Partnering with Real Estate Developers and Site Selectors in Creating a Community Engagement Toolkit
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Wed Oct 14, 2020
Fostering Economic Diversity and Transformation

Community engagement works best when it is an ongoing cumulative process enabling stakeholder relationships and trust to build and strengthen over time. Engagement events should be planned and designed with this in mind and aim to contribute to the overall embetterment of the community. But how do you bring the key players to the table? Your community and voluntary groups may want to participate at a range of levels—from providing advice, to co-designing the process, to delivering projects to meet some of the goals and objectives. This workshop will include the development of a community engagement strategy, the key players, and the process for delivery and measuring outcomes. Leave this session with a turnkey engagement strategy toolkit ready to be implemented. Don't miss it!

Rob Hunden President, Hunden Strategic Partners

Tania Marinos Consultant, Karp Strategies, New York City, NY
Contente Terry Founding Principal, Contente Consulting, Inc.- Atlanta, GA

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