Author, UMass Amherst


Why isn’t lean having a greater impact on the post-industrial economy? Why does it appear to be running out of ideas?

Even in manufacturing, where its roots are, the state of the art in lean far exceeds the state of the practice. Few organizations do lean well – most struggle with it or their senior leaders don’t take it seriously.

Elsewhere, lean is in even more trouble. In healthcare, physicians – who should be all for it – run away from it. While many government organizations have lean initiatives, only a handful have been truly successful. Most business schools today give short shrift to lean. Tomorrow’s leaders are being developed with little understanding of it.

Has the lean movement run its course?

Right now, the core philosophies and principles of lean are more important than they have ever been. But for them to become more mainstream, lean has to morph to better fit the nature of work and organizations today. To do this, it must let go of some of its outdated legacy concepts. What will the “new lean” look like?

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