Joyful Teaching and Learning – Active Learning for Cultivating a Sense of Wonder
10:45 AM - 11:15 AM
Wed May 1, 2019
Great Hall East
Health & Wellness in Curriculum

Research indicates that joy is a critical to engaging learners and to enhancing their self-efficacy, competence, intrinsic value, goal proficiency, and higher levels of cognition. Reports of incivility, and thus lack of joy, are increasing in the academic literature at alarming rates. Teaching and learning should be joyful experiences.

The session will be an active learning presentation and will provide attendees from all settings with a toolkit of resources. The goal of the toolkit is to provide tools for educators to cultivate a sense of wonder, using an experiential, appreciative teaching approach that inspires powerful, joyful teaching and learning experiences. Attendees will be provided an evidence-based toolkit of experiential and innovative strategies to foster resilience in teaching, and interventions to foster curiosity, innovation, and joy in learning. Additionally, attendess will discuss the science and theory of joy in teaching and learning. Attendees will experience an appreciative teaching approach and have the opportunity to apply strategies during the presentation.

Joy in teaching and learning are essential for top of class academic performance and healthy academic environments.

Roberta Christopher Assistant Professor, Jacksonville University

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