Unleashing the potential of ports and maritime logistics via data-driven solutions: Opportunities and Challenges
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Thu May 27, 2021
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Data Spaces


This workshop elaborates how data-driven services and applications (including AI-based cognitive solutions) can help stakeholders in the logistics, ports, and maritime sectors to improve their operations. It will also help identify and understand the challenges that must be addressed to facilitate adoption of these solutions. Thereby, this workshop focuses on industrial data spaces and platforms, with a focus on transport and logistics, as one key vertical sector of European importance.

The workshop features interventions from key ICT projects dedicated to data-driven solutions for transport, including the BDV PPP projects DataPorts and TransformingTransport, as well as the H2020 projects SmartShip, PIXEL, and ASSIST-IoT. The workshop will also leverage insights and experiences from linked activities, such as the BDVA taskforces and subgroup.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Present relevant initiatives in the ports and maritime sector which make use of Data platforms and Services.
  • Show clear examples of these solutions in concrete applications, such as in the ports of Bordeaux, Monfalcone, Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Valencia, and duisport.
  • Discuss architectures and building blocks for vertical data platforms in transport and data-driven solutions for transport
  • Discuss current limitations, obstacles and important research, innovation and deployment challenges


Setting the scene and goals of workshop - Andreas Metzger
  • Opportunities of data-driven services and applications in ports and maritime logistics (10 min each)
    • PIXEL - Carlos E. Palau
    • TransformingTransport - Andreas Metzger
    • BDVA subgroup “mobility and logistics” - Vivian Kiousi
  • Architectures and building blocks for ports and maritime logistics data platforms (10 min each)
    • ASSIST-IoT - Ángel Martínez Cavero
    • SmartShip – Fotis Oikonomou
    • DataPorts – Santiago Cáceres
  • Towards European Data Sharing Spaces (10 min)
    • BDVA task force “data sharing spaces” - Tuomo Tuikka
  • Discussion on challenges towards ports and maritime logistics data sharing spaces
  • Conclusion and next steps

Fotis Oikonomou Senior Researcher, Danaos Shipping Co. ltd.
Carlos E. Palau Full Professor, Universitat Politècncia de València
Vivian Kiousi Senior Business Innovation Manager / Head of Transport Lab, INTRASOFT International SA / Big Data Value Association
Santiago Cáceres Project Manager, ITI
Andreas Metzger Head of Adaptive Systems and Big Data Applications, paluno & Dep. Secr. Gen. BDVA, paluno, U Duisburg-Essen
Tuomo Tuikka Lead, Data Space Solutions, VTT
Ángel Martínez Cavero Product Manager, Prodevelop, SL

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