Wednesday, June 23
Integrating Descriptive Texts in the Handschriftenportal
Wednesday AM - Track 1
Wednesday, June 23
10:55 am - 11:15 am


  • Mathias Maaß (Speaker) Softwareentwickler, Universität Leipzig
  • Lutz Helm (Speaker) Software developer, Leipzig University Library
  • Leander Seige (Speaker) Head of Digital Services, Leipzig University Library
  • Annika Schröer (Speaker) Systems Librarian, Leipzig University Library


For the research of medieval manuscripts, detailed and extensive descriptions of the artifacts are of exceptional importance. The texts which originate from different periods of research form an essential element in gaining knowledge about the manuscripts. The availability of these descriptions therefore plays a major role in the upcoming central portal for manuscripts in Germany, the Handschriftenportal. In order to be able to display the descriptive texts together with the digital images of the manuscripts, we have extended the popular IIIF application Mirador and added server-side components. In future versions of the Handschriftenportal, we plan to provide additional functionalities for annotating the texts, as it is already possible with images. This talk will report on how we integrated Mirador into the overall Handschriftenportal application, how our current solution for text rendering works, what obstacles we encountered, and what aspects of our current solution could or should be improved in future solutions. Integrating text documents in IIIF environments still seems a challenging undertaking and we would like to encourage discussions about it. The current alpha version of the Handschriftenportal is available under

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