Everything About Anodizing, from Plant to Customer: A Panel Q & A
12:25 PM - 1:55 PM
Wed Oct 14, 2020
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General Session

Ask about any part of the anodizing process: technical, sales, management, equipment, safety, and more. Maybe you're wondering why your supervisor insists that something has to be done a certain way; maybe there's a requirement that doesn't seem to have a good reason for existing; or maybe you just want to figure out how to make your plant a little more efficient. Richard Mahn, Kelly Miller, Todd Hamilton, and Gary Kriesch bring their diverse roles and experiences to answer all of your questions about the entire process. Questions can be pre-submitted to ensure panelists have time to think about them.

Todd Hamilton Southern Aluminum Finishing
Gary Kriesch Tri-Mer Corp.
Richard Mahn Richard Mahn Technical Services, LLC
Kelly Miller Bonnell Aluminum
Jude Runge PhD Compcote International Inc.

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