Thursday, May 6
Pornography and Prostitution: What’s Patriarchy Got to Do with It and Why Should Men Care?
Thursday, May 6
8:15 am - 9:00 am



Fashionable talk about “sex work” avoids basic questions about sex/gender justice: Is it possible to imagine any society achieving a meaningful level of justice if people from one sex/gender class could be routinely bought and sold for sexual services by people from another sex/gender class? Is justice possible when the most intimate spaces of the bodies of people in one group can be purchased by people in another group? Can anyone, men or women, live a rich and meaningful life in such a society? Robert Jensen argues that a radical feminist critique of patriarchy is the best path for helping men recognize that the sexual-exploitation industries are not only incompatible with justice but also with their own humanity and the possibility of a fulfilling life.

Three Objectives or Takeaway Ideas:

  1. Radical feminism is necessary for understanding the pornography and prostitution industries.
  2. Radical feminism is not a threat to men but an opening for greater self-awareness.
  3. Arguments from justice and self-interest both lead to a rejection of sexual exploitation.

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