Wednesday, August 18
Storage type and 1-methylcyclopropane can alter keeping of color, vitamin C and antioxidant capacity in 'Ankara' pear (Pyrus communis L.)
Wednesday, August 18
2:50 pm - 3:05 pm


‘Ankara’ is one of the most important pear cultivars for Turkey and there is no study on the performance of this cultivar under controlled atmosphere (CA) storage with or without 1-methylcyclopropane (1-MCP) treatment. Marketing period of this cultivar is along with winter period, and storage technology offers longer shelf life is essential for proper marketing and low product loss. This study was carried out to observe the effect of CA storage -/+ 1-MCP on color and some health benefit characteristics of this cultivar. For this reason, harvested fruit were stored directly in CA (3% O2 + 1.5% CO2) or regular air (RA) at 0±1°C and 85-90% RH after -/+ 1-MCP treatment (300 nL L-1) for 210 days. Fruit were transferred to 20±1°C for 14 days at certain intervals to determine changes in color and vitamin C and antioxidant capacity during shelf life in two consecutive storage seasons.

Storage period was the main factor effecting fruit characteristics investigated in this research. Especially vitamin C content and antioxidant capacity significantly decreased during storage period. While the effect of shelf life period on vitamin C content and antioxidant capacity were more distinctive, shelf life period of 14 days caused decrease, CA storage and 1-MCP treatment helped keeping of these parameters. The effect of storage technologies investigated in this research on color parameters was not stable based on the years. Skin hue values decreased based on shelf life period. CA storage and 1-MCP treatment prevented this decrease. CA storage and 1-MCP treatments caused lower flesh ?E values in both years at the end of shelf life period meaning these technologies highly prevented color changes in flesh.

Our results put forth that ‘Ankara’ pear cultivar stored under CA conditions and -/+1-MCP treatment is not sensitive to flesh browning disorders during storage period of 210 days. Further, CA storage and 1-MCP can help to control color changes. and offer more healthy fruit during a shelf life period of 14 days.

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