The impact of privacy on data space architectures and ecosystems
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Thu May 27, 2021
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Data Spaces


The impact of privacy on data space architectures and ecosystems is a major concern. Beyond the fact that data ecosystems involve many ICT systems, many organisations and deal with the Vs (volume, variety, velocity, veracity, value), they will also have to deal with the following challenges:

  • New technology integration. The creation of new IoT, AI, digital twin technology can impact on the sustainability of the data space architecture
  • New emerging risks created the integration of systems (including cross domain systems)
  • New organisation roles integration. For instance, the role of privacy preference administrator (as introduced in ISO/IEC 27556) can have an impact on other roles (data provider, data user, data platform operator)
  • New privacy enhancing technology. A data space platform should have a flexible architecture allowing it to integrate novel privacy preserving capabilities.
  • New policy and regulation. New policies and regulations will have to be taken into account.
  • Need for tracking capabilities, i.e., tracking the provenance and destiny of data throughout its lifecycle
  • Need for assurance of privacy protection capabilities, i.e., ensuring that two data processing operators have the same protection level.
  • Need for a commonly agree trust practice at the ecosystem level (i.e. ecosystem of trust)


10 min: Introduction, presentation of the Mural and Chat instrument (Natalie Bertels, Antonio Kung
  • System of interest – stakeholders – concerns
  • Building blocks
35 mn: Session on privacy preservation concerns (Natalie Bertels)
  • Data space context: (Silvia Castellvi – IDSA)
    • Topic 1: new technology integration (e.g. AI)
    • Topic 2: new emerging risk
  • Privacy context: (Musketeer expert)
    • Topic 3: new roles for privacy
    • Topic 4: supporting new privacy technology
  • Policies, regulations, ethics: (Tommaso Crepax)
    • supporting new policies and regulations
    • tracking data for compliance
  • Trustworthiness: (Jabier Martinez)
    • privacy assurance
    • Impact on ecosystem of trust
35 mn: Session on approaches (Chair – Gael Blondelle – Eclipse)
  • Current projects approaches (Zoltan Mann)
  • Consent and privacy preference management (Vicenzo Savarino)
  • Best available models for privacy (Samuel Martin)
  • Community for privacy in data space ecosystems (Gael Blondelle)
10 mn: Summary from discussion, chat and mural (Antonio Kung)

Natalie Bertels Valorisation Manager, imec-CiTiP-KULeuven
Antonio Kung CEO,
Silvia Castellvi Stekeholders Engagement Senior Consultant, IDSA
Yod Samuel Martin Researcher, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Gaël Blondelle Vice President, Ecosystem Development, Eclipse Foundation
Tommaso Crepax Associate Researcher, KU Leuven Center for IT and IP Law -- imec
Vincenzo Savarino Senior Researcher, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica
Jabier Martinez Researcher, TECNALIA Research & Innovation
Zoltan Mann senior researcher, University of Duisburg-Essen
Roberto Diaz Morales Tree Technology

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