Sunday, March 22
Fair Trade Advocacy Case Studies
Sunday, March 22
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
San Marino


Promoting Sustainable Fashion on Campus through Experiential Learning 
In order to address and combat the harsh environmental impact of consumerism that the fast fashion industry perpetrates, university campuses are developing replicable sustainable fashion programs and events. This dual case study will explain how Fix It Friday at Illinois State University promotes clothing longevity by setting up sewing machines on campus with skilled volunteers offering free clothing repairs. In addition, attendees will learn how University of Dayton’s clothing swaps reduce waste and educate the campus community on overconsumption. Both case studies will reveal strategies for coordinating and running these events from logistics to attendee recruitment and promotion.  

Navigating Fair Trade Sourcing and Raising Awareness at a Large University 
This dual case study will uncover how two campaigns, Michigan State University and The University of Central Florida have overcome the challenges that large universities face when promoting and raising awareness around Fair Trade and sourcing Fair Trade products. Attendees will learn how these large campuses have leveraged their size to their Fair Trade Campaign’s advantage and strategies to ensure lasting Fair Trade education and advocacy on campus. 

Tech for Good: The UC Berkeley Conscious Coffee Project’s Ethical Coffee Finder App  
Born out of UC Berkeley (UCB) students' desires to have a more active role in the fight against labor trafficking and exploitation of farmers and workers around the globe, the UCB Conscious Coffee Project is a Berkeley Anti-Trafficking Coalition initiative to promote ethical sourcing in the coffee industry. This case study will uncover how the project combats human rights violations by leveraging technology and partnering with local businesses to promote conscious consumption. This case study will detail two specific platforms for facilitating more ethical coffee consumption among college students: the launch of an ethical coffee shop app that could be replicated by other student organizations and the Conscious Coffee Festival hosted on campus each year. 

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