Friday, October 30
Integrating Oral Health and Behavioral Health
Friday, October 30
10:35 am - 11:00 am


  • Megan Krohn, DDS (Speaker) Dental Director, Swope Health Services
  • Mark Miller (Speaker) Executive Vice President of Behavioral Health, Swope Health Services


Oral health and behavioral health are closely tied together. Uncoordinated oral and behavioral health care and lack of access to care can drastically exacerbate health disparities, increase health care costs and result in poor overall health outcomes for those most at-risk. Join us for this presentation to learn about an emerging model of coordinated and integrated care for oral and behavioral health that has been implemented by Swope Health in Kansas City, including their insights about key barriers and facilitators to better integrated health care.

Learning objectives:

  • State why integration of oral health and behavioral health is important for overall health outcomes.
  • Describe one possible model of integrated care.
  • Recognize the barriers and the facilitators that impact the implementation of oral/behavioral integration.

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