Wednesday, June 23
Integrating IIIF with the CLAMS Project
Wednesday PM - Track 1
Wednesday, June 23
2:35 pm - 2:55 pm



The CLAMS Project is a free and open-source software platform for computational analysis and metadata generation applications for audio-visual material. A critical component of the platform is the MultiMedia Interchange Format (MMIF), a JSON-LD based format used to pass annotations through a pipeline of CLAMS Applications. In order to promote adoption of the CLAMS Platform and to leverage existing open source projects, we have worked to provide tools to convert MMIF to other formats including IIIF.

Within the CLAMS platform, applications are categorized as producers or consumers. Producers take an MMIF file as input and generate an MMIF with additional annotations such as labeled bounding boxes, labeled time segments, or text transcriptions. Consumers process individual MMIF files or collections of MMIF files and provide visualization of annotations from producers and exploration functionality.


We have explored various open-source tools for generating and validating IIIF Manifests and for visualization using the IIIF presentation API 3.0. We decided to wrap the Universal Viewer tool in a new CLAMS consumer. This consumer first maps annotations from MMIF to IIIF and then feeds them into the viewer to visualize time-segment annotations generated by CLAMS producers. The consumer and visualization are accessible via a web browser.


In this talk, we will describe our experience incorporating IIIF into our platform and some future work in the CLAMS project.

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